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Gallery of the Day: MMA W.A.Gs

(Tom couldn’t handle constantly being asked if the guy he was with was the dude that f*cked Kimbo)

As fans and pundits of the sport, sometimes we forget that the fighters we love and hate to watch in the ring and cage are normal human beings like we are. They have bills to pay, mouths to feed and wives and girlfriends that *most* of them go home to every night.

We’ve been introduced to many of the W.A.Gs of fighters by UFC countdown shows, porno movies, arrest reports and through their own contributions to the sport as managers and fighters in their own right. Regardless of what they do, they support their men through the good and the bad and keep the home front running smoothly while their husbands and boyfriends are away for training camps or competing.

They don’t get a lot of mention by us media types, so we figured we would pay them tribute by posting a gallery of some of the lesser-known ladies behind the well-known fighters in the sport.


  1. Cheeseburger Eddie Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:00

    1.Shouldn't Sexyama be wearing the crown? 2. Didn't Cyborg Santos have a wife at one point??
  2. koios Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:01

    three things. 1. lol'd at Rogers being up there. 2. Hardy's girlfriend is fucking hot. 3. Is it just me, or does it look like Edgar's wife should be on an episode of Jersey Shore? She looks the part completely, and could probably kick the shit out of all of the girls there at once, which would make me watch the show for once.
  3. koios Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:04

    oh, one more thing. Where the fuck is Condit?
  4. ed90813 Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:06

    Dan Hardy's wife makes up for Condit's wife's absence.
  5. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:10

    So did Wanderlei and his wife have matching plastic surgery done?
  6. Miles Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:11

    Junior, wtf man? is that your mom?
  7. mothercruncher Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:16

    Holy Christ, Junior Dos Santos is SLUMMING it.
  8. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:24

    This pretty much proves that fighters aren't paid enough.
  9. knucklesamitch Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:27

    Hardy's girl is SMOKING HOT. And Junior, god DAYUM son ... Did you catch your wife as she was falling out of the ugly tree?
  10. svennebanan Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:29

    1. this gallery still sucks balls. 2. way2go hardy, fedor and pellegrino! 3. daaaaaaaaaaamn jds :X
  11. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:36

    Biggest Over-Acheiver: Kurt Pellegrino. Biggest Under-Acheiver: Junior dos Santos. Just About Right: Matt Lindland.
  12. T Rex Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:39

    What the hell is Jon Jones wearing?
  13. Biff Tannen Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:41

    You can tell Alistair married for love. She doesn't look high maintenance what-so-ever.
  14. NomadRip Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:48

    Do you think Fedor had to order his by mail? I'd say something bad about a few of these ladies, but I fear Thiago's wife would come beat me to a pulp.
  15. BONGTAR Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:54

    JDS, holy shit man. Get it together.
  16. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:55

    Holy shit - Thank God Matt Hamill is deaf because I bet his woman has the most annoying voice ever - and Hey Fedor, your kitchen looks like Al Bundy's from the Married with Children set.
  17. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 10:57

    I heard that James Thompson is gonna fight Mrs. Kevin Randleman in his next super heavy weight bout.
  18. Double OG Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:00

    Frankie Edgar's woman looks like muff cabbage.
  19. Yazloz18 Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:01

    The Hughes family photo weirds me out a little. Hardy's lady is good looking but I dislike foot tats. I still chuckle a little each time I see JDS's lady. I was unaware Randy had gotten married for a 4th time, anyone wanna set up a pool to see how long before he cheats on this one? Chuck has a different girl a week. Rashad's lady kinda looks like him. Bones married a white girl. And I agree that Frankie's lady looks straight from the Shore
  20. BossNasty Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:02

    @koios That would make you watch it "MORE"??? The fact that you watch it at all is a damn shame and is proof that you're waiting for this article to come out with the in the closet version.
  21. Wanderson Silver Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:03

    Guys go easy on JDS's wife, she just finished a five rounder with Cyborg when that was filmed... But seriously, do you think they meant to give the gypsy nickname to his wife?
  22. towelie Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:19

    Seriously Matt Serra? What's up with your chick's leg?
  23. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:22

    Rolling around the mats leaves one highly susceptible to yerrow fever, I see.
  24. TungFo Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:24

    I wonder if Chuck can still smell Canseco's balls every time he dines at the Y.
  25. Maine Blazer Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:25

    Sonnen has a non-white girlfriend? GTFO
  26. knucklesamitch Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:00

    Sonnen is dating Cookie Kwan, Springfrields #1 real estate agent ... Classic.
  27. koios Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:06

    @bossNasty where the fuck did you get that impression. "which would make me watch the show for once." In other words, that would be the only reason I would ever watch the show. Reading comprehension, you clearly lack it.
  28. BossNasty Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:24

    @koios What the hell was I thinkin...Yeah, I fucked that all the way up. Next time write your comments with pictures so I can understand it.
  29. Miles Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:25

    @ Towelie LOL thank you for that. It looks so much like her leg ahahah
  30. raizor Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:31

    Gallery, gaaahhhhhh!!!
  31. ytrebil Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:43

    Jon Fitch's missus isn't actually Asian. She looked like a typical fat American chick to start out with. Some of these guys could do A LOT better but... we're being way too critical. They probably have to put up with a lot of shit.
  32. RaisedByPuffins Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 12:44

    Hardy is punching above his weight, much like his UFC career. Umm...1. Mir 2. Hardy 3. Vera I would never have expected the American Gangster to have a Asian wife. You definitely saved the shocker for last.
  33. Gladheateher Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 01:21

