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Friday Afternoon Link Dump

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- CP contributor Brian D’Souza talks about why GSP has gotten boring to watch (Fan960)

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- Dangerous ‘how-to” by a terrible electrician (Break)

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XENOPHON- October 15, 2011 at 2:43 pm
@Get Off Me Says
Yes, I think you have a sharp eye for the intricacies of the sport. And although I don't always agree...this site has some of the better posting - with all the flare and vigor to go with.
I didn't realize that with so many "stage names" there are actually a great number of people here who likely have some skin in the game, but prefer to stay anonymous. With legal constraints binding some, its better to see them post, than sit and lurk. So, what I am saying is keep the sharp analytical views flowing....
I didn't think BrianDSouza was not all that far off from his views, but neither are you. I suppose when writing, its easy to support one's position or views with sometimes only two, or at other times seven truths if need be.

As for the NASCAR, Indy, and F1...only the best make it into the cockpit of F1 during their careers. It's been happening in Boxing for too many decades to count, but in the UFC...the trend is to drop weight and move down. I think this is due to how Zuffa builds fighters individual brands, and when they fail and sputter...its easier to salvage the marketing investment by sending the disgraced to a smaller weight class.
Puzzling is that with several divisions stacking up, and fighters not getting a chance to maintain active matches - 1 or 2 fights at best for most, why haven't more men move up in weight to avoid the log jams by both GSP and Silva?
Get Off Me- October 15, 2011 at 9:41 am
How about the rest of what I wrote, do you agree?
If watch Anderson Silva fight you will understand he is quite the the ground fighter. GSP's best chance of beating Silva would be to Jon Fitch him, to do what Chael Sonnen was doing before he got submitted, this is common knowledge. My issue is with the "easy" part being used by journalist covering the sport talking about a fight between two long standing champions, one of which has not been finished in the UFC, but he will get beat easily. GSP is faster than any MW fighter, but he is smaller and weaker physically than the Spider. What I know about GSP is that if the fighter is bigger than him and has a ground game, GSP ain't taking it to the ground, he will use his speed and stand up game to control the fight. GSP's game plan has been the same for quite some time now also, it's about outclassing his opponent in a given area, i.e. Alves, Hardy who were strikers got beat on the mat.... Fitch, Kos and Shields got beat in the stand up. You don't need credentials to know that obviously Condit who is a fairly strong striker and Nick Diaz who is a strong striker will end up on their backs against GSP en route to a loss.
I give Silva some credit for fighting Sonnen with a substantial injury, couple that with the fact that Silva did not look 100% and Sonnen was chalk full of Steroids, you may re think just how easy it would be to get Silva down to the ground if you are GSP.
Yes GSP should fight at 185 against another opponent if he were to fight Anderson one day. We will see how Sonnen looks against Anderson in their re-match and then we can pick up this GSP beating Anderson easily thing.
XENOPHON- October 15, 2011 at 6:54 am
@Get Off Me Says:
"You say Anderson Silva uses his reach to keep guys away and that he can’t scramble on the ground, GSP would be able to beat him “easily”(ha!) using his wrestling(like Hendo, Lutter, Marquardt and Sonnen did right)."
This is what I heard BrianDSouza say too, and I have to agree with him. Part of what is laying latent from above you translation is that GSP can move faster, and GSP would out scramble Silva, Hendo, Lutter, Marquardt.

