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It’s Official: Couture vs. Lesnar on November 15 for the UFC Heavyweight Title

(Guess who’s coming to UFC 91.)

Captain America is back in the UFC, and he and Dana White are best buds once again. At least, that was the story from White’s end on today’s UFC conference call. You could practically hear the smile on his face as the UFC president announced that his heavyweight champ was back and would face Brock Lesnar in a five-round title fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 15. While White said the organization still plans to go to Portland, Oregon eventually — the rumored site of UFC 91 — he played down any notion that the event was ever really headed there. As for the intense legal battle with Couture, that’s all water under the bridge now, as far as White’s concerned, and there is no bad blood between them.

“Through this whole thing I never said anything really bad about Randy,” White said. “I think the worst thing I said about him was that he was confused. I like Randy. I always have.”

While both White and Couture repeatedly said they were thankful to have the legal dispute over, Couture sounded a slightly different note, suggesting at times that he’d simply been worn down by the lengthy process.

He described himself as “frustrated by our legal system” and said he was “tired of throwing money around with no end in sight.” He also seemed to have been persuaded by the fact of his own age and the prospect that he might not get to fight any time in the near future if not in the UFC.

“I’m forty-five, and I can’t sit around in courtrooms much longer,” said Couture.

White painted a picture of a more amicable dispute, suggesting that communication between Couture and the UFC never broke down.

“When you’re in a legal situation like we were in, you’re talking everyday. We never went to court. The furthest we got was depositions…We resolved it.”

Naturally, the talk turned to Fedor Emelianenko and the chances of making a bout with Couture happen inside the UFC. White certainly didn’t rule it out, but said that as long as the Russian was under contract with “another organization,” the UFC wouldn’t be actively pursuing him.

Asked whether the Fedor fight was essential to his legacy, Couture implied that it was more important to Fedor’s posterity than his own.

“If people are going to take him seriously and give him credit as the number one heavyweight in the world, he needs to come fight me.”

White said he wasn’t sure “if Fedor cares about his legacy,” but quoted Chuck Liddell in saying, “beating Randy Couture means something.”

Feeling a little left out in all this was Brock Lesnar, who blew up when asked whether he’d be interested in fighting Fedor.

“Who gives a shit about Fedor? I’m fighting Randy Couture, November 15…I don’t care about fucking Fedor.”

Throughout the call Lesnar’s amateur wrestling credentials were trumpeted, as was his victory over Heath Herring. When asked how this lone UFC victory made Lesnar the number one contender for the UFC heavyweight strap, White remained non-committal.

“It’s not that he’s the number one contender, but he looked damn good against Heath Herring…The good thing about the UFC is we don’t have to deal with the boxing political bullshit…Couture versus Lesnar will be the biggest fight in UFC history.”

White proceeded to guarantee “over a million” pay-per-view buys for the event, and said the winner would face the winner of the next “Ultimate Fighter” coach showdown between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir. Those two will still fight for the interim title, White said, describing the situation as a “tournament” that would culminate in a “champion-versus-champion” match some time in 2009.

As for what he expected the Fedor situation to be like at that time, White said he would be “fucking horrified” if Affliction was still in the MMA business by then.

