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Iceman Not Ruling Out Heavyweight Jump

(…or group-gropes.)

With the UFC’s heavyweight division utterly bereft of legitimate contenders to face Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, the organization may need to start thinking creatively. And if they need Chuck Liddell to bail them out, Liddell would be up for it.

On Fight Network Radio, Chuck said he’d be willing to fight Minotauro for the interim big-boy belt if the UFC requests it. “If they want to set it up. I’m willing to do it,” he said. “Honestly I would like to get my title back at light heavyweight and then talk about moving up, but if that came up, (that) too is a possibility.”

Though Liddell is aching for another crack at Quinton Jackson, a win over Rashad Evans technically shouldn’t put him any closer to a title shot, and Chuck probably wouldn’t fare any better in a third match with Rampage than he did in their first two fights. He had a great run as the light-heavyweight champ — instead of chasing past glory, why not shoot for a new accomplishment and take on Nog at heavyweight? Especially if we’re talking about an immediate title shot (well, after Chuck gets through Rashad Evans, of course). Big as he is, Nogueira is beatable. And Rampage has Chuck figured out. Simple math, people.

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Daley- March 11, 2008 at 3:41 pm
I have 2 disagree with everything that Turd said.

Randy wouldn't stand a chance against Fedor, hes overhyped and over the hill.

Chuck couldn't take Nog, Chuck couldn't knock out Wanderlei after throwing everything at him and Nog has never been knocked out even by some of the hardest hitters in the game.
Turd- March 11, 2008 at 9:24 am
Joey, if you are talking about Fedor... he isnt the best in the world. Fedor would get his ass kicked by Randy C. and i'd put money on it.

2nd I think Chuck could take Nog. Chucks stand up game is superior to nogs and he would knock nog out.

I think forrest has a decent shot of beating rampage. Forrest needs to learn good Muay Thai because rampage cant defend knees. Watch his fight Shogun. Terminated.

Nog will not hold that title... I give it maybe the 3rd of 4th defending he will loose it. Just because he takes a beating and wins doesnt mean he wont get his ass knocked out COLD. Crazy horse knocked the shit out of him and he was out. If he had stayed on him the fight would have been called.
The Truth- March 11, 2008 at 5:54 am
Nog's built a career on getting beat up and winning anyway. Chuck wouldn't be able to beat him. He's taken much worse beatings from better fighters and still won. This is the man who fought Fedor to a decision twice. His only loses come from Fedor, Hollywood and Barnett. Nog will hold that title in the UFC for a long time.

Forrest will beat Rampage, though. You heard it here first, from the Truth. And that could be Chuck's opening for another run at the title. He does great against brawlers.
Joey- March 11, 2008 at 1:39 am
He won't get either. The best heavyweight doesn't even fight in the UFC and Rampage will work Liddell for the 3rd time. If only Shogun hadn't busted his knee, we might have been able to get Shogun-Rampage 2. Damn!
J.J.- March 11, 2008 at 1:07 am
Caption of photograph could read:

-Light heavyweight Chuck Liddell looks on as two unidentified super heavyweights exchange drunken slobber.

-Chuck Liddell's eyes light up as he realizes that these two sweaty hawgs are going to fuck the shit out of him.

-Chuck Liddell's expression and head tilt resembles that of a curious dog while 400 pounds of glistening skank gets the party started.

-As 3:00 a.m. approaches, Chuck Liddell faces the cold, cruel reality that Miss Mississippi just isn't coming into the club tonight.

-UFC all-time great Chuck Liddell demostrates the upside of long term memory loss.