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Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Re-Emerges in Mostly-Coherent Interview About Unretirement, Forgiveness, And the Uriah Hall Incident


As Jason “Mayhem” Miller puts it in the above video interview, “2013? Pretty unlucky number for me.” Indeed, the semi-retired MMA fighter and former media personality spent the past calendar year getting arrested, getting arrested, getting arrested, and dropping N-bombs during a public scuffle with Uriah Hall. Now, a humbled (but still pretty kooky) version of Mayhem is training full time with Rafael Cordeiro at Kings MMA, looking for a return to competition, and he has a few things to say about the controversies that have surrounded him recently. Some notable quotes…

On leaving MMA and coming back: “I took some time, I retired, I totally got away from it, and realized the love and the passion that I have for the sport is just undeniable. I realized I love it so much. And the way I am, I got real passionate and jumped right back in. I’ve been here training at Kings for about a year now, and I feel like a new fighter. I’m ready to get on out there. I’m entertaining some offers from some different leagues that are around the globe, and I’m just trying to find my home.”

On who he’d like to fight next [WARNING, MAYHEM AHEAD]: “I don’t know man, I would like to fight Stephen Hawking. I’d like to punch him out of his wheelchair, maybe get him in an armbar. He can’t defend. No one can defend. [*pauses, switches to Stephen Hawking robot-voice*] Ow. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Physics!

On personal growth: “I change all the time, man. I change every day. And recently, I’ve changed the most. Out of necessity. I realized that I wasn’t surrounding myself with the right people. I wasn’t really in the right state of mind to really be successful in life, let alone mixed martial arts. And now I have a second chance. I forgive everybody and I hope they forgive me, because what’s the point in holding a grudge?…It’s 2014, all that stuff’s behind me, it’s all in the past. If you don’t have my number, twitter me. I’ll apologize, or if you want to apologize, it doesn’t matter, I forgive you anyway.”

On his confrontation with Uriah Hall: “I was just giving him some publicity. I knew people [had their] cameras out and stuff. He’s my brother. I love him. He’s a good man. He’ll be the damn champion, if he just allows himself to become the champion, he’ll be the champion. I mean, he’s gotta get through a damn sea of tough dudes, but I wish him the best. People really hurt my feelings calling me a ‘racist,’ that was like the worst, I’m like ‘What, get outta here.’ I’m more black than I am racist.”

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