Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

Gambling Addiction Enabler: WEC 48 Edition

(Fun fact: Jose Aldo got that scar when he was a baby, after his sisters rolled him onto a barbecue pit. Well, maybe that’s not so much a "fun" fact as a completely horrifying one. Depends on your definition of fun, I guess. / Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Now that some of you are sitting on hefty tax returns from defrauding the government while in prison, it’s time to see if we can turn those little nest eggs into big, throbbing piles of money. WEC 48 is this Saturday — only on Pay Per View! — and there are plenty of opportunities to beat the oddsmakers. But before we share our red-hot, sure-thing, can’t-miss tips*, let’s take a look at the betting lines, courtesy of

Jose Aldo (-295) vs. Urijah Faber (+289)
Ben Henderson (even) vs. Donald Cerrone (-110)
Mike Brown (-600) vs. Manny Gamburyan (+500)
Shane Roller (-140) vs. Anthony Njokuani (+115)
Scott Jorgensen (-250) vs. Antonio Banuelos (+230)

Leonard Garcia (-130) vs. Chan Sung Jung (+110)
Anthony Pettis (-550) vs. Alex Karalexis (+505) 
Brad Pickett (-127) vs. Demetrious Johnson (even)
Chad Mendes (-465) vs. Anthony Morrison (+375)
Takeya Mizugaki (-150) vs. Rani Yahya (+130)
Brandon Visher (-300) vs. Tyler Toner (+240)

* We kindly request that you don’t consult previous editions of the Gambling Enabler to verify this claim.

Damn, a lot of surprises here…

The Headliners: Sure, you could potentially triple your money betting on Urijah Faber, but you’re going to feel pretty stupid when Jose Aldo slashes through him in two rounds. Aldo is a strong favorite for a reason, so don’t be tempted by that +289, and don’t waste your time putting straight bets on the champ; the return-on-investment isn’t high enough. However, feel free to throw some cash on Benson Henderson, who should at least be a small favorite, considering he has the belt and all. Yeah, I know, he didn’t really beat Cerrone last time. But he did prove that he’s virtually untappable, and was very impressive in his last win over Jamie Varner. Cowboy seems to be snake-bit when it comes to title fights. I say Henderson retains his belt, and even money is good enough for me.

The Dangerous Influence of Recent Events: It seems like oddsmakers are remembering Scott Jorgensen choking poor Chad George off his feet last month, but they’re forgetting that Antonio Banuelos is on a three-fight win streak that includes a split-decision over Jorgensen himself. WTF? Toss some chips on Banuelos and you might double your stack. On a related note, there’s absolutely no reason that Alex Karalexis should be a 5-1 underdog against Anthony Pettis. Sure, Pettis has looked good during his 2-1 stretch in the WEC (and is coming off a Knockout of the Night over Danny Castillo at WEC 47, which must be fresh in the oddsmakers’ minds), but it’s not like Karalexis is some random creampuff. If Karalexis can pull off an upset, a $10 bet would net you a $50.50 profit. Just saying.

The Good ‘Dog: You should be drooling over that +115 line for Anthony Njokuani, who has won Knockout of the Night bonuses in his last three fights. Roller’s wrestling and submissions could give him trouble, but I think Njokuani will overwhelm him.

Official CagePotato Parlay: Aldo + Brown + Njokuani + Garcia. You’re already paying $45 for this damn card, so make sure that money comes back to you.


  1. Felony Assault Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 01:56

    Can't wait to see the Faber fight... Should be a good one. Nice odds on Faber too, if he gets in a nice shot and wins it. Lookin forward to the Cerrone fight as well. Too bad they wanna charge more than a UFC PPV(What a joke). So I'll be takin my ass up to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch it for free on the big screen. I suggest everyone does the same, so they flop it, and charge less next time.
  2. Lex Luthor Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:04

    Aldo says: Why so serious?
  3. MMA Mafia Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:06

    That's what I'm doing. Been doing it for every UFC event since 48 or so. Ima sit up there for 4 hours and drink water the whole time. That'll show Buffalo Wild Wings, the WEC and PPV providers everywhere. I'm not sure but I think they spit in my water.....
  4. Jim Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:09

    Mike Brown is horrible @ -600 I like Aldo, Garcia & Cerrone
  5. fiveforfive Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:10

    It thought that was crazy too, I may just put my whole savings account on Karalexis. He got his black belt from Jared Allen after all.
  6. Almost North Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:14

    That Mike Brown line is coo coo for coco puffs. Beware this fight, Vegas knows something we don't.
  7. Nut Puncher 9000 Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:18

    Its amazing to me how quickly everyone forgets Faber's dominance....
  8. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:28

    What's the over/under on timeline for Bloody Elbow's removal from the "Blood Brothers" list?
  9. Almost North Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:31

    That will coincide with the creation of the "Humorless Dicks" list
  10. Goat Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:32

    Bet the house on Faber. Aldo will falter and look human in this fight.
  11. Goat Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:33

    I like the way that Goat guy thinks.
  12. Goat Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:33

    I am pretty awesome, aren't I, Goat?
  13. Goat Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:34

    You and I both, Goat.
  14. robthom Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:49

    Jeez like little fucker is spooky! The cut, the Jeffry Dahmer eyes...
  15. Hendos Right Hand Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:50