It's been witnessed by all, one only needs to work at the same rate, rhythm, and tempo of Chael Sonnen to keep Anderson Silva on his back for 5 of 5 rounds.
zhmmgg- October 15, 2011 at 6:49 am
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XENOPHON- October 15, 2011 at 6:36 am
. make a clear case when you stack Anderson Silva against his next layer of best competition. Miller/Bisping and Munoz.
Pathetic...really, pathetic when one's forced to pay $55 bucks for spun up hype.
RearNakedSpoon- October 15, 2011 at 5:54 am
"I’ll also give Georges credit" yes but it comes across as you just giving him credit on trivial things as your general intention is to discredit him and hope people will see it as a balanced view.
You are right about people being entitled to their opinions, so don't be shocked if most have the opinion that it was a bad interview and analysis.
I know the subject was GSP but calling for him to move up because he has emptied the division is silly because Silva should have moved up a long time ago or a lot sooner.
GSP has yet to fight Diaz, Condit, Ellenberger, MacDonald (if they agree to fight at all), and Johnson.
Silva has the winner of Miller/Bisping and Munoz as the only unique contenders left in the division.
Silva is also more suited to LHW and that division has more interesting fights for him than GSP. Don't tell people to think GSP is chicken to fight a much bigger fighter when Silva is avoiding fights with people his own size!
Get Off Me- October 14, 2011 at 10:43 pm
@Brian D'Souza
I did not read your piece, I listened to the audio and thus I speak.
Faceless, nameless says the "journalist" who underlines the fact that some stupid judge gave two rounds to Jake Shields in Toronto and says GSP could have lost that fight.
The knockdown you want to talk about during the Shields GSP fight was when GSP hit Shields with a headkick(the same headkick he used to hurt Matt Hughes before putting him away) maybe you missed that. Also talking about Shields being finished in his last fight(after going over a decade against good fighters without being finished) after losing his Father let's me know your analytical capacity.
You say Anderson Silva uses his reach to keep guys away and that he can't scramble on the ground, GSP would be able to beat him "easily"(ha!) using his wrestling(like Hendo, Lutter, Marquardt and Sonnen did right). You also say GSP could have finished his fights like he has in the past, you seem so sure too, like all he had to do was put some more steam on his right hand. You really know a ton about this sport, you know when guys can finish fights before they do.
Also talking about BJ and weight classes, president BS...BJ came back to the UFC after fighting at Welterweight, Middle weight and open weight with Machida outside the UFC to fight GSP at 170, BJ thought he won the fight and had something to go on when he seeked out his "money fight"/"title shot" with GSP at 170 for the second time.
I will debate this with you further if you like, maybe we can set something up with CP, I will let you know my credentials and exactly how qualified I am to speak on the subject of MMA.
Lastly, Dario in Indy Car is supposed to be GSP at WW right now, avoiding moving to F1 which is the MW division, which driver is Anderson Silva? What would Nascar be the LW or the LHW?
XENOPHON- October 14, 2011 at 7:14 pm
@Get Off Me
GSP need not have to face Silva in his first fight at an increased weight does he? I mean if he can't get past one or two of the gate-keepers, then it was for not anyways.
As for Silva, in he needs to step up in weight also...and maybe a win over GSP, would be the primer.
XENOPHON- October 14, 2011 at 7:10 pm
Yeah, I thought it was a decent interview and recap of interviews and conversations. Yet, calling out a fan who is not part of the media gets you the evenings "D-" Brian.
You said several times, that "GSP heard about other fighters from 3rd parties..." Why the hell doesn't GSP watch and review his competition on his own - much like Jon Jones claims he studies? If that's true, GSP gets the "Weak Sauce of Week Award." If anyone, in any arena - fails to take advantage of "open source" intelligence, they and their supporters are simply fools destined to an eventual demise.
I do see some validity in the theory that GSP's ability to take his opponent to the ground will be key. GSP has got to be similar to Sonnen with this skill set, and it's now known that Silva's weakness is getting drug down to the deck and not being able to get of his back.
You did hit the key note, which I and several others mentioned just a few days ago...which is, GSP will use his wrestling to ground Condit, and he will do it at the first sign of not being able to trade punches convincingly. Then again, Condit bangs much harder, than even Serra...and so the ground is where it will end up sooner rather later.
XENOPHON- October 14, 2011 at 6:38 pm
Best article was the Pro Elite 2.0
I had no idea UFC paid $40 million for 50% (controlling interest) of Strike Force? Was this detail known already?
Also, the Stratus people and the Bellator people should just simply swap shares and merge. They could even grab the discards from the raided Strike Force and the UFC.
Also they could fill the void in women's MMA, and if wise, since they will be letting Showtime pick up the costs of production, they could charge a simple $19.95 for any of the eventually scheduled PPV's (2013) and draw off many UFC viewers at the same time.

BrianDSouza- October 14, 2011 at 4:50 pm
Thanks for tuning in.

At 1:33, GSP jabs as Shields is coming in, resulting in a knockdown. I'll also give Georges credit for landing his right hand a few times on Shields. But if you really listen to the interview, you'll hear me praise St-Pierre as a great fighter who is capable of doing even more.

I talked to a lot of people for my story including GSP, Carlos Condit, and others, with Bas Rutten giving input with his opinions as an analyst, trainer and former fighter.

You're entitled to your opinion, but until you post some more info about yourself or your credentials, you're just another faceless and nameless entity basing your criticism without ever having read my work.
Get Off Me- October 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm
Just listened to Brian D'souza's audio.
I think Sportsnet hired the worst possible MMA columnist for their magazine.
Go listen for yourself folks if you want a laugh.
He talks about Shields being dropped in other fights and completely neglects the fact that GSP dropped him in their fight and that Jake actually has a chin(i.e. Dan Henderson fight).
Goes onto say GSP is boring and that he should fight Anderson Silva and beat him by using his wrestling(like he does in his so called "boring" fights).
Says that GSP will say all the right things before his fight with Condit but won't do what he says during the fight(don't most fighters do this?).
My favorite is that he spoke to Stefan Patry, GSP's former manager, who had a falling out with GSP.
Anyway, that was like listening to two nerds who just started watching MMA talk about a bunch of shit they know nothing about.
thurmonator- October 14, 2011 at 2:54 pm
Can somebody tell me what happened at the end of that Bullz-Eye video? I lasted about a full minute before I suddenly got the urge to kill every fucking thing in sight, thanks.