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Classic Crush: 31 Photos of Betty Brosmer, Legendary Pin-Up Girl


(Now *this* is a UFC poster I think we all could get behind.)

If this is how Ronda Rousey plans to gain back the fans she lost over the course of The Ultimate Fighter 18, then consider us back on Team Housey! (*honks old-timey car horn, releases fireworks into pants*)

Set to face Olympian Sarah McMann at UFC 170, Rousey was recently snapped by Brian Bowen Smith and was courteous enough to post a couple of the photos to her Instagram account. While I’m not sure what kind of scenario would lead to the most dangerous woman on the planet being left in her undergarments and in need of a hair-drying, I appreciate Rousey’s commitment to making that scenario a reality. And maybe it’s just me, but in the history of scantily-clad Rousey photos, this ranks just above “Ronda Rousey in a Latex Bodysuit” and just below “Ronda Rousey in Nothing But Wraps” (The Body Issue tops all, obvs).

Check out the fantastic photo above, then join us after the jump for a second, classier photo I like to call “Girl in White Dress on Rusty Fold Out Bed Frame.”

-J. Jones


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