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FilmPotato: Ronda Rousey to Star in Gender-Swapped Reboot of Road House

(For some reason I don’t see this scene carrying as much dramatic weight with a cast of all women.)

It appears that Ronda Rousey‘s Hollywood aspirations know no limits, Nation. In addition to her recent roles in Entourage, Fast and Furious 7, The Expendables 3, and a starring role in an upcoming biopic based on her autobiography, it appears that Rousey has also landed the lead in a gender-swapped remake of the Patrick Swayze classic, Roadhouse.

Variety has the scoop:

Sources say MGM is currently meeting with writers to pen the script with with no shortage of scribes getting in line for the opportunity to do so. Production set to begin in 2016.

Rousey thought the idea of starring in a remake was a great idea but wanted to be respectful when pursuing the project. Sources say Rousey recently reached out to Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, to ask for her blessing to star in the remake, which insiders say Niemi gladly gave.

And with all due respect to Ms. Rousey, this is f*cking tragic.

Roadhouse is more than just an absolutely ludicrous premise packed into one of the most gloriously cheesy movies of all time, it’s a movie that helped define an era, for better or worse. The haircuts, the music (Three words: Jeff. Frickin. Healey.), the SAM GODDAMN ELLIOT — can you think of a movie that comes to mind quicker when you think of the 80′s than Roadhouse? And now, it’s being turned into what will surely be another rote, unidentifiable action movie of the modern era (see also, Transporter: Refueled), starring a woman with the acting chops of a concrete block. Again, I say that last part with all due respect.

What’s next? A remake of The Warriors starring the members of Team Alpha Male? Fight Club starring Carlos Condit and CM Punk? Oh God, I’ve already done the casting agents jobs for them. (*jams scissors into eyes*) (*jumps off roof*)

Look, I know we’re an MMA site that should probably just be happy Ms. Rousey will  be bringing even more exposure to our fine sport, but in the sea of originality that Hollywood has become, does anyone honestly think this will be all that entertaining? Goodbye, “I thought you’d be taller” jokes. Sayonara, Jeff Healey ripping blues guitar solos from behind a chicken wire cage*. Farewell, Wade Garrett referring to the Double Deuce as “The Double Douche.”


Actually, that last one might work even better this time around.

*I swear to God, if Healy is replaced by an EDM-blasting DJ in this reboot, I will burn my local Cineplex to the ground. TO THE GROUND. 

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