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Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Booked for UFC 20th Anniversary Show, Nov. 16th in Las Vegas

(“Someday,” Johny thought. “Someday *I’ll* be the one with all the beverages.” / Photo via Sherdog)

As confirmed in a report from Ariel Helwani on yesterday’s installment of UFC Tonight, welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will make his long-awaited title defense against Johny Hendricks on November 16th in Las Vegas (venue TBA). The event, which is currently slated as UFC 167, will also serve as the UFC’s 20th anniversary show. The UFC had previously hoped to hold its 20th anniversary event at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, but with MMA regulation in NY shot down for another year, UFC president Dana White has respectfully moved on.

St. Pierre is on an 11-fight win streak including eight belt-defenses, and has become known (and often criticized) for his steady, methodical domination of opponents; GSP’s last six fights have gone to five-round decisions. Meanwhile, Hendricks’s six-fight win streak includes Knockout of the Night-winning beatdowns of Martin Kampmann and Jon Fitch, and he most recently outpointed Carlos Condit at UFC 158 in March. Hendricks has enough wrestling skills to avoid being ragdolled by St. Pierre for 25 minutes, and enough power in his left hand to end the fight at any moment. Basically, if Hendricks can’t beat Georges St. Pierre, no 170-pounder on Earth can.

At this point, there are no other matches tied to UFC 167, but we’re expecting big things from the UFC’s 20th anniversary show. Another title fight? A Hall of Fame induction? Teila Tuli and Gerard Gordeau as guest commentators? Dare to dream in the comments section.

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Mr_Misanthropy- June 19, 2013 at 10:10 pm
Dham you my artch nemmeses spehleng and lighterassy!
mma4everbitchs- June 19, 2013 at 9:21 pm
Regardless jhonny will still lose
OPIO- June 19, 2013 at 9:12 pm
Rory MacDonald will then step in...
OPIO- June 19, 2013 at 9:10 pm
I'm sure GSP will "get injured"
mma4everbitchs- June 19, 2013 at 7:37 pm
Blasting out Fitch and knampman never impressed me mutch
MorningwoodII- June 19, 2013 at 11:27 am
Hendricks has to KO GSP in the first round. Otherwise, his conditioning as shown in the Condit fight will be his downfall. I believe if GSP doesn't get KO'd in the first round GSP will actually be able to submit Hendricks for the same reason Lesner submitted Carwin.
hewalacilovo- June 19, 2013 at 10:58 am
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Fried Taco- June 19, 2013 at 8:43 am
So basically Hendricks is the Weidman of the welterweights.
The12ozCurls- June 19, 2013 at 7:06 am
Great. At least I have a date (11/16/13) for my next bout of panic attacks and anxiety sweats.
coolsnow7- June 19, 2013 at 7:05 am
Perfect timeline for Anderson take a fight after he's done with Weidman. And if Weidman wins, we'll get the rematch.
keepyahguessing- June 19, 2013 at 6:55 am
Johnny Hendricks needs to knock GSP out...who will then become the #2 contender since no one will can out wrestlefuck him so there will be a rematch shortly after...i dont think they UFC can handle the changing of the WW or MW titles bc fans get so stuck on a champ after years but things are going to change soon...for atleast WW
Jon Fitch and Exciting in the same sentence- June 19, 2013 at 6:46 am
Basically, if Hendricks can’t beat Georges St. Pierre, no 170-pounder on Earth can.

Eh...well...ok, I guess you have a good argument.

I don't think Hendricks will win. GSP is going to jab/"lateral movement"/wrestle in reverse his way to a UD.