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Roc Smith- September 10, 2008 at 12:37 am
All You Boys are so stupid for saying Lesnar doesn't deserve a title shot after one win in the UFC. May I remind you so called MMA experts that Bas Rutten, Kevin Randleman, and Tim Sylvia all recieved title shots after only one win in the in the UFC. And Thats Just Heavyweights. Tito Ortiz got a title shot for the 205 belt against Silva directly after blowing his 205 title to Frank Shamrock. Ken Shamrock got a title shot against Ortiz in his first fight in the UFC in six years and after losing two consecutive fights in pride. Even though Chuck Liddell was clearly the number 1 contender. You guys should do three things before posting on here:
1. Listen to Eugene more the guy knows the business.
2. Do you homework before you open your mouths.
3. Understand that the UFC is not the WBC, WBA, or IBF. What Dana White meant by boxing political BS Is The UFC picks the fights they believe the fans want to see. Mike Tyson knocked out 25 people and 2 unanimous decision before his first title shot(lucky for fans Tyson fought on a schedule of twice a month and it only took a year and a half for a title shot). My point is the UFC knows fans want to see the most entertaining fighters fight for the title right now right now not 18 months later after he's climmbed the ranks of the 30 other guys ranked higher. That takes forever. You people argue Lesnar doesn't deserve a title shot, since when did merit play any part in the UFC fight selection. Liddell won nine fights in the Octagon before his first title shot yet Wanderlei Silva fought Ortiz for the 205 Crown after while being 1-1 in the Octagon. The Lesson: Merit is nothing Greed is Everything Obey Your Greed. This Fight Sells. And a former WWE Superstar is in the Main Event. GET OVER IT
mike- September 10, 2008 at 12:29 am
Lesnar is just a super heavyweight who is fighting heavyweights.... put him up against a talented super heavyweight or.... a chevy and he's in trouble. I think he's a dick. This won't be the first time Randy pissed off that A-hole Dana with a victory.
Hey Dana... suck a dick.
Freeeeeek- September 9, 2008 at 9:05 pm
and also, how can you choke someone who doesnt have a neck?
Freeeeeek- September 9, 2008 at 9:04 pm
3 reasons why Dana made this fight...

1. Money
2. Because BL beats RC into retirement. Whens the last time RC had a real fight? DW is pissed at RC, and just ended his career.
3. Money

Someone better stop BL before he learns too much. He is too much of a man with alot of years left ahead of him. It like to see him take a bomb on the chin...if he lasts thru that, he is likely gonna be the best fighter ever. He looks funny balance wise in full mount because he is soo top heavy. Other than that, I think he's the one who could say fuck fedor.
mike- September 6, 2008 at 4:42 am
First off, Lesnar 69's himself.... second off..... 1 win should NOT be a ticket to a title shot.... especially against Heath Herring.. who has 4 wins in his last 10 fights.
If and it's a big IF... but IF Lesnar gets lucky and smothers Randy right away and gets some edge to win... it will have nothing to do with talent and everything to do with the fact that he is a super heavyweight and Couture is naturally a light heavyweight.

PS Dana White can suck a D&*K... he's the Don King of MMA.
gracies suck ass- September 4, 2008 at 3:31 am
sting sucks, kurt angle whooped that ass
KTFO- September 4, 2008 at 3:21 am
HORSE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTT!!! That being said I hope Lesnar wins, not because I'm a fan of weenie tats displayed in fairly obvious areas, but because Couture sat on his fanny so long looking for the BBD. If he doesn't win they should recruit Sting next, that mother trucker carries a bat yo.
gracies suck ass- September 3, 2008 at 9:51 pm
hahahah he said fuck fedor because everyone was talking about him and he's not even in the company, actually listen to the shit before you pass judgment you faggots. If Lesnar wins he's 2-1 in the ufc then he has to fight mir/nog for the unified title, if he won he'd be 3-1.., that's about average for a ufc champ getting a belt so pull your head out of each others assholes and consider that.

RAndy is a scum sucking douche bag I hope brock kills him in the cage, fuck couture what a asshole. "It's not about money, it's about respect, and money shows respect" Fucking douche bag.

@gowitit, yea bigger stronger and younger isn't much, but brock is much much faster than couture and that may make a difference. If Randy can't Ko/Tko Brock, Lesnar is gonna get the UD.
gowitit- September 3, 2008 at 4:22 pm
And Turd Ferguson is retarded...
Randy has been FIGHTING for years and training to fight for years.
Oh, but you're right, Lesnar could get him in a BIG BODY SUPLEX, or a pile driver.
Muscles and size have nothing to do with MMA.
Look at Gonzaga ending Cro-Cop's career. And then Couture molesting Gonzaga. Bigger, stronger and younger don't mean shit.
gowitit- September 3, 2008 at 4:11 pm
If Lesnar wins this fight with Couture, MMA will be made a mockery. Brock, the WWE super tool/Minnesota Viking Reject is the heavyweight champion of UFC? Couture will Tap is ridiculously over sized ass out in the third, after landing some some hard rights and lumpin his eye worst than the other waste of space Tim Sylvia. COUTURE is the fucking MAN!....... But Fedor would handle him
NoobusMaximus- September 3, 2008 at 2:07 pm
You "experts" are funny. You hate on him for losing, you hate on him when he wins and now your hating on him for getting a shot at Couture in a fight he was CHOSEN to be in. If you want to hate on someone hate on Dana White for being a greedy bastard. Also, you asshats continue saying Lesnar won by lay and pray vs Herring? The only one doing a lay and pray WAS Herring. He lay fetal for 3 f'n rounds praying to hell the pain would stop. Seriously, what part of lay and pray makes a dude look like he walked out of a train wreck? Get over it, the dude got rolled and he deserved it. I like Couture but just for you experts I hope Lesnar rips his head off and shoves it up "sugar free's" ass.
ADW- September 3, 2008 at 4:22 am
I think that this fight is punishment to the heavyweight division for sucking ass. If there were better fighters in the division who were more marketable this shit wouldn't have to happen.
Eugene- September 3, 2008 at 2:26 am
To all the whiners over who deserves a shot more:

