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Great, Now Vitor Belfort Is Out of UFC 112 With an Injury

(8:03 am: Vitor learns about World of Warcraft. 12:16 pm: Vitor calls in sick to training, orders a pizza. 5:37 pm: Vitor suddenly declares himself incapable of fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 112.)

Get your disappointed faces on, Potato Nation.  Vitor Belfort won’t be challenging Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight strap in Abu Dhabi this April, after all.  Brazilian website Tatame broke the news today, which was later confirmed, that Belfort is out of the fight with a shoulder injury.  This is the second time the bout has been put off, and now we’re starting to wonder whether we’ll ever see it happen or whether the MMA gods have deemed it too potentially awesome to take place on an earthly realm.

The immediate question for the UFC is, what now?  They could postpone it yet again, relying instead on the novelty of the event to draw a crowd in the Middle East, or they could get crazy and try to shuffle newly-crowned contender Chael Sonnen into the challenger spot.  It seems unlikely that he’d be able to make the April 10 date considering all the damage he suffered in the win over Nate Marquardt, however.  Physical exhaustion aside, the guy got his forehead sliced in half, which means he’s going to need time to heal before he can even resume full-contact sparring.  Not only would the UFC be asking him to forego a full training camp, they’d be asking him to fight the world’s best 185-pounder with just two months rest after the toughest fight of his career.

Besides, Sonnen seems to have other things on his mind just now…

Yep, that’s Sonnen getting the old “fair and balanced” treatment from the Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends." Through the wizardry of make-up, they even managed to make him look like a human being who didn’t just go through three rounds of hell a few days ago, and that’s impressive. Attempts to keep the electorate from finding out about his career as an "Ultimate Fighting Champion" are now futile, but Sonnen’s stated political goals still trend toward the vague end of the spectrum. He wants more jobs in the economically depressed screwed state of Oregon, less government spending, and more focus on schools, where extracurriculars are being cut, presumably because the state has no money and opposing any and all government spending is the cause célèbre of the moment.

Fun things to note: at around the 2:25 mark, the three hosts begin to get visibly impatient with Sonnen’s spiel, then they close with a plug for, which is not actually a website.



  1. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:27

  2. Get Off Me Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:28

  3. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:32

    Chael has about as much chance as Debra Medina does.
  4. Dr Garbo Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:32

    Wasn't there spme guy who could've stepped up and fought Anderson...I forget his name but he was the Pride LH and MW champ...What was that dudes name?
  5. Dr Garbo Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:33

    OH yeah his name was DAN MUTHERFUCKING HENDERSON!!! Fucked up didn't ya DW
  6. PortlandMMA Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:34

    Nate Diaz is going to move up to 185 and wreck Anderson Silva its only logical
  7. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:34

    Fuck! This was the fight that I was most looking forward to on this card! Dammit Vitor!
  8. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:35

    It's all good, folks! Just talked to Chris Leben and he's ready to step in and rough Silva up, eat his punches like kettle corn and send him back to Japan.
  9. RockSteady Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:36

    This is horrible news... You Guys
  10. skeletor Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:38

    205 super fight, with whom though?
  11. hows taste my pee pee Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:38

    Just to keep Silva fighting, give Nate the shot. He suffered no real damage and the ufc has done that before.
  12. NastyGuido Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:43

    :/ that is my disappointed face. still get to see BJ destroy Frankie :)
  13. PurplePickle Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:44

    How bad is the shoulder? That could mean no Belfort at 112 or no Belfort in 2010.
  14. danomite Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:46

    I thought chael actually did pretty good there except for where he said he wanted to reduce government spending and also spend more on schools (unless oregon somehow doesn't use government money to finance education). It's the fox and friends newsdouches who were embarrassing to watch. All they wanted to talk about was how he fights cages for a living. By the way, I think that the website black haired guy who's not brown haired guy who's not Steve Doocey was trying to say was
  15. NastyGuido Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:46

    @ hows taste you cant give anyone a title shot after they lose a 30-27. ps fuck chael
  16. Dubus22 Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:54

    It'll either be a 205 fight with Couture or Silva will come off the card I'd say. Think Dana and co. have learned the lesson after the Leites fight either give him an opponent he is motivated for or he'll just interpretive dance his way through the fight for the hell of it.
  17. BackbaconBilly Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:58

    Damn! I was looking forward to that fight. Shyza in a kyza
  18. iDestroy Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 03:59

    I posted this on another thread, but I thought I should say it. On the thread to which it pertains. The only logical choice to fight Anderson at this point is rosimar palhares. He's the effin man.
  19. skeletor Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:05

    @iDestroy You have been on that guys nuts for quite a while, you are nothing if not persistent. Keep it up sir. And fuck Oregon, nothing but a bunch of dirty fucking hippies.
  20. iDestroy Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:17

    @skeletor I just don't see how anyone can not love the guy. Wow, first Boston, now the entire state of Oregon. I hope Texas hasn't done anything to offend you. I'd hate to incur the wrath of skeletor.
  21. cecils_pupils Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:21

