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Gnarly Photos of the Day: Mark Hunt’s Broken Toe, Donald Cerrone’s Gashed-Up Elbow

UFC 160 may have been the bloodiest, ugliest UFC event since “Fight for the Troops” in 2008. MMAJunkie has a gallery of gory photo-highlights that you should check out if you have the stomach for that sort of thing, but we wanted to pass along a couple gruesome shots in particular.

Above, you’ll see the destroyed toe of Mark Hunt, who says he broke the piggy during the first round of his co-main event fight against Junior Dos Santos. As Hunt wrote on his Facebook fan page: “Thanks for the support apologies about the result junior was to slick for me. Got a broken toe first round and had no movement, but like i said before if i am going out i am out on my back thanks again 1luv.”

And “go out on his back” he certainly did.

After the jump: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone shows off the literal aftermath of figuratively breaking his elbow off in KJ Noons‘s ass.

(“Sometimes you get cool scars to show people!” – @CowboyCerrone)


  1. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Mon, 05/27/13 - 08:42

    Damn that's a badass elbow injury
  2. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 05/27/13 - 08:50

    I want a Sharpie to make 2 eyes and a nose because it appears that Cerrone's elbow is totally smiling at me.
  3. Clyde Says:

    Mon, 05/27/13 - 01:11

    Is anyone else thinking, Michelangelo from TMNT?
  4. crappiefloper Says:

    Mon, 05/27/13 - 01:39

    I bet that's what Fallon Fox's gash looks like...
  5. ????? Says:

    Mon, 05/27/13 - 03:31

    Null... ???????????????????...
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    Thu, 08/01/13 - 02:55

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  9. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 03:15

    Gnarly Photos of the Day: Mark Hunt... The Ships's Voyages...

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