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Horrible Photoshops, Love Children, Cosplaying, and Gabe Gonzaga on a Donkey: Highlights from the CagePotato Tumblr

(Joe Rogan is intrigued by our Tumblr. / Screencap via @3amMMA)

The CagePotato tumblr has surpassed over 650 followers! We figured it has been a while since we shared some of our Tumblr highlights with the vast majority of the Potato Nation, so that’s why we’re making this post. We’ve got some interesting stuff to share with you guys—and it’s all SFW (though there are no Al Bundy GIFs, sorry):

-This is an oldie but a goody: Someone once made an MMA-tabloid complete with ridiculous stories like Ariel Helwani having a lovechild with Arianny Celeste. Funny stuff.

-For some reason, the UFC tried to photoshop Anderson Silva‘s shorts and it looks like shit. Really, it looks like a 5th grader was screwing around with MS paint.

-Tristar hinted at a GSP return. Hmm.

-An awesome traditional martial arts fail—a different one than we posted earlier today.

-Cain Velasquez, Ryan Bader, CB Dolloway, and Aaron Simpson as young ASU wrestlers.

-Your worst nightmare.

-Eddie Alvarez doing parenting right.

-A titanic, earth-shaking sumo body slam.

-Armani is trying to get involved in the MMA game with a shitty, generic sweatshirt. I’d rather wear affliction…

-Remember Ronda Rousey‘s awkward spot on FOX NFL a few weeks ago? The one that had families asking more questions about her wardrobe than about the fight? So do we.

-Jackie Chan dressed as Chun Li from Street Fighter. We’re not kidding.

-One of the sickest takedowns you will ever see in wrestling.

-Some of MMA’s most hilarious, well-timed screen captures.

-Has Brittney Palmer gotten lots of plastic surgery or has the lighting for every single UFC event just changed?

-We HATE comparing middling MMA fighters to legendary boxers, but Tyron Woodley vs. Josh Koscheck really does look like Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston.

-There exists a video of every single awkward moment and broadcasting fail from UFC 2. Even back then, Brian Kilmeade was the worst…

-Dana White looking like a dude out of The Empire Strikes Back.

-The most important one on this list: Why women should learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

-To end things on a lighthearted note, here’s Gabriel Gonzaga riding a donkey.

If you’re not following us on Tumblr (*ahem* and it’s, know that you’re missing content like this daily. How many more fighters sitting atop farm animals do you need to miss before you just cave in and click the follow button?

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