    @Yazloz18 During Edgar vs Henderson you could hear Fwankies jersey shore wife yelling shit the entire fucking fight. Overeem has the hottest wife. Mir in a close second. Hardy's inked up hooker could take as high as 3rd.
  34. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 01:22

    If Fitch's wife isn't Asian neither is Akiyama's.
  35. Gladheateher Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 01:25

    Rampage has got the hottest asian. I think he actually beats out Dan Hardy. Chael got one over from the Hiroshima after math. Her head is grown to radioactive proportions.
  36. SonOfSerbia Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 01:36

    1. Vitor Belfort...if you have seen pics of his damn thats a sweet ass, i'd bend her over and suck her lower intestine out through her butthole 2. Alistair Overeeem -his girl could get smashed like an idaho potato 3. Condit's wife and her tig-o-bitties -i'd suck the milk out so hard I'd starve 3 generations of condits -end of perv rant-
  37. Lesnarischamp Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 01:43

    Mrs. Akiyummy. Mrs Hardy. and the (missing) Mrs Condit
  38. Motivated Penn Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 02:19

    Benavidez is a lucky SOB. Megan Olivi
  39. Alan K Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 02:43

    One more reason to hate Jon Fitch.
  40. FightZen Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 03:05

    If you can find it, Belcher's wife is pretty cute too. Def belongs on this list.
  41. WalterBarrio Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 03:15

    The look on Mrs Brandon Vera's face suggests that their marriage is probably about as exciting as his recent run of fights.
  42. Gladheateher Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 03:17

    Seen her on UFC primetime. At the time I thought Carlos could do better. Until I seen the freaks these other guys are baggin.
  43. bitteralex Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 04:21

    You know.. when most websites do a WAGs article.. they feature hot wags... this was not worth my time trying to fumble my way through your shitty viewer
  44. Gallery of the Day: MMA W.A.Gs « Rocked MMA Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 08:08

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  45. dranokills Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 08:10

    2 very important things: No wonder Chael is insane...his woman is a dog. Bitteralex, I thought you were gonna learn how to chill with FBF, cause man you give good Aussies a bad name. stop being so butthurt.
  46. Diaz Cartel Says:

    Mon, 03/12/12 - 11:20

    Is that Megan Olivi with Benavidez?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  47. tosr Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 03:59

    Serra is really punching above his weight.
  48. Me likey Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 04:37

    atleast matt lindland keeps his house in check. even in the picture his wife is holding a broom.
  49. busted_cranium Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 05:17

    I bet Mrs. Anderson Silva has bigger nads than the old man. You know how they do in Brazil.
  50. busted_cranium Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 05:21

    Hardy's wife looks like a skanky little fuck hole. Probably why he's with her methinks.
  51. Links Away: Yes, Yes, and Yes | Find the stream — Vind de stream Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 08:18

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  52. Big Shafty Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 08:48

    Wow, Dos Santos didn't travel outside the favela much.
  53. NomadRip Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 08:54

    I had no idea Lindland was married to Tonya Harding.
  54. NamPhanFan Says:

    Tue, 03/13/12 - 02:31

    Jon Fitch's Wife is smoking hot
  55. BelieveInThePowerOfOne Says:

    Wed, 03/14/12 - 01:22

    Mrs. Mike Swick looks like Mr. Mike Swick... is it???
  56. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 03/14/12 - 01:13

    Ms. Joseph Benevidez's got my vote for the prettiest lady in the thread. JDS has to be the nicest man on the planet. And God Damn, Forrest Griffen is an ugly son of a bitch!
  57. Rsol Says:

    Wed, 03/14/12 - 02:25

    Ms Joseph Benavidez is actually Megan Olivi. The MMA journalist.
  58. wade56789 Says:

    Thu, 03/15/12 - 10:41

    very good
  59. VasyaDC Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 08:22

    Four things I learned from this post: 1. John Fitch really is awesome (outside of the cage), and not just because he's addicted to Skyrim. 2. Joe Rogan is dating Tia Tequila. 3. Junior is a 100% genuine and loyal dude... He has to be, because his chick's a total dog... Aaaaaand, he's from fucking Brazil! Aaaaand, he's famous there!1 (Maybe Chael is also, because...) 4. Jon Jones is a white dude. I mean, that chick on his arm needs ask Junior's wife what she's eating. Is that really his baby mama? * Bonus: Arianny would be a big upgrade for Ubereem.
  60. overeems_needle Says:

    Sat, 03/24/12 - 10:45

    I'm @ work laughing my ass off right now! You guys comments are funny as hell!!! By the way... Rampage has the hottest chick. What the hell J.D.S. & Chael???
  61. Horse Renoir Says:

    Sun, 03/25/12 - 03:35

    A lot of fighters seem to have the yellow fever, eh? And how long has Brett Rogers been married to Sherri Shepherd? Or Dan Hardy to Michelle McGee?
  62. *UPDATE* [VIDEO] Anarchy in the UK: Riot Breaks out at Lockdown MMA Event « Rocked MMA Says:

    Sun, 04/01/12 - 08:06

    [...] At a guess I’d say there were around 250 people watching (as usual 95% male audience 5% plastic over-tanned WAGS). [...]
  63. rytek Says:

    Tue, 07/02/13 - 09:57

    Guys, the Chael one is a joke. He is married to the white blonde on the front page, not the busted ass asian in the gallery
  64. Links at Random - SHINBOW.COM Says:

    Sat, 08/24/13 - 01:29

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