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Hunt vs. Nelson: Woefully Incomplete Video Highlights

(The video is so shitty the embed code wouldn’t even work in our CMS. So instead here’s a link to the video and a picture of a bro-hug. / Photo via Getty.)

You know what’s bullshit?

When a website promises “full fight video highlights” and offers so much less than that.

We present to you these headlines:

Mark Hunt vs. Roy Nelson Full Fight Video Highlights.

UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Nelson Full Fight Video Highlights.

Video: Mark Hunt vs. Roy Nelson Fight Video Highlights from UFC Fight Night 52.

Mark Hunt vs. Roy Nelson Fight Video Highlights.

Watch the video we linked above and tell us those headlines are accurate. Yeah they’re kind of accurate. Mark Hunt is in the video. Roy Nelson is in the video, too. There’s some face punching. Then some anchor is like “oh yeah and there was a knockout.” Umm, maybe SHOW US the knockout? Because if you don’t show us the end of the fight, it’s not really a video highlighting the “full fight,” is it? It’s a video without the most important part of the fight.

Look, we’re not upset about the SEO. We GET IT. As a mid-tier MMA blog that lacks press credentials, we understand the drive to generate clicks better than most. We’ve arguably done some questionable or sordid things for the almighty page view, but never anything quite this insulting. As we put it on Twitter last night, people crap on CagePotato for being sub-legit, but at least we never straight-up LIE to people.

The above headlines are pretty much lies.

Something like “Hunt vs. Nelson Full Fight Video Highlights: Not the Part You Care About, But Please Click Anyway,” would better describe the video in question.

We’d love to be rebellious show you the actual highlight of the fight via GIFs and Vines, but Zuffa’s lawyers are among our most avid readers. So instead we posted a link to the “full fight highlights” video at the top. It’s a video lacking the only part of the fight you really want to see: The knockout. You’ll have to order Fight Pass if you want to see the full thing. Or, you know, hunt down an illegal GIF somewhere on the Internet. I’m sure that’ll be really difficult to do…

Since we can’t show you a UFC knockout, how about we post an actual important highlight from Bellator 125‘s main event featuring Melvin Manhoef:

That’s what a highlight looks like, MMA media. Let’s stick to informing readers rather than blatantly misleading them for a few pathetic clicks.

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