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Insane Story of the Day: Woman Goads Her Infant Child Into a Fight, Then Records It

(This pretty much says it all.) 

Whenever I am involved in a discussion regarding crime and punishment, I am often dubbed a “sociopathic”, a “loony”, or a “stay the fuck away from me and my family” kind of guy as a result of my extreme view on how people should be disciplined. Society is overpopulated and ever-increasing, so it is my belief that we should take everyone from the convicted pedophiles and murders of the world down to the sue happy whackjobs, load them into a jumbo jet, and crash it into a mountain. Those whom I have these conversations with often retort that I should have more faith in humanity, that people are inherently good and are capable of change.

And then a story like this surfaces and drags them deeper into the murky cesspool of human existence in which my faith currently lies.

Today’s story comes to us out of St. Louis, where a local woman recently released an abhorring video on Facebook (a.k.a society’s douche) in which she not only prods her infant daughter into fighting another local girl, but gives her a few pointers while she carries out the despicable act. Unfortunately, no charges have been filed at this point, so the woman’s name has yet to be released, likely out of fear that her neighbors would tie her to a fence post and take turns kicking her in the vagina with steel-toed boots in order to ensure that she never reproduces again, as they so rightfully should.

After Harry Carry gives us a brief, Goldbergian bit of background info on the two participants headlining TFC’s (Toddler Fighting Championships) inaugural event, we are all set for action. In the blue corner, sporting the white shirt and polka dot trunks, is Angie “The Bruiser” Baker, an undefeated prospect fighting out of Team Clairday who has collected all of her 7 victories by first round stoppage via opponent bursting into tears or wanting their bottle. And in the red corner, sporting the pink trunks, is our unnamed champion. As you can see, the octagon they are fighting in looks more like a run down apartment room, and the presence of a referee is noticeably absent, but HERE WE GO!

Round 1: At the insistence of her corner mother, our champion stuffs a takedown and responds with some overhand palm strikes ala Bas Rutten. Baker responds with a few overhand rights of her own before being bull rushed into the cage wall by the champ. A little bit of clinch work (along with a pause to cry) stalls the action for a bit, and the fans are getting restless. The mother cries out for her daughter to “Ball up some fists!” like some kind of sadomasochistic dog fighter, but gets the proper response from the champ, who drops Baker and unleashes some brutal, not to mention totally illegal, ground-n-pound. AND IT IS ALL OVER!!

Da Champ def. Angie Brown by first round TTKO (technical toddler knockout) at 1:15 of round 1. 

Potato Nation, you now have the slightest idea of what Chael Sonnen’s upbringing was like. And as was the case for the Oregonian Gangster, this girl’s mother will be by her side, cheering her on until she can fight no more Social Services take her away next week.

In all seriousness, the television studio who first received the video immediately informed Social Services, who have yet to comment on the possibility of bringing action against this candidate for Mother of the Year. But if we could make a suggestion, it would be to string this woman up by her toes and have all of the local children treat her like a human pinata until she ceases to breathe. Seriously, if Houston Alexander can be arrested for challenging his son to a boxing match, how has this woman not been thrown into the worst prison that St. Louis has to offer for the rest of her natural life?!

It sickens us to know that someone would do this to their own child, especially considering the child’s almost non-existent age in this case. We would urge you to pursue legal action (or preferably Charles Bronson style vigilantism) against this vile creature of a woman, but it appears that Super Fight League has already filed a lawsuit against her for poaching clients and stealing potential viewers from their Youtube audience.


-J. Jones

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When I was growing up, I had sparring "fights" with friends in their house/yard with and without supervision. But both people participating were trained and the one parent that would occasionally supervise was also trained and would referee/coach. That is more like street fighting with ignorant people supervising and while I have been in entirely too many street fights in my youth, NONE of them were encouraged. I did have one childhood friend who's dad would push him to fight if his son was bullied or verbally abused. That father was not a good man, though he had good intentions of "toughening up" his son, he ended up creating a macho insecure overly aggressive alpha arc type personality.

