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Gina Carano’s Ex-Fiancee to Represent MMA for Nation’s Youth

The smirky dude above is Kristopher "Kit" Cope, a former Muay Thai champion with an unfortunate MMA record of 1-4. You might know him as the dude who used to be engaged to Gina Carano, or the guy who got hit with a steroid suspension after getting steamrolled by Rob McCullough at WEC 25, or as one of the subjects in MTV’s True Life episode "I’m a Muay Thai Fighter." According to his Wikipedia page, "He once armwrestled a warewolf [sic] and won."

Anyway, you’ll be seeing him again if you watch the MTV, as the network has enlisted him for their upcoming special "True Life: I’m An MMA Fighter." According to MMA Junkie, Cope’s segment of the show will focus on his World Fighting Championships match against Dave Cochran, which takes place May 30 in Atlantic City. EliteWrestling.net reports that Frankie Edgar is also being filmed for the show, which will premiere in August.

Despite the fact that it’s produced by MTV — which is largely responsible for the collective plummeting of our nation’s IQ (don’t get me started) — I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a big fan of True Life, particularly their episodes "I’m a Meth Addict," "I’m an Alcoholic," "I Have O.C.D.," "I’m Back From the War and Also a Meth Addict," and "I’m a Teenager and Pregnant Again and a Heroin Addict." The train-wreck quality of the subjects is endlessly compelling. Usually, the show follows three subjects in varying degrees of their shared personal crisis. At least one winds up rising above their challenges, and at least one falls deeper into them; part of the attraction in watching the show is trying to figure out how everyone’s story will end.

So if you’re asking yourself why they’re using Kit Cope, of all people, as a standard-bearer for mixed martial arts in the sport’s first appearance on MTV, just chill. Depending on how he performs on May 30th, the editors might use Kit as an object lesson for the pitfalls of trying to make it as a professional fighter, especially when one is haunted by steroid abuse and losing your really hot and famous fiancee; or, he could be portrayed as a guy who’s finally getting his career on track. Either way, it’ll almost certainly be a more genuine portrayal of MMA than you’ll find elsewhere on basic cable…



  1. sometimes he is funny Says:

    Thu, 05/08/08 - 07:54

    I always liked him on Wide World of Spike. That show was great.
  2. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Thu, 05/08/08 - 08:00

    Kimbo Slice would have been a better choice for this show, that guy would have had a spin off reality show of his own gauranteed.....if they watch Run's House they would definitely watch Kimbo....
  3. IllegalUpKick Says:

    Thu, 05/08/08 - 08:04

    Wow. Mr. Ex-Almost Gina Carano...and I thought being Mr. Ex-Britney Spears was bad.
  4. sarah Says:

    Thu, 05/08/08 - 09:07

    ...and here i was hoping for the MTV episode True Life: I used to bang Gina Carano.
  5. Gong Says:

    Thu, 05/08/08 - 09:57

    Wow. I'm so disappointed in Carano right now.
  6. Sam should fight Says:

    Thu, 05/08/08 - 11:18

    personally I think Sam from wild world of spike could pull a better MMA record than this tool. As far as true life I want to be a half decent cage fighter, isn't that what T.U.F. is??
  7. workinonmyjitsu Says:

    Fri, 05/09/08 - 12:29

    Just to show what an Uber Douche Kit Cope is, everyone in Las Vegas fucked Gina Carano, he tried to marry her...I wonder if Gary Shaw will mention that the next time he pumps up his "All American Girl Next Door"...
  8. tim sylvia's pussy Says:

    Fri, 05/09/08 - 01:45

    she probably divorced him when she discovered his loose vag
  9. JohnS Says:

    Fri, 05/09/08 - 07:31

    I am not sure which one will piss me off more. This or the iron ring.Either way my dumb ass will watch every episope.
  10. Dota Says:

    Sat, 05/10/08 - 12:02

    He's a solid thai boxer but he's one of those peole that thinks that he can KO one person he can KO them all.
  11. skidding Says:

    Sat, 05/10/08 - 06:29

    Kekeke, nice comment Sarah, funny stuff. :)
  12. Garth Says:

    Sat, 05/31/08 - 05:01

    What do you mean everyone in Las Vegas fucked her? Specifics?
  13. killsteve Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 01:56

    I saw him on fuckin true life, like 4 years ago, they goto thailand and fight. Its how i learned who kit cope was. then he went on to guest host all kindsa shows and shit....
  14. Gina is my girl Says:

    Wed, 05/13/09 - 02:41

    Sarah: Keep dreaming sh*t ball!! workinonmyjitsu: FU! quit being such a hater. She would stomp your guts out you pussie, I bet you couldnt fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Gina is an awesome fighter and ALL yall sh*t talkers need to shut the F-up about her.
  15. AkilleeZ Says:

    Tue, 07/14/09 - 09:30

    Yeah I remember the original true life episode with him. He had a blonde girlfriend back then. She was pretty hot too. Then I saw him on an episode of Fear Factor, ironically hosted by Joe Rogan. He lost the very first stunt if I remember correctly. Apparently that performance was enough for that sports show "A Douche, A Brit, and a Pussy." You can guess which one Kit is.
  16. Sunburned Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 08:14

    sometimes he is funny - Yup, that's the show where i first learned about who Cope is, great kickboxer/awful mma guy. Entertaining host on that show though. CagePotato has really made Cope out to look like a horrible guy too, between this posting and the radio call that was posted, man he looks like the biggest asshole.. Is there an agenda against Cope, CP?
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    Thu, 02/16/12 - 08:05

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  20. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 09:35

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