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Hold On, Did Frank Mir Just Say He Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without a Gun and a Knife?

(Video courtesy of Fight Magazine)

Yep, that’s what he said alright.  Right there at the 1:48 mark:

"I’m one of the most dangerous people in the world.  I’m a 280-pound guy who’s been training in martial arts since he was four years old, I don’t go anywhere without a gun and a knife, but I do that for my own self-protection.  I do that because I’m a martial artist and I enjoy being able to protect those who are not able to protect themselves."

Basically what I’m hearing is that Frank Mir is a vigilante, ready to fight the forces of evil that would seek to prey upon the weak journalists of the world.  You know, forces of evil like Brock Lesnar.  I don’t know whether to be creeped out or reassured.  Maybe a little of both.  I do have to wonder though, if he’s got that gun on him all the time, why also carry a knife around?  Is that just in case he encounters a ninety-pound weakling who’s being bullied by a package he can’t get open?


  1. Get Off Me Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 10:47

    @CP The knife is for when the bullets run out, close combat or if he finds himself in michael jackson's beat it video.
  2. Murdock Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 10:48

    a glock for brock? say it ain't so Mir
  3. MKO Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 10:52

    That's why I always carry a Frank Mir with me. No homo.
  4. NorthSouthDudesOnly Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 10:53

    He is well known as being the biggest guy with a little man complex. It's not surprising at all that he's one of those guys who carries weapons "just in case."
  5. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 10:55

    Just tell me this, Ben: Does he have a plan for the impending zombie apocalypse? 'Cause a knife just ain't gonna get it.
  6. peanutbuttter Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:00

    Yeah he'll be fine until a zombie sneaks up on him from behind. Then we're all gonna be in trouble
  7. BrandonTheTruth Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:02

    lol... he's got a god complex.
  8. Frank Mur Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:03

    "I use my skills for the betterment of mankind" He obviously thinks he's a Superhero!
  9. Viva Hate Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:04

    I agree with Mir, I always carry a shank in case shit jumps off. Never know when Lesnar is going to jump out from behind a shrub.
  10. Viva Hate Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:05

    All, Don't mess with Mir, he will cut ya!
  11. Ryan_Johnson Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:05

    Hey CP, if you kicked down the required amount of players on the Ipad in the non-unlimited pool I'd be up for that. I don't wanna buy $50 bones in Potato Chips and just have it sit there if no one else joins.
  12. Maven Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:05

    Mir thinks he's Solid Snake. He carries both around because they mesh together as one, single, CQC weapon. Big Boss taught him all about it. It's his mission to infiltrate the Big Shell and destroy Metal Gear Brock.
  13. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:06

    Remember, Frank... with great power comes great responsibility.
  14. APFighter13 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:11

    As was said in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. "Guns For Show, Knives for a Pro..... The quieter the weapon the more likely we are to use it. . . ." Not necessarily said in that order. But the point is a knife works real well in crowded areas where you don't want to draw attention. And yeah He thinks he's Solid Snake. . . ..
  15. hjdevnull Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:13

    Frank Mir's post-concussion preliminary exam by the doctor: Doc: "Do you know where you are?" Mir: "I'm in the Octagon." Doc: "Yes, good. Do you know who I am?" Mir: "Yes, you're the doctor." Doc: "Good, good. Do you know who you are?" Mir: "Yes. I'm Batman."
  16. NealTaflinger Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:15

    If Ben G posted this, you need to travel west of Pennsylvania more often. If Ben F posted this, I'm ashamed. Cold dead hands, bros, cold dead hands.
  17. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:16

    I also heard that Frank has good nunchuk skills and bow hunting skills. Also, there was this one gang that kept wanting him to join because he's pretty good with a bo staff.
  18. fACE7biter Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:16

    Frank Mir is Frank Castle, a man with nothing to lose, and a thirst for vengeance. THE PUNISHER: VIDEO WAR JOURNAL, directed by Hector Echavarria. Starring Brock Lesnar as The Russian, Tim Sylvia as the Kingpin, Wes Sims as Bullseye, and Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira as Jigsaw.
  19. Yves Latrine Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:18

    Does anyone else have to click YouTube videos like 50 times to get them to work on CP? This site plays havoc with my browser.
  20. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:21

    hjdevnull>> i lol'd. Hard. But shouldn't he be Frank Castle, instead? Dude, if Mir gets a huge death's head tattoo on his torso, i'll start being a fan.
  21. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:22

    Dammit face7biter...
  22. Yves Latrine Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:22

    After wondered what it'd be like if someone filmed you after seven cups of coffee in the midst of some elaborate delusion of grandeur? Yeah, this is like that.
  23. Yves Latrine Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:25

