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Floyd Mayweather “About to Get Broke the F*ck Up,” Says Father

(Jr. and Sr., in happier times.)

Well, we already have a candidate for interview of the year. In this Q+A with, Floyd Mayweather Sr. — estranged father of the undefeated boxing champ who’s been hinting that he wants to compete in MMA — tells Percy Crawford what he really thinks about his son’s possible new money-making scheme. And it’s totally fucking amazing. To wit:

PC: I don’t know if you read yet, but Lil Floyd has been talking to Mark Cuban about fighting in mixed martial arts?
FM: He needs to leave that shit alone. He’s going to get the same fucking thing Vince Phillips got; leg broke, arm broke or whatever. Vince Phillips got his arm broke. You can’t mess with that…that’s what they do. You can’t beat nobody at their own game…All of this he talking about right now, this martial arts shit, I’m telling you, he about to get broke the fuck up right now. I’m telling you, he could forget all of that stuff being cute and how you supposed to hit somebody with a check hook. Man, them motherfucker’s going to take that check hook motherfucker and squeeze your guts out. I’m just being real with you man…If he ever want to take a motherfuckin’ loss, you bout to take one right now motherfucker. Go ahead and try that. One of them motherfuckers grab you and bing, bing…hit the floor twice motherfucker and it’s over with….Lil Floyd about to get his ass tore up man. He ain’t about to whoop them motherfuckers. He can forget that shit!

PC: I didn’t think he was serious at first, but the more I read, it seems like he may try it.
FM: They not going to give a motherfucker 30 million dollars to fight nobodies. They are going to put him in there with a motherfucker that can tear his ass up…All Lil Floyd doing is making himself look like a fool really…He ain’t got to do all of that to get money. Lil Floyd could make damn near 30 million dollars to fight Cotto. Floyd trying to go where he could get the quickest money, that’s all. The quickest money going to get his ass where he can’t make no money. They going to break his fucking limbs. One of them motherfuckers hit him upside his fucking head and he may never be the same. I’m just telling the truth…He could be as quick as he wants to be, when they hit them legs, your ass coming down.

PC: I think he wants to visit a few gyms to see how everything is and make a decision
FM: He needs to go visit a psychiatrist. that’s where he better go if he wants to go get the real rundown on what’s going down. He’s about to put himself in a bad situation…He will be retired fucking with them motherfuckers. They would love to fight him. This ain’t no fucking boxing; ain’t none of these motherfuckers scared of his ass. I’ll fight one of them motherfuckers if they just want to throw their guards up. I’m old and I’ll beat they ass, but when they start talking about that going to the ground, elbows and knees and all of that, man fuck that shit. I ain’t about to go in there. Them motherfuckers dangerous man. One thing about it, them guys can take a fucking punch man. Those guys will laugh at Lil Floyd when he hit them…I have to be honest with you Percy, I don’t think he’s going to do it. Once Lil Floyd sees how strong those guys are, he’ll know they’ll pin his ass down.

Man, I wish my father was this supportive! It’s good to hear someone from the boxing world speak out about the Pretty Boy Floyd situation, even if everything Mayweather Sr. says about his son is colored by his own bitterness. If other boxers want to save the reputation of their sport, they’ll give Floyd the same advice, and publicly. Read the full interview to hear FMS’s thoughts on the Mayweather/Hatton fight, his relationship with his son, and how Leonard Ellerbe “got his head stuck so far up Lil Floyd’s ass, he can’t breathe.”

(Props: MMA Fightline)

UPDATE (9:26 a.m.): Wladimir Klitschko feels the same way as Floyd Mayweather Sr.: “Please, Floyd, don’t do it. I think he’d get hurt. There are so many difficulties from changing one sport you’ve been doing for a long time and swithcing to something else…I wish he’d stick with boxing.”

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oliver- January 14, 2009 at 6:57 pm
haha watch money mayweather get caught with a leg kick or submitted,, haha
Jemaleddin- January 2, 2008 at 10:57 pm
And those words are motherfucker.
Toolman- January 2, 2008 at 2:41 pm
His father has a way with words.