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If You’re Interested: War Machine vs. Guillaume De Lorenzi @ XMMA 7

(Props: Bloody Elbow)

As mentioned yesterday, War Machine won his bout against the previously-undefeated Guillaume De Lorenzi at Friday night’s XMMA 7 event, ending the fight with a rear-naked choke after some back-and-forth grappling — which is also how he defeated Darren Zatkow in Spetember 2007. Luckily, he didn’t get probation for this one. Score!


  1. b0redj0rd Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:26

    tard stomp lol
  2. Goat Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:29

    I think War Machine should go to Japan where he can fight similarly silly named fighter, which would then prompt headline event titles like "War Machine vs. Mothra" or some shit like that.
  3. Phunnybonz Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:35

    Woot! Tard Stop!! LMFAO! =)
  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:36

    Lmao at the tard stomp. Decent fight..
  5. Sheps Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:45

    I see after all the greasing allegations GSP retired from MMA and took up broken English commentating.
  6. Fedor a million ankles Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:52

    It's really sad that that's the best he could come up with for a victory routine.
  7. pete Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 09:53

    that announcer was painful to listen to
  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 10:24

    WarMachine didn't look too bad against that kid.
  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 10:37

    if he can keep his mouth shut his mouth for couple years,learn some take down D.keep up the heart i seen in that fight he can, if he keep winning redem his self.IF?
  10. JiMMA Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 10:37

    Good for him, he looked pretty decent. LOL @ the announcer
  11. Helen Keller Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 10:49

    ...Are you kidding me with that comment^
  12. Joemalorx Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 10:50

    We laugh at him all the times but we gotta give it to him, hes not a bad fighter
  13. mma-pro Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 11:04

    at least he didnt get put to sleep in a minute
  14. WAR MACHINE Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 11:04

    Yeah Fuck Guillaume De Lorenzi.. He was a pussy.. And fuck President Obama.. Speaking of Obama.. fuck Evan Tanner.. I'm so much more of a man than he ever was.. And on that note, fuck Bellator Fighting... Oh, and fuck Police.. And i'll go ahead and throw a precautionary "Fuck You" out to XMMA 'cause they're probably gonna fire me after this post.. Oh, and fuck Jon Koppenhaver.. That was just my slave name.. NOW THAT I'VE GOT THIS WIN UNDER MY BELT, I'M CALLING YOU OUT ANDERSON SILVA! I CAN WHOOP YOUR ASS! YOU FAGGOT! YOU KNOW WHAT, I'LL FIGHT FEDOR AT THE SAME TIME JUST TO MAKE IT A LITTLE EASIER FOR YOU! BUT I'M STILL GOING TO WIN! Anyway, I'm off to go piss win and shit gold.. bitches..
  15. bold Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 11:09

    i dont like barrak will be attending any war machine mma events
  16. Wandering Wade Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 11:16

    Huh? Terry Etim's UFC 95 Post fight interview made more sense than that.
  17. Jay Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 11:17

    Decent fight but that "Lord of the Dance" routine needs a little work
  18. WAR MACHINE Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 12:36

  19. aaa Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 01:20

    he just stomped because GDL did it before the fight to try and intimidate WM....
  20. vrane Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 02:20

    Did the announcer fuck up his name? Tard Stomp. Funny.
  21. snoochie boochies Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 02:24

    ahahah french cannot sound intimidating. that was a hilarious, failed attempt...almost reminiscent of france's feeble attempt to hold off the nazis
  22. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 02:46

    Nothing worse then bringing someone deceased into a joke when its not even close to being funny. Go comment on gay ass bloody elbow or something, you and Kid Nate can give each other blumpkins.
  23. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 03:15

    I got a big ol can of "not giving a fuck" right here. and is open! I officially just don't give a fuck....NEXT!
  24. Sammich Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 03:38

    That announcer was pretty painful to listen to, like a retarded wannabe french version of the Buffer bros.
  25. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 03:52

    Guy pretending to be WAR MACHINE, you suck at impersonations. A true War Machine impersonator immitates WM down to the tee, see you got the main thing wrong, its not fuck obama, or fuck tanner, its "FUCK AN OBAMA" or "FUCK AN EVEN TANNER"
  26. lifeoftheparty. Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 05:00

    Guillaume De Lorenzi always stomps before his fights, 'cause he is the undefeated champ and he tries to intimidate people. So if anyone has a tard stomp its him. War Machine was just mocking him, I thought it was jokes. Listen in the video right before the ref starts the fight, he stomps twice. And the crowd was pretty against War... As it was GDL's hometown. After soundly beating his ass on 2 weeks notice, I think this was one time he could actually gloat. I was impressed with his performance. Alot of great fights @ XMMA 7. - lotp.
  27. Teh Honkey Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 07:42

    If the announcing thing doesn't work out for him, I think he's got a good shot at being a southern baptist preacher....
  28. Ashlee Vance Says:

    Sun, 03/01/09 - 07:58

    Lifeofparty is right, Mr.Machine was making fun of the french guido's trademark stomp. His nickname is El Toro.... get it? When War Machine is too subtle for you, then you know youre a fucking retard. >'cause he is the undefeated champ and he tries to intimidate >people. He's italian. The only way he could intimidate someone is if he brought his twelve cousins to fight you like most chickenshit guidos do. And fuck Dana White. Just because.
  29. Da Truth Says:

    Mon, 03/02/09 - 03:44

    WM has certainly perfected his Rear Mount working long hard hours at that Gay Bar.
  30. gvd Says:

    Mon, 03/02/09 - 06:30

    1st of all wtf is wrong with the announcer. 2nd ok we bitch and moan and give WM shit but he's not a bad fighter. I say let him back in UFC and tell him to just keep his mouth shut so we can just watch him fight.
  31. Sebas Says:

    Mon, 03/02/09 - 06:46

    i was at the event! WAr machine did stomps because De lorenzi did stomps right before the fight started. so thats why war did that when he lost. was actually funny has hell
  32. Rory1313 Says:

    Tue, 03/03/09 - 07:16

    I'll give him credit for using the media as a means of luring MMA fans into watching his fight. Because it worked for Muhammed Ali. But then his performance made me wonder how unnorthadox MMA could be until they actually realised 'This looks like angry monkeys having sex'.
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