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Forget MMA, New York Should Ban Cheerleading If It Really is Concerned About Safety

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With all of the resistance New York and it’s crooked supporters have put up against the legalization of MMA in the Empire State, it’s surprising that none of these do-gooder groups have ever raised a stink about any really dangerous sports like football, or cheerleading — the latter of which accounts for nearly 67 percent of catastrophic sporting injuries in females.

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A recent report showed that between 1982 and 2007, there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries and three deaths recorded among female high school athletes, with the vast majority occurring in cheerleading. The study went on to say that 25% of NCAA Insurance program funding went towards cheerleading-related injuries.

What’s funny is that the sport, which basically has no regulation in terms of what level of expertise coaches and trainers must have (outside of a handful of schools who recently begun checking), nor does it have a set  minimum training or experience requirement for its participants, is accepted across North America and has never faced a possible ban like MMA did in New York in 1997.

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Most cases for the legalization of MMA have included the staggering statistics of cheerleading-related injuries to point out the hypocrisy of opponents of the sport, who claim that fighting is unsafe because of the number of injuries incurred by its athletes. Such arguments often fail when stat sheets are brought out to demonstrate just how few mixed martial arts bouts end in injury, besides minor ones like finger and hand sprains or dislocations.

You can bet we’ll never see Bob Reilly supporting a bill to ban cheerleading in New York, mostly because it won’t get him the votes of his constituents with ulterior motives or campaign contributions from conflicting parties like the Culinary Union.

Aren’t politics great?

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longkkw- January 13, 2012 at 6:40 pm
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RustyOne- January 13, 2012 at 1:31 pm
Please don't interpret my comments as suggesting Sideline/Historical Cheer activities should be banned, quite the opposite is true. My goal is to allow Cheer athletes to perform every skill they can create, just in a safe manner. However, that requires many leaders of current Cheer programs to better understand risks associated with each activity and follow appropriate “Safety Protocols” now and in the future.

Most great Coaches know the fundamentals of their physical activity including the need for:
Appropriate warm-up
Strength for specific positions
Measures of skill Mastery
Too many Leaders in Cheer illustrate their background in Cheer activity by saying one of the following:
“I took the Safety Management Course” (which is an open
book test, by the way)
“I was a Cheerleader when I was younger”
“My child was a Cheerleader & I helped with the program!”
There aren’t a lot of Lou Holtz’s in the world of sports who were participants in High School not College or the Pro’s and yet ended up as successful Coaches of any Collegiate program! Most Coaches have years of experience in the trenches teaching the correct skills for each position and probably have some educational training with Continuing Education Courses to deepen their understanding of the sport and improve their personal effectiveness in each Sport.

All Sideline Cheer athletes do NOT necessarily need to perform all of the different physical skills, which place them at risk to motivate crowds in support of athletic team’s efforts. Those skills CAN gain the crowd’s attention, but … to be successful in “Leading the Crowd’s verbal support” Cheerleaders must be capable of reading it’s emotions and leading them with Chants & Cheers which provide the “Home Field Advantage”, or when “on the road” create distractions for the oppositions crowd to reduce their effectiveness of that same advantage.

The roots of Cheerleading are right here in the USA dating back to 1898, but if the companies who benefit financially from this activity don’t quickly gain a different perspective the activity as we know it may be reduced to “Ground Bound” by the next Head, Neck or Back injury on National TV! On 11-30-2011 Taylor Young was pulled off her partner’s shoulders by another Cheerleader who was falling causing her to fall backward onto the Basket Ball court striking her head during a time out and many of us watched waiting to make sure she was OK either on TV or replays on Then, on 12-30-2011 another Cheerleader was injured when the Basketball official accidentally knocked her partner out from under her and she landed on the court also striking her head, both of these young women were placed on a “back board” and treated correctly as potential head or neck injuries until examined by a physician later. One more accident in the “public’s eye” like these and the Insurance providers for NCAA or younger athletes will no longer be provided, by the way, so far the Insurance industry response to significant injuries for Cheer athletes have created the greatest alterations to cheer rules, not the Coaches, Parents or athletes making proactive changes. Guess history will repeat itself once again soon!

Or, considering their ability to remain healthy in spite of the physical risks associated with Cheer practice & performance, could MMA create a new Division for Cheer athlete’s, as they become aerial and ground combatants? Interesting concept, provides opportunities for serious airtime and magnificent contact. Thoughts?
BeefcurtainBurp- January 13, 2012 at 1:14 am
I shit you not, after all 4 years of division 1a football the most gruesome injury I remember (and many other players haunted to this day will attest to) seeing on the field was passing by our cheerleaders practicing. Not to disturb the sanctity of practice. they tucked into the corner of our practice field, surrounded by a half mile track with a six inch curb. It seems they always rushed to put on a dazzling performance while we walked out. Whether it was to punk/impress us I will never know. It accomplished neither. However, this day they try some move where they throw this 90lb bitch 15 feet in the air. She is supposed to land on the outstretched arms of a male compatriot. She stuck the landing, but started heading a little south. Even though she was surrounded by spotters she screwed herself by not tucking in the fetal position. She was determined to ride this move out. The spotters grabbed her hips/stomach region but instead of "catching", they tried holding her upright. This resulted in a type of crowd-surfing, battering ram, javelin toss motion where they literally accelerated to maximum running speed before ramming her face first into the 6" curb. Her teeth skipped across or cleats like chicklets. Two gargantuan men (the Overeem type you would want wielding an axe in a Braveheart fight scene) immediately lost their lunch and froze 90% of the rest of the onlookers. Trainers rushed to the (once-beautiful) girl's aide. I picked up half an incisor, handed it to one of the training staff, and fought the urge to puke the rest of the hike to practice.
RaginAsian- January 12, 2012 at 11:32 pm
This is begging for a viral video.
ClinchthatstoleChristmas- January 12, 2012 at 11:10 pm
0:34s of the first video.

I swear she says "doctor j douche from hacky sack? emergency and medical centre"

are they taking the piss or what?
Todd M- January 12, 2012 at 8:23 pm
Pride Rules FTW!
dwmwtv- January 12, 2012 at 6:53 pm
I had to watch that k.o. video twice,I thought the girl being flipped was
the one that would go out.
LukeTheDuke- January 12, 2012 at 4:50 pm
shit man, i wanna hear the ninja story
WARBONG- January 12, 2012 at 4:36 pm
i agree with uncle-smegma.
unika-smycken- January 12, 2012 at 2:14 pm
Its a though sport I have to admit, but hey so is amny other things.
RwilsonR- January 12, 2012 at 2:10 pm
The goal isn't to get other things banned... especially not things that involve hot girls in short skirts throwing themselves in the air.
RustyOne- January 12, 2012 at 1:32 pm
MMA has the advantage to Cheer in the USA & World, at least MMA has enforceable rules & regulations. Currently in Cheer circles, for School based programs, no single group has authorization to enforce Safety rules or any Regulations, every program is expected to be accountable to an Honor System. Whether Coaches intentionally or by mistake break the recommended Safety Recommendations, no one can remove the Coach for placing the athlete's at greater risk, in fact currently Prairieview A&M University in TX is still fighting a lawsuit by a former Cheer athlete who became the second member of the School's Cheer Squad over a period of time to end up as a quadriplegic! The same Coach, see what I mean?

In US Cheer since 1982 there have been 3 Deaths and 8 quadriplegic’s, what is the cost of a crippling injury to any athlete? Enough said?
Ani703- January 12, 2012 at 12:01 pm
That one chick that got knocked out still has a better chin than keith jardine.