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Here’s That TUF 22 Skirmish We’ve All Been Dying to See, Apparently [Video]

(Wanderlei Silva approves this threat.)

Conor McGregor thinks TJ Dillashaw is a snake in the grass, a child, and perhaps most importantly, a twerp. He’s been saying this for weeks now, and recent events seem to more or less confirm that he predicts deez tings. Why he’s been so persistent in pointing out Dillashaw’s disloyalty is a bit of a mystery, but personally, I think it’s because McGregor actually happens to like — and dare I say it, respect – Urijah Faber.

On last night’s (was it last night? Who gives a f*ck) episode of The Ultimate Fighter, McGregor’s constant needling of Team Alpha Male finally came to a head, by which I mean that it led to a rousing spat of pushy-shovsies filled with profanities, incredibly sexual threats, and laughter. The whole thing was just primo reality TV, really.

Video after the jump. 

In case you were wondering, that’s Cody Garbrandt who stepped up to McGregor’s challenge. Apparently his version of “doing somethin’ about it” involves a little shoving, followed by absolute silence. It’s definitely a bold strategy, Cotton.

Perhaps the most damning evidence of the truths McGregor was spitting here is the fact that Faber said absolutely nothing in defense of Dillashaw, both while he was out of the room and once he had returned. Knowing what we do about Dillashaw and Faber’s relationship now, I dare say that Faber would’ve piled on even further.

In any case, the skirmish wasn’t exactly on the level of Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva’s TUF Brazil brawl. At least in that they had the common decency to exchange open-handed slaps and double legs takedowns like men.

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