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It’s Showtime Heavyweight Champ Hesdy Gerges Arrested for Cocaine Trafficking in Amsterdam

(In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the smartest name for Hesdy’s supplement brand.)

It might be a while before Hesdy Gerges is able to rematch Badr Hari, unless “The Golden Boy” breaches probation on his 2010 assault charge and ends up back in jail with “Fightersheart.”

According, Dutch SWAT team members kicked in the door of the It’s Showtime heavyweight champ’s apartment in Amsterdam today and arrested Gerges, who was sleeping at the time, as part of a cocaine trafficking ring in Belgium. Besides the K-1 standout, four other suspects were also detained as authorities searched 10 properties belonging to Gerges, confiscating several weapons, ammunition and computers.

Police,who indicated that Gerges will likely be extradited to Belgium to face charges said that the group is accused of dealing, or attempting to deal more than 128 kilos of coke.

Gerges is scheduled to face Daniel Ghita at It’s Showtime’s March 6 event in Amsterdam, but there’s a pretty good chance that he may be busy that night.


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:39

    Daniel Ghi?? ? Watch out, that Photoshop guy is going to make another stupid comment.
  2. The Ghost of Rick James Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:41

    128 kilos? I said Godaaaaayum, Godaaaayum!
  3. john Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:43

    It's daniel ghita from romania. I also got a laugh at melvein guillard being in the tags.
  4. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:44

    Daniel Ghita?
  5. GroundFighterMMA Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:56

    Dutch SWAT Teams kick in doors. Brazilian SWAT Teams Armbar their way in. *crickets*
  6. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:57

    ^El Guapo?^
  7. Dr. Rockso Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:04

    I'M THE ROCK AND ROLL CLOWN! I DO COCAINE! Seriously man, a lot of cocaine.
  8. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:08

    FYI, 128 kg equals 282 lbs, or approximately 1 brocklesnar.
  9. SouthpawGrammar Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:09

    I thought that shit was legal in Amsterdam.
  10. SouthpawGrammar Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:10

    Also, gotta love the Melvin Guillard tag.
  11. RSparrow Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:15

    I'm not buying the whole sleeping thing.
  12. djp1988 Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:17

    Horsemeat - 1 Cocaine - 0
  13. john Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:34

    @southpawgrammar The charges are stemming from belgium, not holland.
  14. An Actual Homosexual Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 12:59

    At first I wasn't sure what Fried Taco was talking about, but upon closer inspection and consulting with my professional peers, we NOW see that someone cleverly cut the guy's body [except for that pesky little bright white spot in his arm] and put it over a different background with completely different contrast. And just as we were about to walk away satisfied that was the extent of it, one of my mentors pointed out that apparently there's no such product as "NOT COCAINE" and we again determined that this was the result of someone's masterful play. I think what they did was change the name of the actual product to something related to the story, but with a major twist. Whereas the article implies he was guilty of handling cocaine, Mr. PhotoshCP [knowing it's value in elevating a story] went the opposite way with something called "visual irony" and instead of "cocaine", he called it "NOT cocaine". At first I was thrown off wondering why he'd be in trouble for being caught with NOT illegal stuff, then it was explained that THAT was indeed the joke and the story ultimately became much, much more interesting and dare I say... hilarious. And I'm sure you'll all agree that photoshopping that image is as useful to the article as my comment is to the comment section... i.e. very, very necessary. Great work, home software shoppers. I'll be watching for the next one much more carefully as I almost missed this gem.
  15. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 01:10

    @ agentsmith - I think we should start using Brocks as a unit of weight measurement. There just is too much room in between the standard units like 'pounds/kilos' and the larger units like 'tons.' Brocks would be a good middle ground unit of measurement for those everyday situations, like, "Damn, that bitch you hooked up with last night was at least two and half brocks!"
  16. warpedacorn Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 01:37

    LOL @ AAH
  17. djp1988 Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 02:21

    @RwilsonR "I ate too much Taco Bell and shat roughly 2 Brocks." God bless America.
  18. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 02:21

    Not I, Rexy. For one, I'm a parentheses kinda guy. Two, I like to put the crickets right after the punch line, not under. But most importantly, ever since MRuss told me my shtick was "sooo 2008, as if" I've been hesitant to pull the trigger. And when His Majesty speaks, I listen.(CRICKETS CHIRPING)
  19. Pooflinger Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 04:27

    Hesdy Gerges is the man! I for one think much more of him now. Also @ AAH well done, friend.
  20. Pooflinger Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 04:28

    Also CRICKETS CHIRPING is nice I like!
  21. An Actual Professional Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 04:37

    I really have nothing better to do than come here and criticize the site. My mom says I need a hobby. Since CP won't let me write for them, this is what they get. Please don't spam my inbox.
  22. vladimirputin Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 06:29

    Cocaine is not legal in Amsterdam ffs. Mushies aren't even legal anymore.
  23. An Actual Professional Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 08:53

    Nah. I'm just kidding fellas. The site is great and the visual gags are just someone having fun. No hard feelings.
  24. CommentsSection Says:

    Wed, 02/16/11 - 11:22

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, CP. You don't respond to harsh criticism with aggressive displays of power. The man behind the curtain needs thicker skin.
  25. Shoop that Hesdy Gerges! - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums Says:

    Thu, 02/17/11 - 01:10

    [...] jacked that picture from Cage Potato. It's Showtime Heavyweight Champ Hesdy Gerges Arrested for Cocaine Trafficking in Amsterdam | Ca... __________________ Xbox 360 Gamertag: Art [...]
  26. Eric Says:

    Thu, 02/17/11 - 02:59

    Technically weed isn't even legal in the Netherlands, only "tolerated" meaning the cops won't bust you for possession.
  27. donfryesmustache Says:

    Thu, 02/17/11 - 07:02

    lol @ Rick james ghost. @RWILSONR, please keep that going
  28. Dan Severin's Shorts Says:

    Thu, 02/17/11 - 03:41

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