I too had a terrible abusive father, but I realized it and never desired to emulate him. I learned to fight young and began training young due to my violent upbringing, both neighborhood and home. But at no point was I made to think violence was the answer, it was only there when needed and not to be the go to.
In today's martial arts/mma schools I wish there were more focus on legal issues and force meets threat modeling and well as developing verbal de-escalation skills and removing the threat. I recently was speaking to a mma fighter about my fight background and he had no experience in actual real fights, and was inquiring about some of the altercations I've been in. I related to him how I currently view dealing with fights in clubs. I explained that I never look to strike unless it's a MASS attack I'm threatened with (in which I strike and evade), but rather if it's one or two guys, I size up the likelihood of the friend to get in and factor in if I have support. My primary choice is to control and wrap up OR strangle and allow security to intervene. He thought I was crazy and said he would go straight to blows, I explained the law and my experiences which have shaped my decisions as to when I am looking to strike.

This video and my story directly relate to my point, which is: If you train people to assault as a defensive mechanism without understanding their options, environment, how to read body language, legal parameters, and force meets threat modeling.....then basically you are training people to attack and not de-escalate because that is all they know, much like this child who will grow up thinking that is how you deal with aggression.

Sorry, if this came of long winded, but this is a topic near and dear to me that I have posed to many a practitioner, coach, or studio owner. Similar to one of my first questions in a school that boasts teaching self defense the first question I ask is: So do your students handle handguns? Almost invariably they so NO that is too dangerous! I reply no it's too dangerous to ignore, how can a student deal with guns and not know what they feel like or have fear of them? Say the gain possession of the gun, now what? They don't know how to use it or even safety it, or to keep their finger on the side etc. I don't advocate loaded weapons, but there should be at least a semi-annual firing range trip so that they shoot and experience recoil and the sound/flash. Not to mention AirSoft guns can be purchased that are all metal and have functioning clips, safety, and even blowback. These guns are designed expressly to BE shot at humans. Then I usually get "But those things hurt and students are going to get welts and could get hit in the eye." Well that is what protective glasses are for and the pain is a good thing because you want them to fear the pain or it's nothing like reality.

No matter you're thoughts pertaining to my statements, I whole heartedly believe that this adult (who in no way deserves to be a parent) should be required to take counseling. Prison teaches nothing and foster care is aweful for the most part. I would rather the parent be made to take a court mandated parenting course and counseling. Punishment with education is worthless, I always explain the rational behind my punishments and the lesson value to my children. You have to correct the behavior but not via threat, but via getting them to see the value in correcting the behavior.

Well that's my 6 cents (considering it's about three times longer a reply than I should have posted ; )
fatbellyfrank- July 6, 2012 at 1:05 am
@ MR Mis, how do you make a hormone? kick her in the Vag!
Mr_Misanthropy- July 5, 2012 at 9:09 pm
Dude- you totally want to aim for the uterus- kicking the vag is no sure bet if you're trying to induce infertility.
RSparrow- July 5, 2012 at 4:43 pm
Say goodnight nigga!!! LMAO
cman- July 5, 2012 at 4:15 pm
Al sharpton is planning a protest for the man stopping a poor single black mother from making money as a daycare/fight promotors. Zuffa has already bid on the fighters contracts.
El Guapo- July 5, 2012 at 2:34 pm
Urijah's hair, Franklin's pink shorts. That shit cray!
ghostboner- July 5, 2012 at 2:17 pm
The striking there was reminiscent of a Diaz fight. Perhaps Nate has been moonlighting as a boxing coach.
se7ensenses- July 5, 2012 at 2:00 pm
What do you expect when the mom is only 10 years older than the daughter.
Fried Taco- July 5, 2012 at 1:52 pm
BTW, it's Fox News, so you know it's not true, despite the video "evidence". It was probably just a simple game of patty-cake that got out of hand.
Fried Taco- July 5, 2012 at 1:51 pm
Ladies and Gentlemen, the future of female MMA! Topless fights!
Steve W- July 5, 2012 at 1:30 pm
When can we start betting on this?