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Hate to Say We Told You So, But SPIKE TV is Planning a Bellator-Based Reality Show for 2013

(Sources say the new show will have 75% less bodily fluid ingestion in each season.)

A couple weeks back on The Bum Rush Radio Show we predicted that SPIKE TV would pick up the slack left by the exit of The Ultimate Fighter by putting together a different MMA-based reality show, likely with Bellator fighters. Considering they are all technically employees of the Viacom-owned channel since the media conglomerate purchased a majority stake in the promotion last month, it would make sense.

In our reality, they would put all of the upcoming opponents from a scheduled card in the same fighter house, which we know would never happen, but we can still dream, right?

Well, according to a report by SI’s Loretta Hunt we were half right.

SPIKE president Kevin Kay — TV executive responsible for bringing TUF from its original conception to reality,┬áis planning a new MMA reality show that could go head to head with Fox’s incarnation of TUF starting in 2013.

Kay insists that the new show won’t be a carbon copy of the old one.

“One thing we won’t do is duplicate The Ultimate Fighter. It’s a great franchise and it’s going to go on to another network. I actually think the tournament format is a little bit like The Ultimate Fighter without the reality piece of it, per se, because every fighter is fighting three times over the course of the tournament to win the championship. You fight, you lose, you go home. There’s a lot of reality already baked into that idea. There’s different kinds of reality ideas that were starting to kick around — nothing we have our hearts set on yet — but we’re hearing lots of good ideas for reality programming around Bellator. But it won’t be 16 guys in a house. We’re not doing that show over again.”

He also touched on the technicality that will keep Bellator programming off of his channel for the next year and two months.

“While we own [The UFC fight] library, we can’t put another mixed martial arts promotion on Spike proper, on the linear network [until the agreement is up]. They could buy it back if they chose to. They chose not to do that. We have the library and we’ll use the library. I don’t have an opinion about [whether or not they decided not to buy the library back to block us from airing another promotion's fights for a year after our deal with them expires]. I think that’s their decision. We have the library and we’re using it because we’re paying for it and why wouldn’t we? Whatever their motives are for not wanting to take it back and put it somewhere else, you’d have to ask them.”

A true optimist if ever there was one, Kay is looking at the extended period between live MMA broadcasts on SPIKE as a positive thing.

“One of the great things about having this much time to prepare and having Bellator on MTV2 throughout next year, is we have the next 14-15 months to hear a lot of pitches, pick what we want to do, put things in production, (including) a lot of reality programming around Bellator, some shoulder programming. We’re going to take Bellator’s library of fights, see what’s there and see how we can package that because, for the fans, they’ve not seen most of these Bellator fighters before so we want to build those stars. And it’s actually fresh library product, so there’s lots we can do and we have 15 months to figure it out.”

Check out the rest of the interview HERE.

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XENOPHON- November 17, 2011 at 12:05 pm
Hear is some advice for Kevin Kay...Spike President.
To surpass the TUF numbers and grab a viewer-base, lose the fake shit that the Zuffa promotes. The Fake teams, the Fake loyalties, and the Fake drama.

Instead use the Road Show tryouts as they are. Air all the goofy fucks (and Karma) during the tryouts, follow them home - or to their bars, clubs, and hangouts - kind of like Cheater's does.
If the objective is to promote fighters from the main event of upcoming fights - bring them into the tryouts - or even have them "spar" one full round together, or with a sparring partner so each fighter can see first hand their future opponent.
The sparring would be of much interest to seasoned fans, and it would be build a TV community of followers selecting fan favorites and choosing - before the actual events take place.
Face it, watching Rampage clown on Rashad with spit and bad breadth is kids shit, and pulling down Hollywood supplied props - the fake doors routine is both gimmicky and superficial and smells of professional wrestling.
Maybe it's filmed on a decked out Spike-Bellator bus. The bus that that travels regional picking up prosective talent - like the "Kid Karma's of the World" who only know the bus, train, or a broke-dick ride like "Dirtweed" Diaz. Which is a weak sauce ride - a Fast and Furious reject.
Another idea, is the meld the Fear Factor Joe Rogan theme, with the prospective fighters.
Allow TEAM's like the IFL did, but make them country or regionally based - as you would promote international syndicated rights for Spike, build viewership, and zap latent talent from across the planet. And have a composite team from the military ranks.
A season premier could have one team member riding a 45-60 mph motorized skateboard in a dry lake bed, while other teams shoot at them with flare guns for points. (been there done that!)
Or, do it Brock Lesnar style - paint bulls eyes on full sized wild pigs with glow-in-the-dark fluorescent paint and let each competitor shoot at them with a .50 caliber weapon. (know it was done, wasn't invited)
The season Finale, could be as cheap as a few bottles of Tequila, and a trip across the San Diego Border into Tijuana headed for the Donkey Show's at the Blue Room. It would be good for to see who really is afraid about being mounted from behind...GRIN
Fried Taco- November 17, 2011 at 10:40 am
Here's your recap 2and0: Mayhem really sucks at air hockey, and Dustin Pague sucks on the ground, but doesn't try to stand back up. The end.
2and0- November 17, 2011 at 8:33 am
When are you going to put up the damned recap from last night? I have waited patiently to this piont ansd can no longer take it. The one episode I haven't seen and you bastards won't put up the recap, DAMN.
Fried Taco- November 17, 2011 at 7:17 am
Meh, seeing how the world is going to end in 2012, this isn't news at all.