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(Sometimes in life, all you want is somebody you can hate.)

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn’t it Potato Nation?  But now that Fedor Emelianenko has signed with Strikeforce, UFC president Dana White can stop courting him and resume bashing him in the same familiar terms.  And you already know exactly how this tune goes:

"I’m in Abu Dhabi right now and my reaction is Fedor is a [expletive] joke.  [He] turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies, for no money. Fedor is [expletive]."

Comforting in a strange, unhealthy way, isn’t it?  Like reuniting with an ex-girlfriend who you never really liked all that much to begin with.  Sure she’s got problems, but at least you already know what they are.  And when she starts a fight over nothing on the ride home from dinner, it almost feels like home.

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godsloneranger- August 6, 2009 at 8:49 am
"dumb shiet" Pot meet the kettle. I am curious where in the bible does it say dropping the a-bomb or f-bomb lands you in hell, not that i said them anyway.I know for a fact it says not to judge. Hell is not literal anyway dummy. I was quoting kadumel who called me those names stupid. You the one bring up gay sex I never said anything about that, you hidein the closet. Got a penis on your chest as well. Want to bible battle bring it on, I got 5 years of seminary. Start by showing me the verses that say you go to hell if you use the a-bomb or f-bomb. They did'nt even have those words back then STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you need to get on your short yellow bus and go to school
Brock on roids- August 5, 2009 at 10:29 pm
dude godsloneranger go read the bible and realize dropping the f bomb and a bomb only lands you in one spot, hell. So change you name to godsbrokebackranger and have fun in hell getting rammed by some cowboy. Take a class in keep in you cheeks shut you dumb shiet
godsloneranger- August 5, 2009 at 6:05 am
a-hole, the f-word. Kadumel so are super cool with those super cool original insults. Why Do I have the feeling you have barbed wire tattoed on you arm. I will take a writing class if you will take a proper english class.
godsloneranger- August 4, 2009 at 5:07 pm
a-hole, f-ing paragraphs.What super-cool insults. I will take a writing class if you take a proper english class. I have no concept of paragraphs and you have none of proper english Great insults and names so original. Stupid I was quoting armfarmer.
Kadumel- August 4, 2009 at 3:03 pm
lol at the idiot above me calling people out for their spelling when the moron has no concept of fucking paragraphs. Take a writing class asshole, and you spelled would wrong.
godsloneranger- August 4, 2009 at 2:24 pm
"you spelled their wrong" yes I called you stupid because you are.
ArmFarmer- August 4, 2009 at 12:04 pm
I don't care what anyone says I don't think Fedor can be considered the #1 pfp anymore. For starters he is in the weakest division in the sport. Even if you combined Affliction/ufc/strikeforce heavyweight roster.. it would still be the most shallow division, maybe tieing with middleweight at best.. which really only seems shallow because Anderson has destroyed everyone in it.

Aside from that, GSP and Anderson consistently fight the best, and the only reason Anderson fought a couple of guys that aren't so highly ranked is because he cleaned everyone else out before that and beat most of them at their own world class strengths.. and now he's moving up and taking on a former lhw champ in his next fight so you can no longer make that argument. Plus GSP and Andersons opponents aren't regarded as "the best" when he beats them only to be knocked out by nobodys in 5 seconds their very next fight. The single exception to that may be Kos, but that was a bullshit stoppage anyway and it wasn't against a washed old man that isn't even an mma fighter to begin with.

You obviously can't comprehend my posts, and I sure as hell can't comprehend your massive run on sentence of a post, and on top of that you spelled their wrong and then called me stupid two words later. I'm not even bothering with this anymore.