    Props to Dr. Garbo. Hit the nail on the head.
  22. Hendos Right Hand Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:26

    Dana knew it would be the end of his P4P best fighter if Hendo got his right hand on Anderson again.
  23. Clayton Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:26

    skeletor, have you been to Oregon? I grew up in TN, have lived in TX, spent considerable time in KY, AL, FL, GA rural PA, and driven through or visited much of the country and the rednecks in OR, 50% of the population at least, could give anyone a run for their money in the redneck championships of the world(TM). Outside of Eugene and Portland, OR is totally absent hippies and saturated with super-conservative meth-sucking rednecks with guns.
  24. skeletor Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:30

    I've had it out with portlandmma before, so this is nothing new. Texas is alright I've got no beef with ya'all down there.
  25. DazedNConfused Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:34

    Give him Chael, fuck it he'll be down. Its got a good story and his face looks fine. April is a bit away. He can still get a good 4 week training camp in after he heals. And Im sure he's still in good shape.
  26. Contraband Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:39

    Patrick Cote Good news is coming about UFC 113.. stay alert !!on Wednesday thats from his faceboook maybe he gonna say i'm not figting belcher any more and anderson is gonna fight me now at 113
  27. skeletor Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:40

    @Clayton I'm from Missouri the county over from mine was featured in a A&E documentary entitled "Meth: A county in crisis". I'm not condoning meth use, but I'm sure Oregon is second rate in that also.
  28. peckawoodd Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:44

    They should have him fight Mur and get that beef over with.
  29. munche Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:44

    As much as I'd like to see Chael grind a 5rd decision on Anderson, I think Silva/Soares would weasel out of it. I bet they finagle their way into something terrible like Cote....Silva-Cote II! YAY!
  30. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:52

    FUCK! fuckfuckfuck!@!!@!@!@!#@#$11111 Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckrfuckfuckfiweijhkbvksbns lfkghnj9 :'(
  31. Clayton Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 04:57

    You get one documentary?? Hah! Frontline did a SERIES on the meth problem in OR. Anyway, who said anything about MO?
  32. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 05:09

    This would be a great time for Silva to move up to heavyweight and make rags of that Furgason guy...
  33. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 05:39

    And War North Carolina, too. Fuck Texas.
  34. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 05:40

    I'm in Kansas now, and fuck this place. Fuck Kansas.
  35. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 05:40

    Ok, nothing against iDestroy or Exesforiballs, but i've spent time in Texas. Plenty of time in Texas. Fuck Texas. Seriously, fuck Texas right in its dirty redneck ear. War Arizona.
  36. FreddyFangers Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 05:48

    Chael has said before that he doesnt do the training camp thing. He says he goes in everyday and has a set of things that he continually works on. So as far as not getting a full camp in, that should be fine because in his words he doesnt need that and that all fighters that say they are "full time fighters" are liars. This is a perfect time for Chael to back up what he has been spewing about for months now. There is plenty of time for that gash heal. Now he can have Anderson for sure because he said he wanted the "easier matchup"......I expect Chael to start doing a little backpeddling pretty soon..
  37. Deadpanda Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 06:04

    Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Not going to happen & yeah, Jones isn't ready, but boy would that be a fun fight. =P
  38. CheckHisPee Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 06:36

    I suppose the lesson here is: unless there's less than 1wk til fight time, don't hold your breath. War North America!
  39. robthom Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 06:58

    Burp... Can you stop hanging your hopes on vitor one these days?! ALL OF YOU !!! PLEASE !!!!!
  40. Best_Blank_Ever Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 07:20

    Wow, Anderson must be ducking this guy, too--getting Vitor's shoulder injured in training just so he doesn't have to fight him. What a loser, that Anderson. No habla fightor.
  41. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 07:30

    This seriously Blows Dognuts, this had the potential to be one of the best fights of the year..... i can see some possiblities though, you got chael to offer the bought, if he dont want it so early after the marquart fight, then you could offer it to marquart, (would end just like the first one), or you could give it to cotoure, and if he didnt want it cuase so early either, ide say make anderson take on ...well..... ide love to see rich franklin get his nose broken in 5 places again.... that would be cool i guess..... or you could get 8 abu dahbi goat fuckers to fight him all at that would be cool!!!! yea... i said it.... that would be cool
  42. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 07:34

    FUUUUUUUUCK! Fuck! and y'all Texas bashers haven't spent enough time in Austin.
  43. Miles Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 07:42

    Lol I wanna see Couture vs Silva. That would sell some ppvs
  44. DazedNConfused Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 07:59

    Couture would actually die I think. His oldman Greco Roman style (nothing against Greco just the oldman version) would result in a classic Knee to the jaw. I want CHAEL! Back up all that shit talk.
  45. iDestroy Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 08:10