    *ever, not after
  24. dabix Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:26

    He says why in his first sentence : he's only one of the most dangerous men in the world. If you face Ken Shamrock in a dark street, a gun and a knife can help. This interview is a discrete tribute from Franck to a legend of this sport.
  25. molky brothers Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:26

    I'm not Frank Mir, but I carry a gun as well. I like to be able to protect my family when the police don't arrive quick enough.
  26. Durden Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:35

    Why a gun and a knife, when you can have something so much deadlier? I carry a jar of shaolin bumblebee's best be careful about what you say about my Ed Hardy shirt and spray tan, buddy.
  27. Ouch That hurts Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:38

    Frank Mir, still a douche
  28. 831 Son Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:43

    What an idiot. He thinks he is so fucking sick. I cant wait for Brock to smash him again.
  29. danomite Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:49

    Are you guys talking about Frank Mir? I KNOW FRANK MIR! he's a big fella, goes about 6'4", 280. He loves his Scotch!
  30. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:53

    Don't be scurrrd, homie.
  31. Unabomberman Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:57

    He's like an arrant knight or a ronin, lurking the streets of Las Vegas for the betterment of mankind. He was a bouncer for eight years and never killed anyone, with his gun or knife, who actually apologized later on. He's a lean, sweet killing machine with a penchant for golden retrievers and cats stuck in trees and defending the weaklings. He's Frank Mir. In black and white photography.
  32. Robocop Didnt Tap Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:57

    Move over Steven Segal...coming to A&E in fall 2010.... Frank Mir: Lawman
  33. robthom Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 11:58

    Alright, he wants to murder people on PPV and carries knives and guns everywhere. Either crack or roid rage IMO, and he doesn't look like he's on crack.
  34. Titos Head Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:02

    lol Frank cracks me up
  35. danomite Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:04

    Frank Mir once gave me a videotape of him having sex with my wife, and it was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen!
  36. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:28

    Dzam... you have to be quick AND clever to out comment this group - you guys fuckin' rule! Props to: Maven, hjdevnall, and fACE7biter.
  37. PingPong Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:29

    All that so he could tell up how much he weighs now...
  38. superflat Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:31

    I'm sure Lesnar carries a weapon too. We're in the unenviable position of rooting for NRA card-carrying wingnut conservatives.
  39. rlh61 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:34

    Since thier beef started in the Octogon, if he were to shoot (or stab) Brock to death, would that be 'death by Octogon-related injury'? Just askin'... I guess we never have to worry about Frank showing up with only a knife at a gun-fight...or only a gun at a knife-fight...he's a fucking boy scout, always prepared.
  40. dedflesh Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:35

    mir is proof that you can do things .. dont ever forget it
  41. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:48

    Little know secret: Brock's tattoo is actually a real sword. If he ever gets close to losing a fight again he's gonna use that sumbitch.
  42. FowlBeast Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:53

    Cut you!......I wasn't gonna cut you man, I just wanted to carve a little "M" in your forehead.
  43. FowlBeast Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:57

    @Danomite LOL! To Frank Mir!! That good Ol' son of bitch. I heard he once ate the Bible.
  44. cschronic1778 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 12:58

    I think frank mir is ken shamrocks long lost brother because we all know ken shamrock is the original worlds dangerous man frank you better watch out !!
  45. rlh61 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:05

    Ken Shamrock....Frank Mir...Frank Shamrock???? Holy f'n shit Batman, something's not right with this picture...
  46. macreadysshack Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:33

    Oh, yeah, well I'm 6'1" and weigh 185 pounds and I carry a bazooka for when I see people in big trucks tailgating Prius's, a candied ham for when pit bulls are maiming children and a copy of "O" magazine for those crazy soccer mom bitches that drive like they have giant clits. What's so outlandish about wanting to protect the weak?
  47. Goog Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:35

    Knowing he only has two hands and needs at least one for his weapons, Frank's released his grip on reality to keep the other free for the nut sack of whoever's the current WEC 145lb champ.
  48. Anhonestmoose Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:48

    21 foot rule. If an assailant is within 21 feet of you and you do not already have your firearm drawn, it is more effective to use a knife than a gun.
  49. MediumRare Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:48

    It pains me to see so many men shocked that Mir carries a gun and knife. I guess it just goes to show how shamfully effeminate the American male populace has become. Any man that doesn't carry a pistol and keep a loaded shotgun handy in the home is neglecting their social and familial duties. Violent criminals would be too frightened to beat and kill and rape if everyone was armed and well trained to use force. Piss-ant excuses for men should be watching tennis, not MMA. Get outta here!
  50. Clyde Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:50

