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Hot Potato: 11 Photos of One FC’s Newest *Newest* Ring Girl, Mila G.

I think I’ve started to notice a pattern amongst ONE FC ring girls — mainly, that most of them are smokin’ hot brunettes who refuse to reveal their last names. First came Maya T., and now, ONE FC has snatched up Japanese-born model Mila G. to carry cards for the organization. Word was passed along earlier today that Mila G. will be making her ring girl debut in March, so let’s cross our fingers and hope that she has a better go of things than Kristina Sprague.

According to her website, Mila is a “cheerful challenger” (?) who has landed gigs on such mainstream shows as ”Green Arrow”, “True Justice”, “Bates Motel”, and “Continuum.”  Additionally, Mila enjoys sharing her knowledge and daily updates with fans through her blog and “loves reading inspiring quotes everyday.” I’m learning so much right now, you guys. Check out 11 of Mila’s best photos in the gallery above, then make sure to send her some love on Twitter or through her website.

-J. Jones


  1. 11 Mila G Photos - Hot New ONE FC Ring Girl from Japan Says:

    Mon, 01/27/14 - 04:43

    [...] friends over at have put together a gallery featuring the 11 hottest photos of Mila G. Be prepared to [...]
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    Fri, 02/14/14 - 12:42

    The Birch of the Shadow... I feel there might be a handful of duplicates, but an exceedingly handy listing! I've tweeted this. Lots of thanks for sharing!...
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    Tue, 02/25/14 - 06:36

    The Slave of the Husband... Trying to get forward to learning extra from you afterward!......