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Four NFL Vets Announced for ‘TUF 10′

(Marcus Jones vs. Eduardo Boza, 11/10/07)

Though the UFC is keeping the cast of TUF 10 under wraps for the most part, MMA Junkie is reporting that four of the 16 heavyweight hopefuls did time in the NFL before taking up fighting. Here’s a cheat sheet:

Marcus Jones: First-round draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996; spent six seasons as a defensive tackle, then moved to the Buffalo Bills for two years but didn’t play in the regular season. Training out of Gracie Tampa with Rob Kahn, the 35-year-old made his professional MMA debut in October 2007, and now holds a 4-1 record, with all fights ending in the first round.

(Brendan Schaub vs. Jay Lester, 6/13/08)

Brendan Schaub: Former fullback for the University of Colorado who spent some time warming the bench for the Buffalo Bills. His martial arts career is far more impressive. A training partner of Shane Carwin, Schaub has racked up a 4-0 record as a professional MMA fighter, and was the 2008 Colorado Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Absolute Advanced Grand Champion. He currently trains with Team Jackson in New Mexico and T’s KO Fight Club in Colorado. He became inspired to study martial arts after watching Bloodsport.

Matt Mitrione: Another defensive tackle who had a nine-game stint with the New York Giants in 2002, then spent some time with the Minnesota Vikings but didn’t appear in any regular-season games. The 30-year-old Illinois native has yet to make his professional MMA debut. I’m just saying, if they were to throw Kimbo a soft first opponent, this would probably be the guy.

Wes Shivers: Played three games with the Atlanta Falcons as an offensive lineman after being selected by the Tennessee Titans in the seventth round of the 2000 NFL draft. His MMA record is 0-1 as a professional and 4-0 as an amateur, and he has previously competed as a super heavyweight.

(Wes Shivers vs. Jerry Carrol, 3/7/09)


  1. Jay Smith Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 07:37

    Holy shit I'm glad I have a DVR. This season is going to rock!!!!
  2. LoneWolf Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 07:39

    The next season should be pretty damn interesting.
  3. Dapper Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 07:41

    Anybody know if it is going to be heavies only? I want to see some of the shit Kimbo starts in the house. He'll probably be making some Youtube videos from the house no doubt. I just wish the season would be starting sooner.
  4. Jay Smith Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 07:44

    No shit Dapper. They tease us by telling us that they're already filming, and leak info like these NFL players joining the show, but we have to wait till freakin next year (or close to it) before we get to see any of it. I'm pumped for it.
  5. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:07

    this season will be fuckin awesome
  6. PingPong Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:24

    Schaub sounds pretty bad-ass.
  7. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:25

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? *head explodes*
  8. Crap Factory Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:30

    And here I was thinking that TUF was jumping the shark with this season. I'm pumped for it now. Looks like it'll be good in the cage at least. I wonder what kind of drama Dana and the crew will stir up in the house....
  9. Kevin Marshall Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:40

    @Dapper - It's going to be heavies only. @Jay Smith - Only three months and change until the season premiere; it's set to kick off in September.
  10. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:40

    @ Crap Factory The big spoiler has already leaked out: Dana will will be in TUF 10 contending as a LHW
  11. PHELPS Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:40

    I hope kimbo gets shit faced and throws shit in the pool, then cries like a baby.
  12. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:43

    Oh and Dana says that he and Lorenzo will be making MMA a collage and an Olympic sport!!!!!!!
  13. mayhem Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:46

    I knew it!!! This is going be the first "Used to be Celebrity T.U.F." This is sounding more like Pro's vs Joe's than a new T.U.F. Still it already sounds way more intresting than season 9 is right now.
  14. T Rex Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 08:50

    I thought you needed at least 3 professional bouts under your name before you could be on TUF now? Fucking bullshit, UFC.
  15. Sirius Bones Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 09:35

    I am suprised Brian Westbrook is not in this season. He has been doing some pretty serious training.
  16. Hum Deez Nutz Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 09:37

    I hope there is a KFC nearby with all these brothers on the next show. The local grocery store better stock up on watermelon, collard greens, and grits!
  17. BuckWild Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 10:38

    I really hope Kimbo does well and knocks some fools out. I think the comp so far is at the same level (around 4 fights). So it should be a true test instead of a freak show putting him against has beens that use to be good (kinda).
  18. C.B. Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 10:46

    Every one of their opponents looked like hot dog shit. Which isn't to say they are no good, but c'mon, what can we really tell from those vids.
  19. kula Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 11:02

    why is the UFC investing in all these old guys? bad move i think.
  20. Ceeph Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 11:15

    @ Sirius I think you mean Michael Westbrook. Brian is still the starting running back for the eagles.
  21. Meohfumado Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 12:41

    This is starting to seem like a big stunt to get people excited about the HW division again. Still, I know I'm gonna watch.
  22. the glza Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 12:47

    and crocop.
  23. AntonG420 Says:

    Wed, 06/03/09 - 04:59

    omg these guys are such cans, marcus jones had his hands down after the 1st minute.... and the last moron actually leaned so much he got arm triangled from the guard???? pathetic
  24. Casa de los pantelones Says:

    Mon, 06/08/09 - 10:52

    Marcus Jones graduated from the same high school as me *yay* lol! That is a big boy. I remember seeing him walking down the hallways, towering over everyone else. Not too impressive though in the ring...hmm.
  25. poplar table Says:

    Tue, 07/08/14 - 03:20

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