    Oh, Frank... you crazy, smug and egotistical bastard. I really want a Mir Vs Brock III. Mir by tech9oplata.
  51. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:52

    I bet Brock is packing also. I met him and Rashad at last years SHOT Show in Orlando, FL. Brock is sponsored by Fusion ammo. Rashad is sponsored by Gerber knives. If memory serves, Randy is sponsored by Benchmade knives also. Maybe some other knife company can sponsor Mir. Like KaBar knives, since they make a handgun bayonet. It's probably easier to carry than both a separate knife and gun combo, especially when he's in the octagon. Got it, an ankle holster for the octagon.
  52. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:54

    R.I.P Chuck Heston. You are still my president. That is all.
  53. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 01:59

    Ok it wasn't all. I wonder if that shit is true about Lesnar threatening everyone? I have trouble believing it, but at the same time maybe... it is Lesnar after all. Anyone have first hand info?
  54. jimbonics Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:10

    And if you tell anyone... that that bush is there... I will come to your house and I will cut you!
  55. rlh61 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:13

    Cold, dead hands, brother...cold, dead hands... I might be one of the 'wingnuts' someone mentioned earlier...I love women, guns, knives, big 4x4's, and any contact sport...not necessarily in that order. As for Brock threatening everyone, what's that about?? Hadn't heard that one yet...
  56. daeyeth Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:15

    hahaha oh Frank, you are classic. I guess I know who I want to have around if my bank is being robbed: it's not Jet Li, it's gonna be my main man Frank Mir!
  57. Sweaty Ol Jeff Blatnik Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:35

    He has turned in to Frank Castle all of a sudden. I do not go anywhere without a knife though. They come in very handy.
  58. Harry Nips Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:39

    I guess this is the real reason that all the fighters get frisked before entering the octagon. You think the UFC would just put out for a medal detector.
  59. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:43

    @ Harry Nips U mean like in case they are trying to smuggle in the gold, silver, or bronze? P.S. you should consider changing your name to Hareolas.
  60. T_Durden Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:44

    Mir has killed a man before with a trident....long story, let's just say the fight escalated quickly.
  61. Costarican Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:50

    Interesting...lets make the fight: Mir: Im one of the most dangerous guys in the world Ken Shamrock: OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh really'?!?!!?
  62. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:51

    in previous years i remember seeing Matt Hughes and a couple other UFC fighters at SHOT when in Vegas. Aside from promoting someone elses products i'm guessing more of these guys are into guns and knives than some think. He looked at a coworker like who the fuck are you, when he said, "what's up Tiny?" talking to Hughes. Haha, would have been awesome if he got in my coworker's face.
  63. Unabomberman Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 03:15

    Mir is just one Shamrock away of being beat into a living death. Just sayin'...
  64. Walrus Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 03:17

    I'd like to hear Dan Quinn's opinion on this situation
  65. As Good As Anyone Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 03:43

    I wonder if he's trolling everyone
  66. robthom Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 04:13

    "Does he have a plan for the impending zombie apocalypse? " I just saw that skunk the other day!!! Worst groveling smut ever/best movie reviews in years! Must be a the best bitchified hollywood agenda thing walking the earth!! Heres your prize! See ya next year!
  67. PhilDZnutts Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 04:21

    Cuz he's the motherfuckin' Juggernaut biatch!
  68. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 04:40

    Medium Rare, We are sorry we have failed you; please forgive us, oh mighty Don Frye.
  69. PapiTroy Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 04:42

    So whats the line on Mir being spracked out of his mind? Ill bet the house on that ish! He didnt even stop to breathe!
  70. Shnook1200 Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 05:14

    It's too bad that Mir along with most of you yanks don't understand that you have a 300% chance of being killed by a family member when you keep a gun in the house. More guns = more death. Guns and martial arts do not mix.
  71. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 05:28

    Easy with the fucking finger pointing generaliz(s)ations Schnook. Don't just quote statistics from some random survey. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you told us all that you bite pillows while taking it in the pooper. Do us a favor and don't visit across the pond.
  72. terrence Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 05:36

    whats wrong with carrying/owning a gun? its every Americans 2nd Amendments right to. Just cuz most fucking European pussies don't agree with it doesnt mean we shouldn't either. Look at what happened to Australia after their gun ban. Crime went up, while suicide rates remained the same. Guns = more death? you're an idiot. Let's ban knives, arrows, and anything else with sharp edges while were at it. The US and Switzerland have the best gun laws in the world.
  73. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 05:57

    Holy shyte! 280lbs? I don't believe it. What the hell is he eating?
  74. 2phresh Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 07:05

    seriously if you see how BIG brock lesnar is i would be carrying more than a knife and a pistol hell ill bring my whole gym with me
  75. LargeMidget Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 07:23

