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Highlight Videos of the Day: Wanderlei Silva “God of War,” Cris Cyborg “All Hail the Queen”

(Props: KahL-One)

Though putting it together nearly killed him, our buddy Kahleem Poole has completed a video tribute to Wanderlei Silva that might be the best Axe Murderer-highlight we’ve ever seen. Not only is the fight footage edited together in an unconventional way (diggin’ those split screens), but it also gives a sense of the warm-hearted person that Wandy is when he’s not trying to destroy his opponents. The climactic montage of his late-career losses from 5:00 to 5:42 isn’t played for sympathy; defeat waits for every warrior. Check it out.

After the jump: A quick ‘n’ dirty look at Cristiane Santos‘s reign of terror.

(Props: LayzieTheSavage)


  1. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:13

    I never get tired of watching Wanderlei try and kick someones head off their shoulders, man I do miss that.
  2. petro Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:21

    Wanderlei #1
  3. k-onda Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:26

    That was an altogether rocking Wandy reel. Kahl-one hit this one out of the park, how do you say excellent in Portuguese?
  4. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:31

    KahL-One is the man. Period.
  5. kgweightlifter Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:46

    That video makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! WAND is the man! Id like to see him blow up Yoshiro's Chin with a patented knee in their next fight~
  6. Squirrelnuts Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:51

    @k-onda hexcellent
  7. Dojima Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:54

    the only thing that makes me hesitant to say its the best Wandy HL clip ever : The use of the Black Eyed Peas... srsly, BEP? for the axe murderer?? that was the best song you could find??? Really????
  8. h.o.n.k.y.k.o.n.g Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:55

    Well enjoyed, that.
  9. Walrus Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:59

    You know when they use a Bill the Butcher quote to represent you ya got it going on.
  10. Houstons db Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 09:26

    Dope! that made me like Wandy even more!
  11. BalkanToni Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 09:41

    Loved both clips!
  12. Carl Sagan Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 11:21

    Great vid, but why fuck UGN?
  13. Kahl-One Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 11:37

    Hey, at least I didn't use any Fergie bits in there ;-)
  14. Kahl-One Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 11:39

    Oh, "fuck the UG" is how we shout out over there. It's not a slam to the community at all.
  15. provrorsbarn Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 11:53

    Cyborg = Wanderlei with tits
  16. TheArtof8Limbs Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 11:54

    Great Wand vid. The best i've seen 1:10 of the Cyborg video....murderous shots man
  17. Sakuraba3900 Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 01:03

    The last bit with the guy who took arriany to prom was pretty funny.
  18. Sakuraba3900 Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 01:06

    Goddamn that cyborg video was pretty damn good too... great fucking post.
  19. virpz Says:

    Thu, 03/04/10 - 08:31

    k-onda Spells excelente and the pronnounce is like "exe"llent'e"
  20. KingAtRock Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 03:28

    This is definitely a different type of highlight video (wandy one). I made one a while back myself, didn't kill myself making it tho heh. Wish I could have had wandy interviews tho.
  21. sevvi Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 08:15

    Awesome video Kahl-One, enjoyed it very much. Props!
  22. yellow october Says:

    Wed, 11/05/14 - 12:16

    The Slave of the Husband... Trying to get ahead to finding out added from you afterward!......
  23. cat 4 brother Says:

    Sat, 01/17/15 - 02:21

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  24. Blue Coaster33 Says:

    Mon, 05/04/15 - 08:25

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