    Aldo > Faber
  16. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:53

    No goatse. Priceless. Still love ya though Goat. +500 on Gamburyan? I think MTB willwin, but +500 is almost irresistible on a line I had more at like a+185-200. Got some very appealing underdogs here. Banuelos at +230? Karalexis at +505?? Banuelos is sppedy F'ing Gonzales. Never ever count him out. I'll take Aldo+Cerrone+Gamburyan+Njokuani+Banuelos+Garcia+Karalexis+Johnson+Mizugaki. Who want's to tally my odds overall?
  17. Horror Fighter Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:57

    "Jose Aldo got that scar when he was a baby, after his sisters rolled him onto a barbecue pit. " Hey, mom, what's for dinner? Oh...not Jose again!
  18. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:59

    Also what is up with the KSL story link? One of you CP fellas a Utah native?
  19. BryanF Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 02:59

    Rex>> I give it a week before CP and BE destroy their "bros for life" partnership of MMA journalism...and then 2 weeks before everyone shakes hands and makes up something about the "need for multiple voices between journalists" bullshit.
  20. failingev0lution Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 03:12

    I certainly wouldn't bet the farm on Faber. I won't discredit his achievements, but those hands...he has to have fists like eggshells now. He'll be fighting with elbows and kicks by round 3 if they make it that far.
  21. AL_14 Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 03:19

    Mike and Brent Brookhouse should do battle... winner gets to take the others site off their list and the loser has to keep it. I'm pulling for you Mike kick Brookhouse's ass!
  22. Bare Grylls Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 03:28

    Join me for the adventure of a lifetime
  23. justscrappin Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 03:38

    Oh Bare....Im sick of putting the lotion on my skin or getting the hose again.
  24. mthomas Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 03:49

    Ha! CP just got called out BloodyElbow for the Gus Johnson article. It's titled "CagePotato deserves No Pass in Gus Johnson Fiasco" I'd post a link but the stupid site thinks it's spam...
  25. Shoe Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 03:58

    No love for Jung? Garcia could win if he wrestled him enough, but he's Leonard Garcia so he won't
  26. Clyde Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 04:17

    I'm not betting a penny until I hear what Renzo Gracie has to say.
  27. Koeikan Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 04:23

    Wow... how quickly we turn on Faber. I expect Aldo to win and for him to be the favorite, but I was definitely surprised by that line. Aldo should best anyone at 145 if the fight stays standing, but I think Faber has a good chance of putting it on the ground. Brown lacked the speed, but I think Faber can survive on his feet and if his timing is good, get the takedown. I wouldn't be surprised to see Faber pull out a submission after the first round. With the line where it is, I would have no problem putting a bet on Faber.
  28. peckawoodd Says:

    Wed, 04/21/10 - 04:36

    Mike Goldberg says: This fight is going to be absolutely eclectrifying!
  29. flamingmo Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 02:14

    Garcia is TERRIBLE, and has arguably lost his last 4. Bet on the Korean zombie

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 02:18

    Joe Rogaine says : puff puff pass that mike!
  31. David_Banner Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 03:50

    Jose Aldo (-295) vs. Urijah Faber (+289) Ben Henderson (even) vs. Donald Cerrone (-110) Mike Brown (-600) vs. Manny Gamburyan (+500) Holy freaking lol. It must have been "Take your kids to work day" when they came up with these numbers. Granted, Faber is game but so is Aldo (obviously), but if anything, Faber should be slightly in the "-" after Aldo walked thru the guy that beat him TWICE!! But yeah, Manny being up +500 over the former CHAMP is straight off of Comedy Central, I can't believe that garbage. Mike Brown is going to destroy Manny Gamburyan.
  32. side.check.kick Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 03:53

    His sisters ro-CHRIST! Can you imagine the fucking panic that ensued when his mother saw her child gettin torched in the pit!?
  33. UFC is now the best Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 05:04

    @David_Banner Yo man, I think you need to look up how to bet on fights. You got all your shit bassackwards. I hope Faber pulls it out, let’s just hope he can keep those hands in one piece for longer than one round. I think Cerrone and Henderson is gonna to be a very evenly matched war.
  34. David_Banner Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 05:29

    UFC is now the best, sum it up for me broseph.
  35. David_Banner Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 05:36

    Hahaha I mean, is Aldos sister the anti-christ? What was going through her head as she was rolling her little brother into that BQ Pit? The insanity of that moment must have been incredible.
  36. DangadaDang Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 06:03

    If by some freak incident, the WEC was absorbed by the UFC, and both Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar were unable to defend their belts, and Kenny Florian and Donald Cerrone were to fight for the unified lightweight title, I would bet the ranch that the fight would end in a draw
  37. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 04/22/10 - 08:07

    Please, guys. No goatse.
  38. ghostboner Says:

    Fri, 04/23/10 - 02:07

    @Dave Banner - It is based on $100. - indicates the favorite, with the amount he is favored being the bet required to win $100. So for Mike Brown (@-600) a $600 (winning) bet will payout $100, plus your initial $600. In the case of Gamburyan, at +500, a bet of $100 will payout 500 and your initial $100. Or if you dumb caveman like me, remember - mean less moneys for winning bet, + mean more moneys for winning bet. But big + guy probably lose, unless he name Frankie Edgar. Got it?
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