Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

Happy Friday, From the Beautiful Arianny…

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl topless sexy

Photo courtesy of Satio Photography via MMA Fight Girls. Two more great ones after the jump…

Arianny Celeste MMA UFC ring girl red swimsuit boobs

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl hot shorts socks


  1. MyFightWiffaCheeto Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 05:52

    Damn. Just Damn...
  2. Numa Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 05:53

  3. ksgbobo Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 05:56

    I wonder what kind of girl she is. Does she cook you breakfast in the morning, iron you clothes for work, have dinner ready when you get home, give you a snarlin' whenever you want. I just wonder. But, she is just gorgeous.
  4. Hum Deez Nutz Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 06:22

    I see wetness on the 1st pic!
  5. skeletor Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 06:22

    I heard she's dating Don Zimmer!
  6. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 06:32

    The cooter cleavage in the 1st pic was enough to make my day!
  7. Harry Sack Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 06:46

    She's magnificent for realz ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. Merlin Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 06:48

    MMMMMM Yeess Sexxy Tiime, I want make liquid explosion with this one. Verry Niice - HOW MUCH???
  9. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 06:59

    You see Logan, this is what curves look like.
  10. provrorsbarn Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:28

    nice boob job
  11. exes.for.iballs Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:33

    If Arianny were a McDonald's samich, she'd be a McGorgeous.
  12. echoxer0 Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:34

    i mean i like it and all but what is CP doing posting arianny pics up at 5 am? on a friday?
  13. Old_Bald_and_Irish Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:34

    So looking at that last pic, I guess leg-warmers are coming back in style. ....I'm old enough to remember when they were in style... *memories of me in my parachute pants and mullet*
  14. SweetAfflictionShirt Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:36

    ...I want to buy you things...
  15. One Two Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:38

    She actually went to prom with some fan (stalker) who was bugging her and even hooked his friend up, pretty cool. and thank you CP.
  16. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:39

    This chick is the Bas Rutten of being hot
  17. KJGould Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 07:53

    It's a shame she doesn't have a brain to go with that body. She's fine if she can keep her mouth shut, or at least only open to put things in it.
  18. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 08:13

    So this is you OB&I? I always wondered who this guy was.... hxxp://
  19. NECROPHYTE Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 08:42

  20. NECROPHYTE Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 08:44

    Please...sit on my fffffffffffffface!
  21. DAN THE VIKING Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 08:50

    @Burrito Thats definately Old Bald and Irish.
  22. GetUpAndKill Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:02

    I heard Tiger hit that ass...
  23. Smitty Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:04

    I'm finna jack the fuck off!!!!
  24. MyFightWiffaCheeto Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:15

    He's Old, Bald, and Irish, not Old, Bald, and White Trash...
  25. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:22

    I'd fuck her until we both bled, then smear the blood on my face and scream like an Apache warrior. By that I mean I think she's pretty.
  26. BananaPancakes Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:39

    nice camelot
  27. Smuckers Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:51

    I'd like to hold her hand.
  28. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 09:56

    That's from when he was going by Young, Drunk and Rockin-tha-Mullet! Back when the site was only CageSpud.
  29. woah Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 10:36

    thats just a sick comparison man, just sick
  30. meanfinger Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 10:53

    man shes hot.. i had an inflateable palestinian sex toy that looked just like her, when i took her home she blew herself up.
  31. macreadysshack Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 12:55

    Sweet sweet dromedary metatarsal!
  32. Koeikan Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 03:23

    I wanna do bad things to her...badly. Probably 50% cause she's hot and 50% because it's been about 2 months...yeah :(.
  33. WagePotato Says:

    Fri, 12/11/09 - 11:02

    Wet panties, huh? It won't even hit me how nasty that is until after i pull Lesnar's finishing move on myself..
  34. MentalyptiC Says:

    Sat, 12/12/09 - 07:28

    i bet her kootch tastes like water
  35. FightAddict Says:

    Tue, 12/15/09 - 06:07

    Sorry not to add to this sophisticated thread, but does anyone know why she hasn't been at the last few UFC events?
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