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Find Out How Much RAGE You Would Bring Into A Fight With This MMA-Themed Quiz


How violent are you?

If there’s one thing that’s important for fighters entering the octagon – it’s to have a fire burning inside of them that they can unleash on their opponents. Just recently, GSP talked in a new clip about how he left MMA because he didn’t have that fire anymore. He was doing it more as a job. So that got us thinking… how much fire do WE have inside ourselves here at Cage Potato? How much rage do we bring in to the cage? Well we didn’t have to wonder long as we’ve come across this cool RAGE TEST to help figure it out for us.

This is the result we got:

Maybe you think it’s cheesy – but we’re damn proud to be a warrior. It’s quick, it’s fun and it’s clearly made for MMA fans. So why do you check it out for yourself by heading over to – feel free to share your results in the comments or on our social media!


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