MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

Great, Now Gabriel Gonzaga Is Out With Staph Too

(No matter how many times they told him not to walk around the gym barefoot, he just wouldn’t listen. Yet another problem that could have been solved with flip-flops.) 

The season of injuries and illnesses in the UFC shows no sign of letting up, and unless Dana White decides to man up and apologize to that gypsy he offended, we may be in for a long few months. The latest victim of the dreaded staph infection is Gabriel Gonzaga, who was slated to take on Junior Dos Santos at UFC 108. Now Gonzaga will be taking on some antibiotics instead, and the UFC is left without an opponent for the up-and-coming Dos Santos.

The easy replacement might be Cain Velasquez, who just lost his opponent when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira pulled out of their fight with a staph infection (this is why you don’t share swim trunks, guys). Of course, there’s also guys a little lower down the food chain, like Pat Barry. He’s just coming off a win over Antoni Hardonk, and if the UFC decides they’d like to reschedule Velasquez vs. Shane Carwin in light of Lesnar’s heath issues that might be the better way to let these guys build themselves up some more. Or it’s possible that the UFC will just throw up their hands and say, ‘screw it, if these guys can’t learn to use the antibacterial soap we keep sending them, this isn’t worth it.’  Probably they’ll just get someone else, though.


  1. mthomas Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 04:39

    Damn, this was one matchup I was really looking forward to. Battle of the Cro-Cop killers. Plus, Gabe Gonzaga just pisses me off for some reason. Maybe because he looks so much like an ape.... Side Note: See guys? It's not that hard to post the first comment on a story without being all douchey by proclaiming "FIRST".
  2. GetUpAndKill Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 04:50

    Staph > H1N1
  3. Tai-Pan Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 05:08

    Despite the sidenote diatribe somehow the first post still contains the "FIRST" trademark. FAIL. Staph > Heavyweight Division. To bad too, would of been an exciting fight.
  4. Mex Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 07:17

    Maybe someone should introduce soap and laundry detergent to Brazil.
  5. MostDiabolicalHaterThisSideOfTheMississippi Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 07:55

    Maybe he tried to give mayhem miller a hickey.
  6. Ballentine Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 09:01

    All this havoc on the UFC heavy weight division is Dana Whites fault. He has angered Fedor's Magic sweater one to many times.
  7. Jonny5 Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 08:23

    They want Dos Santos to win against a name so that he may fight for the belt next if needed. Gonzaga out I say give him Big Ben Rothwell. Should have pretty much the same effect.
  8. shatteredhawk Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 08:30

    Who cares about this ugly motherfucker who needs to fucking save his ape ass...Really guys. Noone cares about the HW division
  9. shatteredhawk Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 08:31

    Who cares about this ugly motherfucker who needs to fucking shave his ape ass...Really guys. Noone cares about the HW division
  10. UFC fan Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 08:42

    so stupid ...and full of had to post it twice....lovely.
  11. brad Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 12:49

    Use products to prevent staph!!
  12. Dr Garbo Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 02:30

    MTHOMAS- Sooo by not claiming to have claimed "first" first, but also firsting without a "First" first you succesfully unfirsted the first post wile subtly chiding the Firsters who frequently do...classy move friend
  13. hadouken Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 09:21

    damn that sucks....i got a wart at my gym had to get that shit removed too
  14. mt59801 Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 11:00

    It's sort of sad when you think about it, staph has taken out more UFC heavyweights than the current champ
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