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Hot Potato: Brittney Palmer Returns in ‘Fitness Gurls’ Magazine [PHOTOS]

We haven’t seen much from 2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix winner Brittney Palmer since she mysteriously disappeared from the UFC Octagon Girl rotation earlier this year. But according to a new feature in Fitness Gurls magazine — no, we’ve never heard of it either — Brittney is happily living and surfing in California, and recently finished a summer semester at art school. She tells FG about her art aspirations and new clothing line, and then there’s this little bit:

Q: I hear you’re coming back to the UFC one day, is that true?
A: I never left the UFC. Haha. UFC and I…I’ve been with the company for a really long time and we have a great relationship. I moved here and wanted to focus on art and they wanted to go in another direction for ring girls so it kinda happened at a good time. But it was never a situation of letting me go or me quitting. So the rumormill flies, but I’m still with the company…just taking a little time off to focus on art.

More photos from Brittney’s Fitness Gurls cover shoot are in the gallery above; visit for more, and show Ms. Palmer some love @brittneypalmer.

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