Life is tough, grab a helmet.

This is a business, if you fail to see that then you fail. Whether Brock wins or loses is also a moot point. This is a win for everyone especially those "more deserving" of a title shot right now. This fight will put the UFC even more on the "map" and everyone will make more $ in the future.

Who is deserving right now anyways? Arlovski is gone. Kongo sucks balls. Gonzaga was a flash in the pan. Werdum maybe but he wouldn't sell any PPVs, he isn't anywhere near a household name to the casual fans (who are the ones that make up the majority of the PPV numbers). Pretty much any other heavyweight with a winning streak are all noobs like Lesnar. So where are all these deserving heavyweights that none of you mention by name? Oh you guys mean Butterbean...

You can't say this won't be an interesting fight and any of you so called experts who say they will boycott this PPV are liars.
slowpokebr549- September 2, 2008 at 10:05 pm
If any of you guys had ever wrestled at any level above kindergarden playground, you would realize that Lesnar has paid his dues. The man spends half his effin life in a gym working out and the other half on the mats wrestling and all he gets out of it is shit talk from a bunch of know nothings. If you knew anything about wrestling you would have really appreciated how easily he man handled Herring. Lesnar didnt even need to sink in hooks to completely control a man who was nearly his own size. There is much more to that than just size and strength, and a lot more to MMA than swinging haymakers for the fences.Lesnar got excited against Mir and fell into a leg log, he gets criticized. Lesnar is patient and executes a perfect game plan,completely controlling a supposed top ten opponent, he gets criitcized. Get over it fellas, he is for real. Randy Coutre came into MMA with a very similar background as Lesnar and look where he is now. The way Herring talked down to Lesnar I don't blame him for being an ass in the ring post fight. Herring gave the man no respect at all.
Roo- September 2, 2008 at 5:57 pm
What a slap in the face to the heavyweight division and the fighters in the UFC!! How would anyone like it if a less skilled, experienced and unproven person was promoted over you when you have more skill, knowledge and have worked your whole life for the promotion? I would quit right there and tell the boss (Dana White) to Ef off. This is putting money in front of the fighters and that kind of company is not a good one to work for and ppl will turn away. Dana White is not a good business man, he's a good marketer and like all large companies, they forget who the real people are who make up the business (fighters) and they shaft them like this. What a dirt bag.
mmmiles- September 2, 2008 at 2:46 pm
I think Fedor actually has 3 wins by way of fuck.
blown32v- September 2, 2008 at 2:02 pm

"fuck" and "fedor" in the same sentence is not a good thing buddy.
mmmiles- September 2, 2008 at 12:30 pm
Well this is good news, I think. Possible or likely outcomes from this fight:

-Whether Randy wins or not (he's getting old!) he gets paid big bucks, which makes me happy. MMA fans owe a massive debt to Randy Couture as one of its great ambassadors and helping it grow and in the right direction for years. Win or lose he deserves a retirement gift.

-Lesnar will learn real fast not to talk shit or disrespect Couture. Other fighters have been down that track, and eventually they climb high enough that they run into someone they can't AFFORD to talk shit about.

-Will this encourage Fedor to come out and play? I think no matter who wins, it should. If Couture wins, UFC can setup a mega fight. If Lesnar wins, they Fedor gets to turn a guy who beat Couture into dust. Win Win.

