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Following Amicable Split From Trainer Jon Chaimberg Prior to Koscheck Bout, GSP Parts Ways With Manager Shari Spencer

("I don’t care if it tastes good. I distinctly told you Blueberry Freeze. Danaher told me Rasberry Rush will make me go bald." Photo credit Brian D’Souza.)

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre today made the second major change to his professional entourage in the past few months.

After amicably splitting from longtime strength and conditioning coach Jonathan Chaimberg prior to his UFC 124 bout with Josh Koscheck in December, St-Pierre announced today that he is moving on from his relationship with manager Shari Spencer and will be announcing new representation soon.

In a joint press release issued today by the French Canadian fighter and his now former manager, the pair explained that they "had a different vision for the future of Georges’ career and it was best to remain close personally but dissolve their business relationship." Spencer, who also manages UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar has represented St-Pierre since 2007.

Sources tell Cage Potato that St-Pierre’s split with Chaimberg, although an amicable one, was allegedly due to similar differences of opinion the two shared regarding the unorganized direction St-Pierre’s training was taking.

Apparently St-Pierre’s penchant for mixing up his training with whatever his current interest of the moment is became too much of a conflict with the set regimen Chaimberg had meticulously crafted for him since they began working together in 2007 after his shocking loss to Matt Serra. St-Pierre also parted ways with his longtime manager Stephane Patry and left Brazilian Top Team Canada in the wake of the Serra fight, but it seems odd that he would break up the successful team he assembled that helped him get to the point he is at in his career, especially considering he isn’t coming off of a loss.

Whether it’s a case of St-Pierre becoming bored with training or his desire to be the most well-rounded fighter in the world, it seems that "Rush" has recently begun impulsively flip-flopping between trainers and methods and has a tendency to employ the discipline that is the current "flavor of the week" in his bouts.

Prior to the fight with Koscheck he began doing in gymnastics and Olympic power lifting and spent a handful of days training with New York-based trainer Eric Owings and acclaimed boxing trainer Freddie Roach. Despite spending the lion’s share of his S&C and boxing training time the past few years with Chaimberg and Canadian boxing greats-turned-trainers Howard and Otis Grant, St-Pierre chose to release a P90X-type workout series with Owings and asked Roach to help corner him against Koscheck.

As has become the trend, St-Pierre relied almost solely on the discipline and technique he had focused on the most in training and utilized his boxing — namely his jab — to beat Koscheck. 

One explanation for Georges’ dramatic changes in training and personnel is the influence of jiu-jitsu coach John Danaher on not only his game plans for fights, and his training choices, but also on his life in general. The highly-regarded Renzo Gracie black belt instructor is a philosophy major who fancies himself somewhat of a pseudo life coach to the athletes he trains. It’s said that St-Pierre has accepted him as a guru and that the New Zealander has his ear on everything from what methods of training are best and whom he should train with (Owings is a student of Danaher’s) to which techniques to employ in his fights.

One source close to St-Pierre said that there is a growing concern that he is valuing Danaher’s typically jiu-jitsu-heavy game plans over coach Greg Jackson’s, whom many consider to be the top of the heap in that area.

The main reason that St-Pierre gave for cleaning house after being knocked out by Serra was that he didn’t realize until the loss that the "yes men" he had surrounded himself with weren’t helping him progress and he said that he brought in his core team of Jackson, Chaimberg and MMA coach Firas Zahabi to ensure that he was geting the best training possible.

If the reports we have been hearing are true, his relationship with Danaher might be leading him dangerously close to the slippery slope that ended with him on his back and unconscious on April 7, 2007.


  1. scumbag Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:50

    im looged in again i am first and I make the same face when i look at self made porn starring myself at least I have something in common with gsp
  2. GSP for Prime Minister Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:54

    main reason for split: he tapped that
  3. scumbag Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:59

    when I was writing that comment I thought it was funny. Now looking at my spelling and my punctuation I just keep tweaking my nipple for some reason.
  4. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:06

    So John Danaher is MMA's Yoko Ono?
  5. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:06

    Does this mean he'll be growing a giant comb-over?
  6. GoTWhisKéY Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:06

    St. Pierre being bored with training? I know he's human, but from what we've seen of St. Pierre, tha man is born to train. He's the arguably one of the hardest workers in the UFC. Come on now....
  7. Douchey McDoucherton Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:14

    give it some time and he'll be making "lifestyle" changes as well. you can't hide that shit gsp!

