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Genki Sudo’s Dad Buys Him a Rolex, May Have Menopause

Don’t you wish more American fighters had quirky blogs where they detailed the hilarious minutiae of their lives? We’re stuck with the there-but-for-the-grace-of-God heaviness of Evan Tanner‘s journal, while Akihiro Gono is complaining about his sexual frustration and Shinya Aoki is describing the pattern samples for his new tights. Anyway, Genki Sudo (of K-1 and Ninja Warrior fame) just updated his blog, Suki MMA translated, and we just wanted to share:

I had my birthday on Mar 9 and decided to buy something for me. The item I choose is a rolex watch. I went to see my parents and told them about buying it. My dad said, you did great in your 20′s and I will pay for it. I thought he is generous because of getting an influence of the metabolic syndrome. I thanked him and he asked me to tell everybody he bought my rolex.

Spread the word, Potato Nation — Genki didn’t pay for that watch himself.

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