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GSP Knows How to Celebrate: “I Drank So Much That I Forgot My Whole Name”

(For Pete’s sake, the guy’s a world champion. Either get him a proper drink or at least put some tequila and an umbrella in that bad boy.)

Georges St. Pierre has updated his Yardbarker blog with tons of fun info about his UFC 100 experience, including a description of what it felt like to tear his groin all up trying to submit Thiago Alves, and how, despite the pain, he insisted that John Danaher demonstrate what he did wrong in the fight as soon as they got backstage (still think Vaseline is the secret to this guy’s success?).  But the best part is when he tells us how he celebrated the victory:

The next day I went at a pool party at Rehab with all my friends who came to support me. We had a booth (cabana) and it was great spot in the place. I drank so much that I forgot my whole name. It was very cool because at one time, Thiago Alves showed up with his entourage and came in my booth (cabana) and drinking with me and congratulate me for the fight. I thought he was a class act and that prove that he was a real professional athlete and a real good person and a gentleman. I really appreciated it, he’s a great fighter and also a great gentleman, and we had a good time drinking together.

John Fitch (sic) showed up as well, and we celebrate together our victories. Shonie Carter came a little bit later with a gold speedo and a hat and a cane dressed like a pimp with his cane. He make us laugh very much and as always me and Shonie had a great time because Shonie is a good old friend of mine. We had an amazing time at Rehab then I came back to my hotel…took a little nap of one hour and went back to a club at night called Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel. I drank so much that I couldn’t sleep at night. I took my plane the following Monday – when I got on the plane…I think I was still drunk. The flight went very well. People who know me know that I can’t sleep on the plane, because I’m always afraid of flying, but the fact that I was drunk helped me out controlling my fear. I watched the movie Shawshank Redemption – it’s very, very good.

Two things I’d like to mention here: 1) How is it that when GSP describes his experience getting hammered all day and all night and flying home drunk it sounds so dignified, yet when the rest of us do the same thing it feels like we’re just proving all our ex-girlfriends right? and 2) How does a man in a (semi)developed country like Canada make it to his late twenties without seeing "The Shawshank Redemption"?  Hell yes, it’s a "very, very good" movie.  It’s a goddamn classic!  Do you think it would make up roughly 40% of TNT’s programming if it wasn’t? 


  1. Bootscraper Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 04:38

    Good sportsmanship by Thiago and Shonie is a stone cold pimp.
  2. Goat Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 04:43

    GSP writes blogs like he's experiencing his life through the eyes of a 11 year old. "After I drank, I met very nice girl. I do not remember her name, but it had 'E' at the beginning (She felt bad about having no job, I think). Her face sorta looked like old tv show Mr. Ed, but her chest looked very nice to me, because it was nice. Later, I touched them. They taste like baby powder."
  3. Juice Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 04:45

    I would grade this post as strong to quite strong.
  4. Sheps Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 04:46

    Shonie needs to watch himself, last time he partied hard he ended up in Turkey with no passport and no luggage.
  5. Sinanju is Back Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 05:11

    i'm impressed with the progress in the GSP's language processing. it could almost pass a Turing test at this point, but needs improvement in handling concepts like "drunk", "friend" and "fear." the next field test should be very interesting.
  6. einstein135 Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 05:22

    You dummies! He's from Quebec, first language FRENCH.... too bad I know ;)
  7. TITSFTW Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 05:41

    @ Goat.....if you've ever bothered to learn a second language you would realize that it is more difficult to write then really should shut the fuck up before speaking without knowledge you dumb fuck....kinda reminds me of HAL...
  8. hathur Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 05:42

    Regarding his written/spoken English skills: He's French-Canadian born and raised - this means English is a second language for him, so don't expect his written or spoken English to be as clear as an anglophone born Canadian. There is a stark contrast between the two types of Canadians in language and culture. Regardless, his written English is still a hell of a lot better than many English born North Americans :)
  9. ktfo Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 05:47

    How does a man in a (semi)developed country like Canada make it to his late twenties without seeing "The Shawshank Redemption"? Hell yes, it's a "very, very good" movie. It's a goddamn classic! Do you think it would make up roughly 40% of TNT's programming if it wasn't? lawl
  10. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:16

    Ya know I don't see anywhere in that quote that says he watched shawshank for the first time. He just said he watched it, and that it is a good movie.I find it funny that the fellows that have lost to GSP end up partying with him later. Well...not BJ Penn, but other than him most of his opponents seem to at least respect him. Just odd to still like someone after they gave you a whoopin'. I guess it's all just business.
  11. hjdevnull Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:16

    So everyone that GSP has beat up in the past eighteen months showed up at the cabana to drink with him except BJ Penn, basically. Someone has to have a joke for that. Don't let me down, Cage Potato readers...
  12. Sunburned Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:18

    GSP is a class act, even in his recreational time. That was very cool of Alves and Carter to kick it with GSP too, all those guys really know how to leave work at the office. Thumbs up.
  13. Biffmiester Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:23

