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Horrible Video of the Day: Amatuer Fighter Gets Tapped Out, Then Craps Himself

(don’t make a Tim Sylvia joke…don’t make a Tim Sylvia joke…)

As MMA fans, we’ve seen some rather nasty things occur inside the cage. We’ve seen a guy celebrate his victory by projectile vomiting, we’ve seen a guy lose a fight by…projectile vomiting, we’ve seen ears explodelegs snap in half, the worst cases of staph infection known to man, and a guy’s foot begin to peel off mid fight.

One thing we haven’t been treated to on many occasions, thankfully, is a fighter voiding his bowels in the cage. I mean, sure, there are those rumors about what happened to Chuck Liddell after Rashad Evans snatched the life out of him at UFC 88, and we all know that Tim Syl-no, Jared, you’re better than this. But at an amateur event in Beckley, West Virginia over the weekend, one poor bastard literally got the shit kicked out of him, it seems.

Caution: You might want to put down you breakfast before watching this.

According to the video’s uploader, the fighter in question goes by — and I kid you not — Travis “The Brown Bomber” Wolford. Apparently Travis decided to prepare for his fight at “Ruckus in the Cage” last Saturday by attending a chili cook-off the day before, as any top-level MMA trainer would suggest. Unfortunately for him, his cousin’s famous Habanero Hellfire recipe would rear its ugly head the next day in the form of one thoroughly embarrassing case of mud butt.

Word has it that Wolford later dedicated his performance to his idol, Tim Sylvia-GOD DAMMIT!

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