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GIF of the Day: Muay Thai World Champion Alain Ngalani Goes Beast Mode in His MMA Debut at ‘ONE FC 10′

(Gif courtesy of @ZProphet_MMA.) 

Alain Ngalani. Remember the name.

Alain Ngalani is a heavyweight, two-time world Muay Thai champion who throws kicks like Melvin Manhoef on bath salts. Alain Ngalani is what it would look like if Bobby Lashley, Marvin Eastman and Onix simultaneously raped each other inside a Cameroonian brick shithouse and somehow made a baby.

Alain Ngalani made his MMA debut at ONE FC 10: Champions and Warriors this morning against the 1-1 Mahmoud Hassan. Alain Ngalani took just over 30 seconds to wheel kick the everloving fuck out of Hassan and finish him with some ground and pound straight out of Rampage World Tour.

Alain Ngalani is a 230-pound Tasmanian Devil with slightly better impulse control.


Alain Ngalani.

After the jump: Alain Ngalani going all “Alain Ngalani” on some poor dude’s legs.

-Alain Ngalani J. Jones

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