    At least GSP had fun after 100. Hendo scored KO of the night and had to practically hitchhike home cuz of DW's shitty ass 'gift' of a car to him for the TUF season... American cars = FAIL! ( much as I hate to say it)
  14. Stinkydeelux Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:26

    @ goat: Best Comment Ever. @TITSFTW: Get a sense of humor.
  15. Goat Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:47

    @TITSFTW shut the fuck up you pussy - it was a joke you too einstein, you idiots need to grow a sense of humor
  16. Bob Reilly Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 06:58

    Canada is just as developed as any other country, you jackasses. Except maybe Japan, those guys are so far ahead that the rest of the world thinks they are wierd.
  17. Payday Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:00

    Goat - that was funny as fuck. TITSFTW - Go do wine enimas with HAL.
  18. ReDx Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:05

    Biffmiester... Too bad Land Rovers are British and not American. The Brits weren't happy he KO'd their boy so they hit the kill switch on the car.
  19. Bovice Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:15

    @Biffmeister Range Rovers are British, you dumbfuck.
  20. Biffmiester Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:24

    ReDx, lol thanks for the correction... and Bovice, stop beatin' ya meat to my words and chill with the language. Talk about looking for a reason. Guess someone just got laid off from GM, huh? Oh, by the way, the car was a Land Rover... dumbfuck.
  21. Biffmiester Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:30

    By the way, it was owned by Ford... that's why I argued it as being an American made piece of shit. Now it's owned by Tata Motors out of India. So it's Indian now.
  22. Horror Fighter Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:33

    Here's a new drinking game. Each time GSP says "I drank so much that I [blank]," have a drink. "I drank so much that I forgot my whole name." "I drank so much that I couldn’t sleep at night." "I drank so much that I got me a gun and robbed the Food-Way."
  23. rampageisgod Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 07:53

    It's a Range Rover.
  24. Biffmiester Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 08:09

    Fuckin MMA Junkie says its a Land Rover.
  25. Imnotimpressed Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 08:31

    GSP: I drank a lot Crowd: How drunk were you? GSP: I drank so much, people understood me when I spoke English. Bruce Buffer 180: Hi hooooooooooo!
  26. rampageisgod Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 08:59

    MMA Junkie is wrong. Check yahoo.
  27. Biffmiester Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 09:08

    Yeah, just saw it. Oh well, at least it's a Rover.
  28. Koeikan Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 09:23

    LOL, so true... I have 300-400 DVDs and Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite movies, yet I don't own it... Just because I know I can always catch it on TNT :).
  29. Redmoose Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 09:38

    GSP, Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch walk into a cabana. The bartender says...
  30. xFenixKnightx Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 10:06

    "Then Tom Lawlor an ees frooty fren came in an we kick there ass!" Haha Shawshank Redemption! Great fucking movie! GSP is the man! SopranoHLs over at Bloody Elbow put up a sweet ass highlight video of GSP in teh fanshots. Best! Video! Ever!
  31. MyFightWiffaCheeto Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 10:36

    "I taught ee was a class act and dat prove dat ee was a real pro-fessional at-lete"
  32. UFC fan Says:

    Wed, 07/15/09 - 10:54

    " Redmoose Says: Wed, 07/15/2009 - 21:38 GSP, Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch walk into a cabana. The bartender says..." whoa you guys look hammered whats kicking your ass? Alves and Fitch turn and point and say GSP! the bartender not knowing a thing about MMA says: wow I wish I had some of that! so GSP hits the bartender with his groin.
  33. Bovice Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 01:21

    @Biffmeister Land Rover makes Range Rovers...goddamn. And why would you say something so homo-erotic about me? "beatin' ya meat to my words" Gross.
  34. xocgx Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 05:15

    40% is a bit of a lowball number! I was thinking the same thing...has he really not seen it yet, or is he just pointing it out....because the movie IS a classic.
  35. Barc Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 05:49

    @ Biffmeister.... Fuck you, sir. Without leaving your sticky basement chair, you could've at least wikipedia'd before you opened your stupid fucking mouth. Oh yeah, something about GSP.
  36. gspnumba1fan Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 06:02

    lol @ canada being semi developed
  37. Fedor vs. Bas Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 06:16

    I read his Yardbarker blog everytime its updated and I read this yesterday and LOVED IT. Gina now has a blog, as does Frank Shamrock. Really GSP, first time seeing Shawshank? I mean other than using the excuse, "I'm sorry, but I've been too busy kicking ass and taking names to see the movie, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?" . . . there is no excuse.
  38. Fedor vs. Bas Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 06:17

    Joe Rogan is on Yardbarker too.
  39. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:23

    oh cage potato you wound me. Funny comment comin from people who live in a country that doesn't have universal health care, that imports 70% of the Alberta tar sands oil, 30% of Quebecs' hydro electric power, and quite a bit of our beef, soft lumber and fresh water, ecomony is in the shitter and throw people in federal penitentarys' for a nickel bag of weed(if yer black, hispanic...well anything other than white). good one though.
  40. TheKCB Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 10:11

    GSP is the new Chuck Norris.
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