And for the record.. I can't stand Brock.
godsloneranger- August 4, 2009 at 9:46 am
all that happened before sylvia fought. He was ranked in the top 10 before mercer crushed him. Ok it took Brock a million times longer to do what brandon vera skinny butt did,Marcio Cruz.Does that mean mir isnt a good fighter? Still Fedor did it first and it still doesnt mean AA isnt a awesome fighter. About the cage and nog, and crocrop, Fedor wupped that booty in the ring stupid!!! I never said noone else knocked out aa but AA was a way better fighter IMO since the rizzo, rod days. He was the number 2 ranked fighter in the world when fedor took away a few million of his brain cells. Barnett was the number 2 fighter also and Fedor would have one. So how can Fedor be scared His last three fights Sylvia top ten at the time, AA number 2 in heavyweight at the time and Barnett was also number 2. So how can people say Fedor isnt fighting the best. Whoever Fedor fights next in strikeforce will be top ten excepy maybe werdum who isnt far out. Rogers is top 10 and Allstar is also.I never said Nog and crocrop were washed I said he beat them in there prime stupid. Do you still believe Crocrop and nog are in there prime? And who has beat or knocked out Fedor??? Arm, I cant hear you take the replica brock lesnar penis out of your mouth. Oh thats right noone. A lucky punch. The only lucky part of that fight was AA lasted so long. All AA footwork will be to much for Fedor, AA been training with Roach, Fedor's in trouble. Fedor stood with him the whole time and knocked him out cold. How many people has brock knocked out cold? The only way Brock could knock our Fedor woul be by a triple penis moonsault off the empire state building AA went for the stupid flying knee and dropped his hands below his belt. Lucky punch you been listening to maywaether,roach? Fedor been training and fighting for years. Ok by that logic stupid, Brocks punch that hit randy just luck, and laying on mur just luck of course. And the giant penis on his chest just an accident. And the heath herring punch just luck. I would make more examples but big brock has only5 fights. Fedor was knocking people out when Brock was learning his lines for the wwe. And after going 1-1 getting a title shot. I bet you are going to get a penis tatoo as well aren't you right on the side of your face.
ArmFarmer- August 4, 2009 at 9:07 am
Godsloneranger thanks for the absolute garbage post you just made. Take Fedors nuts out of your mouth for fucks sake. Where do I begin..

"And by the way when Fedor fought heath the doctor stopped it in 10 minutes Brock could finish a one eyed heath herring in 15 minutes."

Ok then I guess by that logic, Ray Mercer and Brett Rogers are both better than Fedor. Good job dumbass.

"Knocked out former UFC champion in 36 seconds well submitted him did any heavyweight in the ufc every do that????"

No but Ray Mercers old ass took him out in about 1/6 the amount of time it took Fedor. Fedor took 6 times as long as Ray Mercer to accomplish the same goal, congratulations.

"He beat AA at stand up who has one of the best set of hands in MMA and was trained by a top boxing coach for years and Fedor knocked him out."

Again what an accomplishment, Fedor did what no one else has been able to do.. except Brett Rogers.. 30 times faster.. and Timmay.. who also finished him in round 1.. and Rizzo and Rodriguez who also ko'd him.. but yeah beating that dude with a lucky punch after getting outstruck for the rest of the fight that means you are number 1.

Yeah and he beat Cro Cop and Nog who's careers suddenly went to shit the minute they stepped into the cage.. but it's ok because you can just say they are "washed up" Ignoring the fact that the day they became "washed up" was the day they set foot in the octagon.

Seriously that entire post is severely biased and flawed.. I can't even go on my fingers will start bleeding.. how do those crickets sound retard?? You probably can't hear anything over the sound of Fedors balls being gargled in your mouth anyway.
godsloneranger- August 4, 2009 at 7:12 am
@karma ate my cat

Yeahj bottom line Brock still lost deal with it. Maybe if he had not come out like a silverback gorilla on speed he might have one the first time. Brock lost to Frank and beat the mighty highly ranked heath herring and was granted a title shot. Wow did he earn that one. Say what you want to AA chin but at the time he fought Fedor he was number 2 ranked heavyweight in the world and Slyvia was in the top 10 when he fought Fedor. Not to mention Fedor beat Nog twice in his prime and Crocrop in his prime. He beat AA at stand up who has one of the best set of hands in MMA and was trained by a top boxing coach for years and Fedor knocked him out. And Fedor would have killed Barnett with the steroids in his system. And by the way when Fedor fought heath the doctor stopped it in 10 minutes Brock could finish a one eyed heath herring in 15 minutes. Fedor is a gentleman in and out of the ring. Fedor has class and Brock has a giant penis tattoed on his chest. Fedor made the choice get over it. You act like ufc has stacked heavyweight division. cock lesnar(lost to Mir and beat heath in a decision and "earned" a title shot), frank mur, nog (fedor beat twice), crocrop(fedor beat all over),bimbo slice(with his 14 second knockout to a light heavyweight and his really cool chest hair designs),Cheick the testicles buster congo,Carwin, cain,Gonzaga(who werdum beat twice).Knocked out former UFC champion in 36 seconds well submitted him did any heavyweight in the ufc every do that???? OH yeah I hear some crickets. Fedor is the man just admit it and you will sleep good tonight
godsloneranger- August 4, 2009 at 4:05 am

