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Is Dream Still Stiffing Fighters?

(‘Step forward if you’re getting paid for this fight. Not so fast, Mayhem.’)

We all know Dream is having some financial trouble, which is a shame since they put on a quality show and we’d like to see them stick around. But it seems they’ve developed this nasty habit of not paying their fighters. Nick Diaz piped up about it first, and according to Fight Opinion (who did some digging in the Korean media) it’s starting to sound like he’s not the only one who’s fighting for free over in Japan:

“Fighter A” claimed in the article that he didn’t receive money for his last two fights, and “Fighter B” who is preparing for an upcoming fight also is claiming they didn’t get some fight money. “Fighter C” claims that he had to wait three months to get his fight salary.

The article quotes a source as saying, “There’s many fighters who don’t get paid. Especially DREAM fighters, foreigners mostly.” The article claims that the reason in the alleged delaying of payments is due to DREAM’s financial situation and the situation regarding Kazuyoshi Ishii.

You know what’s a good way to make your financial situation worse? Get a reputation as the organization that doesn’t pay their fighters, which will soon become the organization without any fighters. Can’t they just do it the American way and pay all but their top fighters a pathetically low amount? Is that so hard?

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You Fail.- October 13, 2008 at 10:07 am
"That one guy" is Sakuraba. Fail.
Victor- September 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm
That's Kazushi Sakuraba. He's known for being a joker.
mayhem420- September 11, 2008 at 4:27 pm
Gotta love that Japanese fighters choice of clothing for a photo shoot.
That one guy has on an 80's style head band, yellow shorts, black DRESS shoes with no socks and a black suit jacket..... with no shirt.....
Looks like he just showed up in the shorts and the guy at the door pointed to a sign that read "No shoes or jacket, no Service" So he took what ever they gave him at the door so he could get in..... HA!