-We get to see Randy fight again. Although we have to steel ourselves that he might lose, and possibly in a pretty catastrophic fashion, if his age is a factor in not being able to overcome Lesnar's athleticism/smothering.

I don't think it Lesnar "deserves" a title shot, but the situation is pretty murky, to say the least. I don't see any other option that - as a business - the UFC would reasonably pursue.
thisisBS- September 2, 2008 at 11:56 am
lesnar doesnt deserve a shot already. and by white saying that the boxin political BS didnt matter then he is just saying hey this is our kimbo. and we'll throw the heavy weight belt around like a 2 cent whore that means nothin and is worth nothin.

lesnar has alot of athletism for such a big SOB and thus has potential but doesnt have the experience much less deserve a title shot. i hope randy pounds him into the ground or breaks his leg - i guess ill be realistic
Smackdaddiest1- September 2, 2008 at 10:59 am
@FredFlintstone- Everyone has a gameplan until they get punched in the face so hard they do a backflip.
whaaaaat- September 2, 2008 at 8:02 am
no fuckin way brock is already getting a title shot, that is bag full o' bullshit....just imagine how the other heavyweight contenders must be feeling right now knowing some newbie with a 1-1 UFC win record will already be getting a title shot, it proves that cash is 100% king, and hard work and diligence a pauper.
Eugene- September 2, 2008 at 5:07 am
Most of you seriously call yourselves MMA knowledgeable? Seriously?
A) Lay n Pray is NOT what Brock did to Herring. Brock dished out a ton of damage. Lay (lay in guard and do "just" enough to not get stood up and not to take and chances of getting caught in a sub) & Pray (pray the judges give you the win for being in the dominant position most of the fight). Brock would have finished 90% of anyone else in that fight, Herring is just that tough.

@ Elusivewolf
"He should take a lesson from any legit UFC Champ like BJ Penn or GSP or Anderson Silva or Forest and show some class and respect ot his opponent."
Yea because licking blood(bj), breakdancing and backflipping (gsp), dancing/playing air guitar(silva) show complete class and respect for their opponents.... I have nothing bad to say about Forrest, you got 1/4 right. BJ and Silva both trash talk before fights as well unlike Brock did with Herring. Silva is just very subtle about it.

You are all just angry the big bad WWE guy made a big time MMA vet look like ass when it was supposed to be the other way around. Which you subconsciously believe makes MMA look bad. Which it does not.

Does Brock deserve a title shot? Hell no. Paper champ Nogueira is already going to fight Mir with a whole TUF series shot and ready to air to go with it... Mir doesn't even deserve a shot really. Who else in the UFC not signed to another fight does over him? Maybe just Werdum?(can't think of anyone else off the top of my head) They would all be very low PPV numbers compared to Brock and that's why Brock is getting the shot. So wake up and get over it.
CalgaryCA- September 2, 2008 at 4:39 am
"the glza Says:

September 2nd, 2008 at 3:08 pm
randy should prepare for this fight by doing pushups with a cow on his back."

HAHAHA!! Thats funny man!

I think brock will pose a challenge for randy, but think randy is to crafty to lose ...couture by submission 2nd round.
Damian- September 2, 2008 at 4:14 am
Is anyone else as excited over the possiblily of Mir vs Couture or Nogueira vs Couture? I think Fedor is a good fight but I want to see Randy destroy as many people as possible before they collide. If only this could be set up like a real tournament and include Werdum, Arlovski, and Barnett.
Derekrva- September 2, 2008 at 3:30 am
“It’s not that he’s the number one contender, but he looked damn good against Heath Herring…The good thing about the UFC is we don’t have to deal with the boxing political bullshit…Couture versus Lesnar will be the biggest fight in UFC history.”

1. He looked good against Heath Herring? Heath is tough guy, but really just a gatekeeper with a mixed bag of skills. Not saying the victory wasn't impressive, but it didn't warrant a title shot.

2. If by political bullshit, you mean a system that promotes success then yes...the UFC is not plagued by such a burden. You gotta be kidding me... You just told Febricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez tough tit-tay but this guy with 3 fights and 1 UFC win big boys you two out of the picture.

3. Couture v. Lesnar may be the biggest UFC event ever, but it won't progress the sport any more than Kimbo v. Shamrock.

Couture in the second pick the submission.