You never answered if you had a penis tattoed on your chest. Sorry I can be as hip and cool as you with your awesome cuss words! Just like your daddy dana white. You so hip and cool bovice with your giant penis on your chest.
KarmaAteMyCat- August 4, 2009 at 2:35 am
Seriously? Picking out all these retarded posts has just become too easy. You do realize the rest of the MMA Fans and the Critics have passed that WWE bullshit off by now right? 3rd fight? Heres the facts NOBODY in the HeavyWeight Division deserved it as much or brought what Brock did to the table. SO feel free to take that Ridiculous post of yours print it out and wipe your ass clean.. K thx Now I REALLY am going to bed its 5:30am and most of you are just to stupid to handle while I'm drunk. Fucking idiots.

Fedor has his reasons. There was obviously something in the contract he did not like therefore distributing the MMA power to other organizations. Here you have a WWE walk-on who receives several million(including endorsements) in his 3rd fight? Meanwhile, all the other minions are getting paid peanuts.
Put the money where it is deserved . . . in the fighters' pocket and not into the pockets of the greedy promoters. Okay, Don White? er, I mean Dana King? Whoops, I mean Dana White?

KarmaAteMyCat- August 4, 2009 at 2:25 am
Oh I forgot to say something before I went to bed.

@Joey you random shit head. You said the UFC has no Heavyweight division.. Perhaps you are right, but explain to me what Strikeforce has that the UFC doesnt.. Oh and don't forget to fuck yourself when you come to the foregone conclusion that they have nothing.. Don't forget also that this edition of Ultimate Fighter is all Heavy Weights not that they matter yet, but in due time they will.. AKA Ryshad Evans came from there, Forest Griffin, anyway I'm going to bed Die in a house fire.. and save us all the trouble of hunting you down and doing it. You random know nothing halfwit.
KarmaAteMyCat- August 4, 2009 at 2:19 am
Wow, Most of the people on here are retarded as usual hey whats new though?

@Godsloneranger... I wish you understood how buisness or MMA worked perhaps you would be worth reading... I mean the sentence you put together at that. Look Brock got beat yeah yeah yeah, KNow whats really funny about that? He raped the shit out of the guy who beat him.. Thats right HE beat the piss out of him.. Get off the BROCK LOST HYPE train and find the one marked invalid retards who should die in house fires. Once again I will toss out the chance too another idiot who HAS Fedor beaten that means shit in the past six years.. PLease don't mention Syvlia aka Mr.Glass Jaw, or Andre.. K go for it sparky I'll be watching Weeds and Burn Notice until you get back to me.

Now as EVERYONE who "God" blessed with Logic knows that Fedor wants to make a whole lot more money before he runs into a brick wall aka Brock Lesnar.. BLAH BLAH BLAH GAY TATTOO BLAH BLAH BLAH You don't know shit about MMA. Facts Remain Fedor didn't sign a Multi Million Dollar fight contract because?!?!?! Why? He wanted to save himself for Strike Force? and M1? Yeah fucking right get over yourself and for gods sake give the dudes nutts some air.. Let loose a bit. Shit happens Fedors a bitch he proved it facts remain Dana White and The UFC run Mix Martial Arts, know why? Because they happen to understand Buisness and KNOW when a good fight and a chance to make money is infront of they're faces. FEDOR BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Best in the world BLAH BLAH ran from the chance too prove himself fuck him get over it.. We can watch someone random in strikeforce do what Seth did to Kimbo Slice in the past good times I'm going the fuck too bed.
saku- August 4, 2009 at 1:44 am
if this goes one people will start to ask why brock doesn't sign with strikeforce. dana knows it and hes upset. he wouldn't admit it but the ufc needed fedor. tbh i cant believe some stuff dana said in interviews. makes the ufc look so unprofessional.

