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F.o.t.D: Bas Rutten vs. Ruben Villareal

Bas Rutten had been away from fighting for over seven years when he stepped back into the cage with Ruben “Warpath” Villareal on 7/22/2006 at WFA – King of the Streets. Always a great kicker, Bas took over two minutes before he finally unloaded his tree trunk of a leg. Before that, he methodically circles Warpath and lands an array of well-placed and jarring shots to his victim’s face make-up. Bas could have flown in and crushed Warpath with brute strength, but instead used a lumberjack technique: keep chopping away at the base and eventually the tree will fall. Warpath tries to limp his way back into contention but Bas isn’t having it. The last kick sends the chubby giant to his knees where he’s in so much pain he can barely tap out. And we’d all like to thank Kevin James for showing up.

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