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Hot Fighter Alert: Mika Nagano

Mika Nagano hot fighter MMA

Props to Fightlinker for turning us on to Mika Nagano, a 4-2 veteran of the Smackgirl and Jewels promotions in Japan. The 25-year-old fighter was an amateur grappling champion before turning to MMA, and has won her last three fights by armbar. She’s also quite a looker, and used her natural charm to promote her last Jewels fight with a semi-nude photo-shoot. Those pics (among many others) are after the jump; you can see a few more photos here and here.

Mika Nagano sexy fighter MMA

Mika Nagano MMA

Mika Nagano ass MMA

Mika Nagano sexy asian girl

Mika Nagano MMA hot

Mika Nagano

Mike Nagano hot fighter

Mike Nagano MMA sexy armbar

Mike Nagano MMA fighter


  1. Dmonicideals Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 01:40

    Is she supposed to be lying in a pool of her own sweat in those pics? Not that I wouldn't lick every drip of it off her, i'm just curious.
  2. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 01:41

    Christ on a crutch!
  3. Dmonicideals Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 01:43

    Someone take down this post before Rampage sees it and runs away to Japan to sexually assault this chick. On second thought, let him leave.
  4. Contraband Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:00

    Judging by 2nd to last pic she needs help pulling Tiki out. Some one tell him to let go of rampages hand.
  5. Wyatt Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:05

    If she wore a school girl outfit and beat some enormous freak on New Year's eve via Aoki-plata, Japan would just f*cking explode.
  6. Eyes red as Fedor Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:15

    The pictures of her lying in the puddle look like the still shots from a porno where an italian handy man is about to offer to "fix her pipes up-a real-a-nice".
  7. vaGina Carano Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:40

    Someone forgot to put out the "Caution: Wet Floor" sign at the brothel.
  8. nicer Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:46

    this chick is not hot.
  9. Jugger Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:47

    What does it say about you if she's your favorite fighter?
  10. petro Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 02:50

    i agree w/ nicer...not amused
  11. busted_cranium Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 03:17

    The girl either needs some sun or a few shots of sake.
  12. knee_strike Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 03:38

    Nice body, certainly. Interesting that her skin is so fair. Apparently a pale complexion is an ethnic status symbol in Japan. The Japanese consider themselves the Nordics of Asia. Anyway, in terms of fighting, we'll see how Nagano stacks up (as it were) against the likes of Cris Santos.
  13. Jarekov The Great Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 03:41

    @knee_strike why would you want something so beautiful destroyed?
  14. omunto Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 03:49

    I love the tags on this page... "Tags: asian girls, Mika Nagano, MMA" That aboubt sums it up.
  15. Ted Nutmeg Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 03:52

    It could not be more obvious that this is a Fowlkes post, as opposed to a Goldstein post.
  16. knee_strike Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 03:55

    @Jarekov The Great I woudn't. I hope Nagano never faces Santos in the cage, but she might have to if she wants to prove herself.
  17. iron_shirk Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 05:06

    @knee_strike Even in the city of Japan they've heard of weight classes. Cyborg is to much like Caster Semenya to make 115.
  18. knee_strike Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 06:06

    @iron_shirk Japan is a country. Tokyo and Kyoto and Hiroshima and Nagasaki are cities in Japan. Anyway, I'm aware that Santos is much heavier than Nagano. But, Cyborg's last Japanese opponent, Hitomi Akano, was also comparatively weak and short. Cyborg outweighed her by seven pounds.
  19. ScrambledEggs Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 06:23

    nicer & petro would apparently prefer to suck Tiki off.
  20. 4th and Schlong Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 07:11

    Am I the only one who notices her labia's (Giner Lips) hanging out in the sweaty floor pics? Or just the only one saying something?
  21. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 07:15

    GSP, You see that? In pic 3? That's one cheat you'll never be able to use, the "oh I'm slippery because my water just broke" technique.
  22. RWhit Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 07:32

    Turns out she's a tranny with a huge arm shaped penis.
  23. reddog Says:

    Thu, 10/15/09 - 08:05

    first off, she is hot, in a kinky asian way. and she kicks ass. definitely a bonus. and yes, pic three has the labia squeezed out like an air bag. good stuff @kneestrike "i love the city of japan" was uttered by kimbo slice last year at an mma event. Now, apologize
  24. Squirrelnuts Says:

    Fri, 10/16/09 - 02:40

    *whoops double post*
  25. Squirrelnuts Says:

    Fri, 10/16/09 - 02:40

    @knee strike iron_shirk was taking the piss out of Kimbo when he referred to the 'city of japan' most normal people (people who aren't Kimbo Slice) are very aware that Japan is a country. *edit* what reddog said.
  26. GetUpAndKill Says:

    Fri, 10/16/09 - 10:26

    Ok Ok, so nobody noticed that her penis is wearing a watch?
  27. 831 Son Says:

    Fri, 10/16/09 - 11:12

    I bet her pussy smells like raw halibut.
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