And: i dont see why fedor has to fight brock to cement his legacy. ofcourse brock might be the strongest contender out there but fedor already achieved something. brock on the other hand could use that fedor fight for building his own legacy. i dont see many other fighters he could beat and profit in the same way.

Clue-by-Four- August 3, 2009 at 11:03 pm
If Dana would have just thrown a soft serv machine and an open account at Sweater Barn into the deal Fedor would be in the UFC now.
Aenarion- August 3, 2009 at 10:55 pm
The fact of the matter is that Brock Lesnar very well could be the best in the world due to his incredible strength and wrestling, and he represents the most interesting challenge to the MMA heavyweight division in a long time. I don't know about the rest of the UFC heavyweight division being stacked, but Fedor is going to have to fight Lesnar to really cement his legacy.

And as for people who are now hating on Fedor... seriously, he's just a pawn who fights incredibly well. He has a contract with a sketchy, money-minded fight promotion. They have the poor roller-coaster loving man by the balls, and there is nothing he can do about it. I sincerely, sincerely doubt that someone who has ALWAYS been as calm, cool, and collected in the ring (even against the REAL hot shit back in the day) is scared of fighting anyone. The man probably believes that the outcome is determined by God alone anyways. So please stop hating on Fedor... just call his management a bunch of low-life, money grubbing douchebags. Fedor is still the undisputed champ, and until he doesn't sign with the UFC after 3 fights leave the poor man and his ice cream alone. He DID sign a shitty contract though.
AkilleeZ- August 3, 2009 at 10:20 pm
"....he turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies, for no money."

Okay...DW is only partially correct here. Yes, Fedor did turn down a big deal that was worth a lot of money, but the opportunity to face the best in the world?! I didn't realize the UFC's heavyweight division was that stacked... Fedor would fight Lesnar and Couture. I am not even going to list Mir because, although he is considered one of the best heavyweights, he is also the most one-dimensional, and Fedor would have no problem running through him.
UFC fan- August 3, 2009 at 9:12 pm
Fedor's fans are as fucking gay as his sweater.
asswipe jones- August 3, 2009 at 9:06 pm

Fedor has never fought in the octagon you asswipe!

Fuck Fedor! His win are all of the Japanese douchebags like Zuzulu and shit like that that tack his record up to make it look brilliant. I say Fedors fights that meant something were about 6 out of his record. he tacked up beating up tomato cans in Japan. Arlovski and Sylvia were knocking each other out every fucking month. Pretty much rules out the best huh..
Komodo- August 3, 2009 at 8:54 pm
Have the Russians been asking for co-promotion the entire time? I mean, I knew they wanted certain freedoms, sambo and all that - but I didn't hear about the co-promo thing until the ass-end of all this mess.

Just curious - thanks.
Brock on roids- August 3, 2009 at 8:25 pm
ArmFarmer you took the words right out of my mouth. HELLO EVERYONE WHAT HEAVY WEIGHT DIVISION? The division is loaded up with a bunch of roid shotting tards. If your here to watch some skilled fights you ain't seing that shit in the HW division anywhere. ATLEAST the UFC could throw together a card worth watching outside of the HWs, and just let those freaks headline hoping for a quick knock out. Like seriously if your a MMA fan you know this shit. Come on??

ReDx- August 3, 2009 at 7:47 pm

Cain and Carwin are considered contenders because they have more abilities than just punching power. They are both college wrestling champions that also have great power. I like Rogers but somebody with the Judo/Sambo skills like Fedor would take him down with ease, a highly skilled wrestler will have way more of chance defending the takedown.
Frank Mur- August 3, 2009 at 7:46 pm
"Thanks Fedor, you [expletive]" classic...for evaahh!!

Also, is Dana posing for a Gay Mag in that Photo or what? I feel dirty having just glanced at it for a moment! My eyes hurt!! PLEASE STOP POSTING SHIT LIKE THAT C.P.
tallkitchenbags- August 3, 2009 at 6:49 pm
Dana White is a cut-rate Don King. Someone please make me gif of that shit.