MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

Jake Shields Unhappy With Jason Miller’s ‘Beat the Piss Out of Jake Shields’ Comments

Jake Shields MMA
(Photo courtesy of MTV. Yes, Jake was a two-time bully-beater.)

Yesterday we ran an interview with Jason "Mayhem" Miller, in which the Bully Beatdown host vowed to "beat the piss out of Jake Shields" and "smash him" when they fight, and claimed that he does "everything better than him." Well, word got back to Shields, and he’s not too happy about it. The former EliteXC welterweight champ, who’s no stranger to telling fighters that it is in fact they who suck, had this to say to GracieFighter in response (tip via TheGarv):

"He’ll beat the piss out of me? He’s the one that won’t sign the contract. I would sign that fight tonight but he just wants to talk and act tough, but he’s the one that won’t sign. His manager tells us the fight is on, Miller has agreed and then I’m hearing he’s decided he can’t fight in October but would maybe do it in December. He thinks he’s a star now but just like [on] the show, I was the only one doing the fighting while he just did the talking. He must think he’s Cung Le now."

Miller, your shit has just been put out in the street; if you’d like to make an official response, feel free to hit us up on Twitter. Shields also expressed his frustration over the bout’s delay to MMA Weekly, saying "I want to fight now. I don’t want to be wasting time. I’m training for a certain type of fight, and I don’t want it to get pushed back. But I guess it happens, and I’ll deal with it. If Strikeforce offers me another opponent, I’ll definitely take another opponent. I’d like to fight Miller, but I’ll fight someone else. I’d rather fight now.”

Strikeforce still doesn’t have a date, location, or any of the supporting matchups locked down for their Fedor vs. Rogers event. Time to get crackin’, guys.


  1. RearNakedPoke Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 01:41

    cant wait for this one...its a close one for sure but i have to beat on MAYHEM
  2. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 01:43

    You're both yo-yos. Shut up, you yo-yos. --- Master Shake, Escape from Leprechaupolis
  3. parchy mcthirst Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 01:44

    well done mister burrito, well done
  4. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 01:47

    I was just reading the comments from the Mayhem shit talking yesterday and I came across Casa de los pan's gem of a comment that made me laugh so much I had to bring it up "I must have been kidnapped and banned to the planet nebular. Jake shields is about the shittiest bjj guy I have ever seen in my entire life. He looks like a duck out of water." Are you fucking retarded? No seriously? The dude is one of TWO Cesar Gracie black belts and has finished his last 8 fights (6 with submissions). The dude tapped Nick Thompson in one minute, but yeah most Gracie black belts have no idea what they're doing in a sense of BJJ right?
  5. Jackal Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 01:49

    I give more poop to my toilet than to this fight, they both seem like douche bags but miller thinks he's cool cause he hosts a fake reality show on mtv, even though he practically yells at the camera the whole time and makes bad work of his scripted lines. For that sake, I'd like to see mr. "american jiu jitsu" (wtf, is that really what the tattoo says? you are hardcore bro, hardcore. fucking retard.) beat him and then knock himself out trying to do some victory stunt off the cage.
  6. Jackal Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 01:54

    @ portland... I'm a gracie fan, and a BJJ student... but that said... you make "one of TWO" sound like some huge fucking honor. Which by the way, he has at least three black belt students so get your facts right, but who gives a fuck if a teacher has only three black belts, that means they should be teaching more, not that their three black belts are the who's who of jiu jitsu.
  7. Crap Factory Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:04

    Boring fight in the making. I don't care to see either of those two clowns fight. I'll be on the shitter during that match-up, if it even happens. Miller seems like he's dodging just so he can plug his show.
  8. Josh-O Slicenett Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:11

    @ portland mma: Didn't Frank Shamrock smack Cesar Gracie around like a lil bitch? Ohhh!!!!
  9. Remsaa Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:12

    @ Jackal *** Jackal Says: Thu, 09/03/2009 - 13:49 I give more poop to my toilet than to this fight, they both seem like douche bags but miller thinks he's cool cause he hosts a fake reality show on mtv *** He was like that before Mtv
  10. Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:16

    Both fighters are awesome, we just hope Strikeforce can make the fight happen!!
  11. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:19

    My bad I forgot about Dave Terrell, how are you saying that being one of THREE blackbelts under Cesar Gracie holds no weight? it holds a hell of alot more then randomly throwing out that you train in BJJ. I was making that point because everyone knows that many people give away blackbelts like they are no big deal, Cesar has no specific criterion he only gives them out when people have shown that they've mastered BJJ to his insane standards. Also Josh Slice, i'm speaking in a sense of BJJ teaching not him fighting, If I'd heard Greg Jackson has been knocked out training before does that make his fighters shitty? Pat Miletich isn't the greatest fighter that's ever walked the Earth but he's produced some pretty damn good fighters.
  12. cagefightmon Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:31

    . . . and the smack talking starts . . . *YAWN*
  13. Josh-O Slicenett Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:35

    @ portland: I see your point, but i think that having only 3 black belts also takes away from how good a teacher he is because there's not enough people out there showing off the jits. Jake Shields was good at a variety of wrestling styles before he began training with Cesar and Nick Diaz def ain't showing off the jits with that pitty-pat punching style of his.
  14. ON EDGE 24 7 Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:35

    Jake will win this one. Miller i thought is gonna fight a rematch with ronaldo souza???
  15. Josh-O Slicenett Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:38

    @ cagefightmon: Smack talk? Nobody's insulted anybody yet ya sleepy-eyed, wuss! LOL!
  16. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:48

    I will agree with you on that Josh, if its the right opponent I have no problem with Nick boxing the shit out of them, IE Frank Shamrock, but where is the dude that go-go'd Gomi? NM i dont want to hear any weed jokes right now
  17. Josh-O Slicenett Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 02:50

    Ha Ha! Weed. What were we talking about again?
  18. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 03:00

    On Edge I think Souza got signed by strikeforce so the Miller thing could still happen, since Shields said this isn't inked yet. For all we know Shields could run through Miller, maybe by that time Cung Lee will stop making horrible movies and Shields could fight him, and Miller and Souza III could finally happen.
  19. One Two Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 04:16

    @ JaKal American Jiu JItsu is what he calls his style of American wrestling mixed with BJJ. This fight will be awesome and snappp! Shields just called out your Chickenshitedness time to man up mayhem.
  20. WuTangClan Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 05:31

    Jackel and 831 Son are the biggest faggots on this site
  21. TacoMafia Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 06:52

    Hey Wutang needs some attention.....Someone hug the poor *what a moron.......
  22. 831 Son Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 09:27

    WuTang lubes dicks for a living. And gets picked on by everyone in the real world and this is the only place he can vent his anger with out getting fucking smashed.
  23. KillDozer Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 09:40

    @WuTangClan never mind 831 Son, he tryes to insult you only to make you mad enough to meet him... so he can seduce you... he loves the cock.
  24. 831 Son Says:

    Thu, 09/03/09 - 09:43

    More gay scenarios. Just proves you are homo.
  25. Bovice Says:

    Fri, 09/04/09 - 01:30

    Fucking faggots.
  26. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sat, 11/30/13 - 06:12

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