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Hot Potato: 26 Photos of CFA Super-Babe Nicole Mejia

You already know that the Florida-based Championship Fighting Alliance has the hottest roster of ring girls out of any regional MMA promotion. So why don’t we get to know one of these ladies a little better today? Nicole Mejia is a model/actress based in Fort Lauderdale, who is also a full-time nursing student when she’s not holding round cards for CFA and traveling around the world for modeling gigs. She’s of Columbian and Italian descent, has been modeling for about two years, and enjoys working out and dancing.

Check out a glorious hand-picked selection of Nicole Mejia photos in our gallery above, and get to know her even better on her Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. agentsmith Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 02:16

    How does a girl with an ass that round have boobs that small?
  2. J.Jones Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 02:23

    @agent - Tis a mystery, kind of like how our readers can have such high standards yet so few sexual conquests to brag about. BA-DUM-TSH!
  3. towelie Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 02:54

    i need to wrap those thighs around my face.
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:22

    @Danga - i did ur mom last nite and she luved it.
  5. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:25

    It's not really worth putting up another Hot Potato if there isn't going to be a page 2 becau..... OMG LOOK AT THAT ASS!!! FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP- ad infinitum!!!
  6. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:30

    Anyone need some electrical tape?
  7. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:39

    @ DadAndAGang I conquest whenever I want. My fapstick is so fapped out it looks like a BMX bicycle grip.
  8. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:40

    I just google imaged "Nicole Mejia Pink Meat Gape." Got nothing. :(
  9. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:41

    @ HagTitsMen Now there's an ironic anagram, donchya think?
  10. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 03:43

    @ O'WetLie It's the best I could do. If your gonna bury your face in some juicy box, don't forget to bring a towel!
  11. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 04:55

    Really? I'm pretty sure the first result listed is what you were looking for.
  12. bgoldstein Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 06:26

    Oh my fucking goodness.
  13. BigAngryPurple Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 09:06

    DAMN! that's one of them matrix booties! the kind, when you see it on the street, it makes you do this:
  14. Jon Fitch and Exciting in the same sentence Says:

    Tue, 12/04/12 - 05:48

    Wow. She's really something.
  15. Enricho Palazzo Says:

    Tue, 12/04/12 - 06:14

    Perfect timing for these pics. Just got my Model D83 Swedish Sure-Grip Suck Machine in the mail.
  16. agentsmith Says:

    Tue, 12/04/12 - 10:01

    @J.Jones: Not saying I'd kick her out of bed, it's just a bit odd that her curves are rather disproportional.
  17. Kintamachikara Says:

    Tue, 12/04/12 - 04:20

    Thick. 2 out of 10. Would not bang.
  18. BaghdadBob Says:

    Wed, 12/05/12 - 06:53

    @agentsmith: It's a latina thing. And LOL at the "actress" description.
  19. Meet MMA Super-Babe Nicole Mejia | Says:

    Thu, 12/06/12 - 06:17

    [...] introduced us to Nicole Mejia, who hails from the Florida-based Championship Fighting Alliance. Head over to Cage Potato now to see her full gallery. More About...cage potato, mma, ring girls, top stories, [...]
  20. Links From Around The Internet » Repo's Delight Says:

    Thu, 12/06/12 - 11:29

    [...] 26 pics of CFA super hottie Nicole Mejia [CagePotato] [...]
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