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Frank Shamrock on Kimbo Slice: “The Absolute Worst Role Model”

Frank Shamrock‘s battle with Cung Le is on Saturday, so expect to see a lot of Frank around the web this week promoting the hell out of the thing. Already, there’s several Frank-related stories/vids out there today. Here’s a few to check out:

15 Rounds has an interview posted where Shamrock talks yet again about fighters controlling their own brand and promoting their own events. He goes into a lot of detail about the different models and how the MMA model could improve — depending on how you look at it. He also dishes about a possible upcoming duel with Tito Ortiz. It looks like something is in the works and the two fighters’ companies would co-promote it and hire out for someone to actually run the show. We’ll see if a rematch shapes up soon.

Oh yeah. And the little subject of Kimbo Slice comes up. Frank’s not a fan.

Q: What do you think of the fact that Kimbo Slice is being pushed as the biggest star fighting on the show?

FS: Kimbo has a weird aura about him. Personally, I think it’s a step back to where we were ten years ago which is the big, tough scary guy fighting, but he’s very, very popular with the young generation. His story is very interesting and appealing to people, but I also think they will quickly grow tired of it because it is kind of that gimmick story. The problem with Kimbo is the more he learns – the worse he’s going to get. He’s going to lose that raw, crazy, angry power that he is using to beat people.

Q: Do you think that Kimbo is a bad role model for kids considering how he made himself popular – through backyard fights? Could there potentially be a problem with the younger generation trying to copy Kimbo in order to get noticed?

FS: 100%. I think he is the absolute worst role model we could have for our events. This is coming from someone who has been here since the beginning. Having Kimbo as a representative as a face for the first big event on CBS is a step back.

Q: If you saw your own kids watching Kimbo Slice fights on the Internet, would you let them watch it?

FS: I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I’d probably let them watch it, but then I’d make them go to the martial arts class that night. It’s like I wouldn’t stop my son from watching car racing, but I wouldn’t let my son go race. But I would let him go to a racing school and learn about it.

But role models don’t sell tickets, now do they? Naturally, a discussion of Ken Shamrock‘s recent crap showing happened and Frank expressed his disappointment because his brother’s diminished skills could stick a fork in their bad blood match next year. However, Frank is banking on the EliteXC/CBS deal to still be able to sell the fight — and to a wider audience. He’ll be selling a shitty fight, but he’s probably right because the general populace will buy anything. Frank then goes on to discuss how he’d love to fight Anderson Silva. On that note, FightNetwork has some interesting comparison numbers on Frank and Anderson Silva. Check them out after the jump.

Frank’s last four wins were against Bryan Pardoe, Phil Baroni, Elvis Sinosic, and Cesar Gracie. Those fine gents have a combined pro record of 30-32. By comparison, Anderson Silva’s last four notches were over Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Travis Lutter, and Nate Marquardt. Their combined pro record stands at 79-21-2. Things that make you go “Hmmm”.

If that’s not enough Frank for you and you need more, additional articles can also be found at Sherdog and Fightlinker.

And to cap off our Frank Shamrock Monday rundown, Showtime is running a “Shorts” interview to hype this weekend’s fight. Frank says the last time he got beat up was in grade school. Guess he in grade school in 1996 when Yuki Kondo KO’d him with a kick.

(Props BloodyElbow for the find.)

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derek from alaska- April 13, 2009 at 1:37 pm
i mean frank lols
derek from alaska- April 13, 2009 at 1:36 pm
I love frank, first of all he would whoop Anderson silva he can kick just as good as Anderson. Second Frank is young still like anderson, Third I find it shocking that Tito Ortiz was his hardest opponent. Ken Looking Forward to your fights and Good Luck to you and all of your indevers
achilles but u can call me mike- March 25, 2008 at 3:01 pm
i take what frank says as truth, hes been 1 of my favorite fighter for years.kimbo is a heavy hittin homeless guy wt a "homeless video" camera that made himself famous by fighting guys wt no technique no chin and many that were nt in his weight class. he says tappins 4 bi#@&!$ hes never been put in a spot 2 get his arm ripped off. most of his street fights looked rigged, he ko'd tank so what. there were smaller guys who did the same.
blair- March 24, 2008 at 10:17 pm
man shut up. i bet u guys were the guys going on sherdog and saying anderson silva was going to get k o ed by rich franklin, then going on forms and saying he was not him self.
Don- March 24, 2008 at 3:54 pm
Confidence is good to have as a fighter but he is a fool to try and call out Anderson Silva. The spyder would make Frank look like an amatuer.
Bold, Ild and Arish- March 24, 2008 at 8:10 am
I do not care for Frank Shamrock... He insist upon himself.
Old, Bald and Irish- March 23, 2008 at 9:11 pm
Ya gotta love Frank. I totally dig his passion for the sport and his passion for excellence.


I'm kinda leaning towards Cung Le, but if Frank wins, I got no problem with that. Just as long as he doesn't pull out that "bitch slap" that he used on Bas Rutten.

By the way, I just got Showtime and watched my first complete EliteXC match on Friday. In comparisson to the UFC, EliteXC did a couple of things WAY BETTER:

1) The ring girls hang around the ring and dance. How cool is that! Nice to see some eye-candy in between fights. Keep that up EliteXC!

2) The camera direction was great. The cameramen were always at the right angles and you never missed the action. I don't know how many fights I've watched on UFC where I'm saying "WTF just happened? The camera missed it?" Especially with that stupid overhead camera view. That overhead shot does NOTHING to enhance the fight. Also, the cameras stayed at the main ring posts so you never saw guys running around sticking cameras into the ring or trying to show action through the cage fencing. That makes me nuts!

3) Reffing! The refs did a great job overall and really KEPT THE FIGHTS MOVING. I don't know what his name was, but one ref kept telling the fighters "Ok, get to work!" DAMN STRAIGHT! He kept those guys swingin'.