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In Case You Missed It: Homeless Bum Dana White Helps Rob Riggle Make Week 13 NFL Picks

Skip to the 1:45 mark for Dana’s appearance. Props to reader Alan K for the video.

While the rest of you were watching football today (the American version, aka the one worth watching *chugs beer, initiates U-S-A! chant*), you may have noticed a familiar face in this week’s edition of Riggle’s Picks. No, it wasn’t one of us. It was UFC President Dana White, satirizing “Exclusive Access” sports websites alongside Rob Riggle.

Riggle hits all the standard punchlines about these types: Improbable rumors, Rex Ryan is a fat mess, that these sites are only in it for the money, Richard Simmons, the webmasters live with their mothers, Jewish guilt- you know the drill by now. But Dana White steals the show with his masterful performance as a homeless drunk, who serves as an incarnation of “Guy who can’t possibly have inside information spreading outlandish rumors that only internet trolls are dumb enough to believe.”

Dana White is perfect for this role, and not just because it helps promote the upcoming UFC on Fox card. The Baldfather has certainly made his frustrations known about the way that many media outlets cover his sport, so one has to imagine he really enjoyed the opportunity to portray them as money-hungry attention whores who listen to homeless drunks for advice.

And the best part? There is absolutely no way that this can possibly be directed at us. So suck on that, world, and enjoy the video.


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Fried Taco- December 3, 2012 at 9:12 am
Funny thing, Cam Newton IS pregnant!
Mr_Misanthropy- December 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm
That wasn't Dana, it was his ostracized twin brother Dino. The family disowned him at age 11 after he was caught sneaking off to church groups and working at rescue missions to help the poor. Unacceptable!