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:15

    gsp never went unconscious did u watch the fight idiot
  9. DeepHalf Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:18

    He was not impressed with her performance.
  10. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:24

    I agree, Rush wasn't out. He was pretty woozy, tho. Dazed, if you will. Joe Rogan, whaddaya think? "He was on queer street.... But not in a homosexual way." There you have it, folks.
  11. Art Gibs Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:42

    This article is basically filled with speculation and bullshit. He split with his manager and is being influenced by a jiu jitsu guy. So that means he's going to get knocked out? What the hell are you talking about?
  12. JoseMonkey Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:47

    I don't see how GSP changing his management has an impact on his training approaches and fight preparation. I seriously doubt his manager has much if anything to do with his training; the manager deals with the business end of things -- contracts, sponsorship deals, etc. It's not as if Ms. Spencer was holding the pads for him...
  13. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:51

    Let's hope that Danaher doesn't turn out to be GSP's Dr. Eugene Landy.
  14. Crusader86 Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:54

    Yes, after beating Josh K and continuing his streak of completely dominating his opponents GSP's is going to get rocked because of a change in trainers. This is a stupid article.... Moving on...
  15. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:55

    UFC JayT just broke the story, GSP's signing with M-1!! You win this round, Finklstein.
  16. Shinglesinmypants Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:11

    um obviously in the pic he had to stop taking a slurp of his delicious Slurpee to watch in disgust as Jon Fitch outstrikes him. I demolished Fitch so why in a video game is he outstriking me. God damn Manager. According to Team GSP in all of the aftermath shows. GSP's training staff was cumgazzling awesome and most of them couldn't even comprehend the mental state it actually takes to be GSP. So with that said I excuse CP for this crap about Fire Manager, comb over JuJitsu lifestyle, Getting KO'd by Jake shields.
  17. dflash Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:27

    The hate emanating from this article is ridiculous. Can’t you find anything positive from this? Damn..
  18. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:43

    I don't think this article meant that GSP is going to 'get rocked' because of the change in trainers. I'm pretty sure the intent of the article was that GSP is parting ways with all the people that question his training. Meaning that he is going back to the days where he is only surrounded by 'yes men', leaving him with people who will not challenge his own ideas. That is a bit concerning, and worth the article and speculation. That being said, if he is at least listening to Danaher, then hopefully that means he is listening to someone and not letting his ego take control. I've heard unbelievable things about Danaher for years, so maybe he is great for GSP, but I also think he is responsible for GSP's newfound idea that he is an 'artist' and not a fighter. That's fine, so long as he continues to train to be a fighter.
  19. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:00

    ^ Agreed. Remember when everyone was questioning Pacquiao's training except himself, and look what happened. @Taco PLEASE GOD let St. Pierre sprint to the cage in his karate kid gi with a comb over!
  20. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:06

    * My bad Titties.
  21. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:11

    Sounds like a good photoshop contest RSparrow.
  22. Mike Russell Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:16

    RwilsonR wins the award for reading between the lines and understanding the article's intent. Nobody said parting ways with Chaimberg and Spencer will mean he's going to get KO'd.GSP's a great fighter. Hopefully he doesn't put too much stock in Danaher's advice at the cost of losing all of the people who helped him after the loss to Serra. 
  23. mmanimal Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:29

    Danaher is like Yoda, with the world’s greatest hairline. Make no mistake, it’s no comb-over—he’s bald except for his hairline. Speaking of life changes, I hope GSP comes out—just to confuse all the bros who love MMA but can’t admit its inherent, explicit homoeroticism.
  24. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 01:11

    GREAT job Wilson! Great minds OBVIOUSLY think alike. "I'm sensing a bit of sarcasm here." You should be, because I'm laying it on pretty thick.
  25. axhed Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 01:24

    i heard that right before he made the decision he received a package containing a case of vodka and a gray sweater with pastel stripes.
  26. ccman Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 03:14

    Gsp changes managers and sheildzzzzzzzz gets ko power...... Did cp get bought by disney?
  27. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 04:24

    Maybe those relationships have run their course? Maybe he feels he's falling into back into old habits? Maybe he's not feeling challenged? Sometimes taking a step back and observing as a third party, a view askew if you will, helps to clarify things. whatever the case, I dont see anyone beating GSP(@WW) anytine soon he's gonna hand Shields his ass, badly.
  28. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 04:57

    ^ Good points, too, Chronic. Whatever changes he makes, I hope he moves up and fights Anderson after he brutalizes Shields. I'd like to see Anderson get put on his prissy little ass again.
  29. CreamyTitties Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 05:04

    This article is weak. The one fight GSP wasn't training with Danaher for was the Serra Fight for obvious reasons. GSP's last fight was bjj-free so I don't see any point to this other than allowing unnamed sources to air personal grievances.
  30. ghostboner Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 05:48

    He is just lucky that Nick Diaz signed with strikeforce again, cause Nick would LOVE to fight him. LOVE it.
  31. danomite Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 05:54

    Ever since I've heard him talk, John Danaher has given me that Deepak Chopra vibe. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets that 'guru' feel from him. But, as long as GSP's main trainers like Firas, Nurse, Greg Jackson, and Howard Grant stay with him I won't be too worried.
  32. cecils_pupils Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 07:20

    Listen, don't hate on the combover. That shit's comin' back in style like pegged pants, man.
  33. jordyn Says:

    Wed, 01/26/11 - 08:07

    I'm confused. Jon did GSP's 124 weight cut and tweeted pictures of him in the locker room with GSP at 124, so when did they split?
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