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In Case You Missed ‘Em: Ronda Rousey’s Mean-Mug, Mighty Mouse Johnson’s Cheap-Shot [VIDEOS]

There were two moments from last weekend’s MMA double-header that jumped out at us during the events, but which we didn’t give any attention to afterwards. Luckily, we now have videos of both.

First up, Ronda Rousey gives Strikeforce sideline-reporter Heidi Androl the look of death when Androl dares to ask about her plan B for Miesha Tate. (Again, it’s another armbar, just like Chuck Norris’s beard has another beard behind it, and behind that beard is a fist, or something like that.) Not trying to hate, but most of Heidi’s fighter interviews end up feeling awkward for one reason or another. Didn’t Karyn Bryant used to handle those for Showtime? Can’t they get her back?

Related discussion question: Is Ronda Rousey the Chael Sonnen of women’s MMA — a born entertainer who is playing a role in order to promote herself — or is she the Nick Diaz of women’s MMA — an athletic savant who just isn’t as good at relating to other human beings as she is at fighting?

After the jump, Demetrious Johnson shows the bare minimum of concern for Ian McCall‘s aching balls.

Was Mighty Mouse really “classless” here? Or is it not his responsibility to pause the action if the ref isn’t stepping in?


  1. Tocool Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 12:40

    I think you answered your own question. If the ref doesn't stop you, you keep fighting.
  2. The12ozCurls Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 12:41

    Heidi Androl is a cunt
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 12:43

    Protect yourselves at all times! That is what the ref tells your balls right before you step into the ring.
  4. Swick-a-tine Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 12:55

    Behind Ronda Rousey's deathstare is another deathstare...and behind that, is an arm bar...
  5. omunto Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:03

    without audio that mighty mouse clip looks worse then it was. The participants were told to keep fighting at that point when Johnson stopped. To call this classless would be similar to saying Marquardt was classless to continue against Palhares. Though I still wish Johnson would have lost.
  6. Fletch the V Stretch Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:07

    Rousey is a more of a Chael Sonnen. Nick is Full Retard. Rousey appears to be very social when she wants to be and never gives off the impression she is dumber than a sack of bricks. She is however as fake and put on as Chael is yet I believe she takes herself more seriously while doing it. Sonnen doesn't seem to bother me as much bc he is funny often times but Rousey just annoys the piss out of me at all time. Mean mugging an interviewer for absolutely no reason? GTFOOH. I hope cyborg force fucks her face with that dick of hers.
  7. El Guapo Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:09

    If a chick ever looks at you like that you better duck/run because she's about to start throwing Hendo Bombs/hard objects at your dome ORRRR be ready to get laid like you've never got laid before. Trust me on this.
  8. ArmFarmer Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:13

    I'm sick of Rhonda already. Not a fan of her attitude, she seems disrespectful. The highschool girl squabbling between her and tate extremely annoying too. I'll watch her fights, but not a fan.
  9. HandsofGold Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:30

    The whole thing with Rousey is so funny to me. I mean lets face it being a girl trying to act tough and shit doesn't work. Its still just a girl fight and that shit is whack as hell. Sorry but it is. In other news.......
  10. danomite Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:40

    Let's see if I got this right, minnie mouse kicks someone in the testicles, incompetent ref is too busy checking himself on the jumbotron to see it, minnie mouse then pretends to be concerned for the guy he just kicked in the balls, then punches his opponent in the face while he is still holding on to his aching testicles. How is that classless? I just don't see it.
  11. RSparrow Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:48

    Taco, where'd your funny go playa?
  12. WarpedAcorn Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 01:51

    When I saw the interview I thought Rousey was mindfucking the shit out of that reporter. Meanwhile the Mighty Mouse move looked classless as hell. The classy thing to do would be to hold out your glove to bump to indicate you are going again.
  13. walbaz Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 02:57

    Definitely the female Nick Diaz. I think Nick and Ronda just say whatever comes to mind, whether people like it or not that's their opinion and they are sticking to it. Sonnen, amusing as he is, is all pre-meditated. He'd probably wrote the "Anderson Silva you absolutely suck speech" before the fight. Heidi should consider herself lucky Ronda didn't arm bar her as well.
  14. uzithrasha Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 03:17

    mighty mouse might be the money mayweather of mma
  15. IronClad Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 03:38

    wow wow wow. Before yall start saying she's the "nick Diaz" of mma just hold the fuck up for a second. This broad is a straight up chameleon. She try's to talk shit like Chael, mean mug like Diaz and take cute pictures of her self like she's Gina Carrano. She's doing everything accept being who she really is which NONE of us gotten to know yet. Nothing worse than someone trying too fucking hard to be someone else. Rousey is a bad ass but c'mon, get your own gimmick and do you. Let Chael be Chael, let Diaz be Diaz, let Carrano's cute and ever growing ass widen to the great unknown, aiight? Class dismissed.
  16. IronClad Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 03:38

    And that so called mean mug was adorable but it seriously needs work.
  17. Gladheateher Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 06:11

    Punch was warranted, because it all happens in a split second. Everyone in that situation realizes they're in a fist fight. As for Ronda, the stare down was intense but directed where it wasnt necessary. But thats SF for ya. Somebody above me hit the nail right on the head. Because I also felt that Ronda's style of "promotion to save womens mma" came off like a high school tattle tale.
  18. Todd M Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 08:42

    Heidi Androl sounds like a gym rats nick name for the latest batch of roids. PS When Rhonda mean mugs and talks shit it just makes her hotter IMO.
  19. Mofo Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 09:20

    She's neither. Way better than both those fucking morons.
  20. Everlast66 Says:

    Tue, 03/06/12 - 09:27

    @danomite This clip is way too short, and it completely takes everything out of context. Before, Mighty Mouse is genuinely concerned, but is being yelled at to keep fighting by his corner. He only throws punches once McCall gets back to standing position (McCall shouldn't have looked away, since the ref didn't stop the fight - that's on him.) Immediately after, he apologizes and gives McCall a few seconds to collect himself, they touch gloves and everything seems cool between them. Why some members of the MMA media are even covering this is confusing to me. Anyone who actually went and watched this part of the fight again will see that it's not a big deal at all.
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