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Hughes to Keep Fighting; Won’t Win Pulitzer

Matt Hughes was on Cincinnati’s 700 WLW with Jim Scott yesterday and Hughes has confimed he will keep fighting for the UFC. Props to 5oz of Pain for snagging this quote:

“Yes, I am. I can’t go out on a loss like that. I’m too much of a competitor. I’m 34 years old, my body’s actually extremely healthy from what I’ve done my whole life. If you look at it, Chuck Liddell, I think he’s 37 or 38, Randy Couture’s close to 43 and he’s called the most dominant heavyweight right now. So if you look at the timeline, I’ve got plenty of fights left in me.” 

So it looks like Hughes could be eyeballing Serra if the current welterweight champ falls to GSP in April. About damn time those two face off. Click here to the check out the rest of the Hughes radio interview.

And in other Hughes news, his long-awaited (okay, not really long-awaited) autobiography “Matt Hughes – Made in America” hit bookshelves on Monday and he’s currently touring the country peddling his words. Total-MMA has a cool review of the book and props to them for a) reading, period and b) reading Hughes’ book so we don’t have to – hey, I said I was looking forward to it, but not that I was actually going to read it! While not a scathing review – it was written by a Hughes fan – it certainly deters anyone who looked at their calendar and realized they had nothing to do for the next month but eat cheese and scratch themselves to not read the book.

Check out a sampling:

A more sympathetic reader can find mitigating factors, though. His “country boy” image brings with it certain preconceptions, but Hughes’ early life wasn’t exactly The Waltons. He shared the same sort of fractured family life that it seems most fighters do. Most tellingly, while Hughes is quick to judge – fairly or unfairly – he is just as willing to change an opinion in the face of new information. It’s a rare trait. Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia, most notably, see positive reversals in judgment before book’s end.

The biggest criticism of the book has nothing to do with Hughes as person, though. Made in America should be a unique chance to see the history of MMA through the eyes of someone who’s literally done it all. Hughes went from nobody journeyman to poster boy world champion. Along the way he’s trained with and fought virtually everyone worth talking about in the sport. Matt Hughes, for whatever reason, didn’t want to write that book. He makes the kind of errors – referring to “Mark” Severn, confusing Ken and Frank Shamrock – that indicate he does not particularly care about the sport of MMA, or about the history he makes. More damningly, neither does his co-author, and neither do his editors.

Made in America is so much shallower than it should be. The first Hughes/Newton bout, an all-time classic that established Hughes as a world-class fighter, gets just a few paragraphs and not the slightest detail. Workouts with MFS Elite, which could be a fascinating look into how the first great MMA camp puts together fighters, get even less. Hughes’ book, like Hughes’ career, is primarily a money-making opportunity. It exists to market a soon-to-retire Matt Hughes, whose income will soon rely more on his name recognition than on his physical skills. 

At least he got Tim Sylvia’s name right when he said the “Maine-iac” was crying. And how could you confuse the Shamrock’s? Frank’s the one with the savage tan and Ken’s face looks like he was unsuccessful in putting out the fire that burned there. But Matt Hughes is a ‘country boy’ afterall…

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JordanLOVEsit- January 9, 2008 at 6:17 pm
never stop fighting! not when your chest looks like that - sexy HOT!
Smith Ereens- January 9, 2008 at 6:29 am
Evander Holyfield is 100 and is still fighting.
mark- January 9, 2008 at 5:23 am
Who the hell would buy this book and actually read it? Midway through the book he probably tries to convert the readers into christians...
dana's cheap- January 9, 2008 at 2:53 am
Randy 44 and lidell is 38.