    @Rex You are right to say that Kansas sucks, but what did the great Republic of Texas ever do to you? That's weird that you love Arizona and what not as its one of the few places I hate(Oklahoma and like I said before Kansas). But I've only been to the northeast corner with all the Navajos, so I guess I should give the rest of the state the benefit of the doubt. ............... Now back on topic. Why the hell does everybody keep coming up with more opponents for the spider when I've already given you all the only logical one? Who among you thinks AS has any skills that would give Palhares any trouble?
  46. failingev0lution Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 08:21

    easy answer! replace the bout with that "superfight" you always whisper about but dare not speak its name. scrap Hardy vs GSP from UFC 111 - trust me, no one is really going to miss that fight. besides, 111 already has the interim heavy title fight, so it will still sell fine. it's perfect timing! UFC's two best PfP fighters...*crosses fingers*
  47. lifemark Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 08:42

    Here's Chale's in: Double down. "My cuts will be healed and I guarantee Anderson won't get a stoppage. If he does, he gets my purse. It will be fight of the night anyhow and I will have that cash. All I need is a chance. Ask Nate if I deserve one." I think that'd get him over.
  48. Dr Garbo Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 09:23

    Anderson would smoke Diaz... I would rather see him come over for GSP... PS FUCK PENNSYLVANIA TOO WHILE WERE AT IT
  49. KrunkFuFighter Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 09:49

    Any one eles think it's time for some Chad "Child Please" Ochocinco?
  50. Eneb Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 09:54

    Very disappointing. Also, it is (google told me)
  51. ghostboner Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 10:45

    Best suggestions so far are Nate Diaz coming up to 185 cause we know he ain't scared, and Chad OchoCinco. I would rather just see Anderson move up to 205. Fight Ryan Bader. Or go heavyweight and fight Pat Barry. Rashad vs Anderson would be interesting and sell some ppv. Also if Rashard won it could help sell a Lyoto rematch. Throw him in with Thiago Silva and confuse the hell out of everyone. I would like to see this Andre Gustafson kid fight him. At 6'5" we would see how Anderson does on the other end of a reach advantage. Of course the UFC would not risk putting Anderson in there with a no name. @iDestroy - I agree Rousimar is pretty sweet but I see that turning into Silva vs Leites II rather quickly.
  52. ghostboner Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 10:53

    Also, I liked how the Fox anchors kept calling him Kale. Ha ha he is a green vegetable.
  53. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 02/11/10 - 10:59

    Anderson Spider SIlva should just fight whoever the fuck Dana tells him to....hey....hold on a you..see what ....i see?? A nderson S pider S ilva........A.S.S. ...????? Henceforth i decree from this dayeth forward Anderson Spider only reffered to as A.S.S..... (cue catholic Holy chapel Noises).......... So it is said so it shall be done......(again with the Chapel noise) now seeing as how A.S.S. has no opponent, either A) Make him fight couture... ... (i really think that would be just the fight to make randy train his ass off) , and we see a rejuvenation of the couture of 6 years ago, randy wins , and then FINALLY retires gracefully. then dana strips him of the belt , and then makes a title fight for the vacant title vs. vitor and A.S.S. , that would be the perfect fight .. or... B (which is most likely to happen) And A.S.S. doesnt fight at all in Camel Pig Fuck Land and waits till UFC (insert Number here to take on Vitor or whoever is healthy enough to fight him....) most likely some undeserving shit who we all know cant hang with him...or.. c) anderson finally quit being a queer and fights his friend Lyoto Machida (never happen but its ok to wish), as off which lyoto will not be the champ seeing as how the guy who should be champ who already beat him is going to fuck him up in the rematch...ok im going to bed you bitches 8)
  54. ghostboner Says:

    Fri, 02/12/10 - 01:59

    @intercept440 - You are so in love with Anderson.
  55. AussieJosh Says:

    Fri, 02/12/10 - 04:11

    They will not get Anderson to fight Anyone else! This fight match up is toooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD! i say they will pull him (Anderson) off the card and they will clash in about june! I say they will headline the card before or just after Brocks next card! Lets just hope the two guys they put in there place are big names!
  56. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 02/12/10 - 06:33

    Texans>> From what i know of Austin, it is a cool town and the exception to the rule of Texan suck. My experience with Texas is mostly San Antonio in August for basic training. Eff. That. Also, i've had to drive through the state a couple of times, and it takes like a week to get out of Texas. And seriously, like 99% of Texans are giving the rest of ya'll a bad name. That succession nonsense was funny until Faux Noise viewers started believing they could actually do it. Thanks for reminding me though--Oklahoma has the worst roads i've ever encountered in the US.
  57. iDestroy Says:

    Fri, 02/12/10 - 07:31

    Rex, I get where you're comin from, Texas is huge. The top of Texas is closer to Canada than it is to the southern most tip of Texas its self. And I was sure that Texas was by far the friendliest state til I went to san Antonio. I feel like Houston is the same way. Dallas, Austin, and northern Texas however are still in touch with their good ol boy roots.
  58. Harry Nips Says:

    Fri, 02/12/10 - 08:07

    This is the problem DW runs into when he forces the #1 contender (Hendo) to walk away from a division that is pretty fuckin scarce on legit contenders.
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