    Yo if I was Frank Mir and I lost to Brock Lesnar I'd be a little fucking pissed too. Knowing that there's nobody in the UFC at your weight that can even touch you, but you can't be the champion because of this 300 pound albino gorilla that somehow someway people consider to be in the same weight class as you. I think of Brock as a disease to the heavyweight division. They really need to make a 265 division. I don't watch MMA to see big dudes beat up small dudes. When I want to see that, I go to In a pro MMA fight, the people fighting should be about the same weight.
  76. iDestroy Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 08:22

    @mediumrare You're the man.
  77. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 08:36

    @ shnook1200" Guns and martial arts do not mix" no shit genius, probably why they refer to martial arts as unarmed combat. And from someone who lives in Australia, Terrence is 100% correct, we don't have any less guns, you just can't obtain them legally, easy as shit to get your hands on if your prepared to do the runaround
  78. bcochran Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 09:34

    That's fucking funny right there.
  79. ghostboner Says:

    Thu, 03/25/10 - 01:00

    @mediumrare - Dam fine little rant there my friend. I salute you. @Anhonestmoose - Yeah that is what they told me at the concealed carry class, but I'm pretty sure that if I draw when they are 20 feet away and shoot them right in their stupid face from 5 feet, my .45 will be more effective than a knife. And they will probably stop running at me, due to lack of a head. And now I know that if they don't I can just yell "Stop Or I'll tell Frank Mir!" and then they will GTFO for sure.
  80. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Thu, 03/25/10 - 01:26

    You just wait tell he is done fighting and he is on Dog the bounty hunter walking around combat ready telling the camera he is out there protecting the weak. That is what he is really after.
  81. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Thu, 03/25/10 - 01:47

    I have no problem with the gun and knife thing, I carry a knive every were i go in Vegas, it is a shitty town for that kind of crap you just never know, also he says it for personel protection and then says he is doing it as a service to mankind and acts like he is some super hero. I can't stand Cock chestner cause he is a no talent (martial art) meat head that gets by on size alone. But Frank makes such a big deal about him beating him like it was some kind of fluke. when in fact the first fight was a fluke, he would have been done if dumb ass would have keep them in the same position instead of standing them up. What i'm trying to say is that i really can't stand Mir thinking that he deserves another shot when he should have never got a second to start with (Nog was sick) and that he makes me want cock chestner to beat his ass again just to shut him up. i really hope Carwin does it first and complely derails the whole thing so he can just get to Dog the Bounty hunter or working the gate a Nellis as a rent a cop so i can laugh at him everyday dressed up like Rambo ready to safe the world. Sorry for the rant i just really can't stand this d-bag. after this video all i want to call him his Combat Cagel. He was this gung-ho AF idiot that i used to work with that had a desk job and everytime we would go oversea's he would get all dress up in his combat gear and extra(personal weapons) large knives(many) and empty gun holsters like he was going to win the war all by himself, when were Air Force so far from any action its sad to call us war fighters. Just really makes me LMAO!
  82. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 03/25/10 - 06:12

    Everyone knows the knife is a throw-away. You carry it to put on the dead guy you just shot so you can claim you were faced with a lethal threat.
  83. Robocop Didnt Tap Says:

    Thu, 03/25/10 - 07:28

    @J-Dog Or use it to carve "This is what happens to criminals" on his face...
  84. ctownhood Says:

    Thu, 03/25/10 - 07:30

    I carry a Brock Lesnar in my pocket...just in case I run into Frank Mir
  85. Dubus22 Says:

    Fri, 03/26/10 - 01:27

    Frank Mirs Journal: March 22nd "I look upon the streets below...a steaming cesspool of disease in need of a cure. Good. A little kid approaches, asks for an autograph. I tell him who has time for autographs in a world this full of evil. Kid calls me a jackass, says Lesnars going to put a beating on me again. I break his arm in two places. He cries like Sylvia. Memories." March 23rd "Dana calls me into the office, says my vigilantism is getting out of hand, it's bad for the organization. I fail to hide the smirk as I listen. March 24th "Soon I leave for the streets of New Jersey. Carwin awaits. The next stop on my journey to redemption. Redemption......a six letter word. Even now here in this disease ridden alley, its like the alley itself is whispering it to me "Lesnar, Lesnar, Lesnar...", reminding me, driving me forw....SON OF A BITCH!!! Chris Tuchscherer hiding behind a trash can again. Bastard gets me every time with that one. His laughter stinging my ears, I head for home.
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