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Jens Pulver to Take One More Kick at the Cat December 11 When He Competes in Minnesota

(Video courtesy YouTube/gregorybayne)

It looks like Jens Pulver has effectively answered the collective throng of reporters and fans who have been incessantly asking the former UFC lightweight champion if he will fight again by signing with the upstart CFX/Extreme Challenge promotion in Minnesota for one fight.

Pulver (22-14-1), who hasn’t won since 2007 when he defeated Cub Swanson at WEC 31, will take on Frank Johnson (8-4) December 11 at Target Center in Minneapolis.

According to promoter Gavin Rydell, Pulver is looking to rejuvenate his career by picking up his first win in more than six fights by beating the West St. Paul, Mn. native, Johnson.

"We’re really excited to have him up here fighting in Minneapolis," Rydell said. "He’s obviously a legend, one of the best ever. We’re honored to be able to see him fight here in Minnesota. It’s not every day that a UFC champion fights here. Jens wants to keep fighting, but he knows he needs a couple of wins to keep doing that. He hopes to start that here in Minnesota."

Pulver’s recent downslide is deceiving considering the caliber of talent he has faced in the past few years including BJ Penn, Urijah Faber, Leonard Garcia and Josh Grispi.

Holding wins over several notable fighters, including Joe Stevenson, Din Thomas, Caol Uno, Dennis Hallman, Joe Jordan and Penn, Pulver was a force in the lightweight and featherweight divisions, but if he can’t turn his career around, to see him continue to fight might be more depressing for fans than seeing him hang up his four ounce gloves for good.

As he mentions in the clip for his soon-to-be-released documentary, ‘Driven’, the sad truth is that it’s not that he wants to keep fighting,  Jens needs to fight to continue to provide for his family. When he was in his heyday as a fighter and he left the SEC-owned incarnation of the UFC, it was because Japanese organizations at the time paid more, but still didn’t make any of the fighters of the era millionaires like the UFC has done with some of its stars. Hopefully things turn around for "Lil’ Evil."


CFX/Extreme Challenge
December 11, 2010
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN

Rumored fight card:

Jens Pulver vs Frank Johnson
Travis Wiuff vs Vince Lucero
Tommy Speer vs TBA
Paul Bradley vs TBA
Adam McDonough vs Jay Wood
Ashkan Morvari vs TBA
Corey Anderson vs Dan Moret
Eric Yngsdal vs Mike Zimmer
Justin Rheaume vs Heath Rud
Justin Kratzke vs TBA
Brandon Noetzel vs TBA

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itsgalf- November 10, 2010 at 1:00 pm
Ahh waiting for the Driven DVD to arrive in the mail.
CungwantsCookies- November 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm
russel, was that manson quote before momesso rearranged his vocal cords?

he kinda sounded like lord humungus after that incident...
WalksInTheDarkness- November 9, 2010 at 8:52 am
Thanks Mr Russell, I now feel so much more clever having read your post!
Mike Russell- November 9, 2010 at 7:53 am
I guess I'm just more worldly than some of you guys. OXFORD DICTIONARY OF IDIOMSA KICK AT THE CAN (or CAT): An opportunity to achieve something. (Canadian Informal)<1953 “. . . granted on such a basis it will afford a fertile avenue for defense attorneys who need only plead ignorance or stupidity to get another kick at the cat.”—Wisconsin Reports by Wisconsin Supreme Court, Vol. 265, page 374><1966 “‘As I thought, you do get another kick at the cat,’ announced Marmaduke. ‘For almost chicken feed you can convert the shell of one hrt into an accumulator.”— Power: Devoted to the Generation and Transmission of Power, Vol. 110, July-December, page 336><1975 “Engineering and Mining Journal, Vol. 176, No. 40, 1975 Canada Federal Budget: Another Kick at the Cat”—Applied Science & Technology Index by H. W. Wilson Company, page 175> <1990 “‘Thank God, we've got another kick at the cat,’ Dave Manson said. ‘We have to redeem ourselves, no question about it. It's just a matter of going out there and being ready to play.’”—Chicago Sun Times, 20 April> [[Blackhawks hockey player]]<1990 “Clifford [[Wisconsin lawyer]] said she knew of no court decision where an attorney could lose one trial strategy, then present a new one to ‘get another kick at the cat.’”—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), 21 April><1991 “He said it seemed officials of some states [[Minnesota]] wanted ‘another kick at the cat’ before the issue is decided and new district boundary lines are drawn . . .”—St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota), 15 June> [[lawyer on behalf of the Governor of Wisconsin]]<1992 “A person affected by an order or decision of a master, registrar or special referee may appeal the order or decision of the court . . . in the vernacular, ‘have another kick at the cat.’”—The Advocate:Vancouver Bar Association[/i] ( British Columbia, Canada), Vo. 50, page 514><1994 “We as parliamentarians aren't going to get another kick at the cat, as it were.Is that right? Who is going to be making the final decisions . . . ?”—Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, Parliament. House of Commons, Canada><1999 “‘When the Clinton administration takes another kick at the cat, are they going to use sound science this time around to determine the emissions levels?’ Reid said.”—The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), 15 May> [[Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce director of governmental affairs]]<2003 “‘You get another kick at the cat here, but after this, hopefully we won't have this legislation before us again,’ he said.”—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), 14 March><2004 “. . . noting the issue has to come up before the City Council, [[he]] said, ‘We'll still get another kick at the cat.’”—Duluth News-Tribune, (Minnesota), 13 July><2007 “‘We're looking forward to bigger and better things,’ said Stoughton, whose [[curling]] team [[is]] back for another kick at the cat.”—Winnipeg Free Press (Manitoba, Canada), 19 September><2008 “Assessment of Canada lynx research and conservation needs in the Southern range: Another kick at the cat.”—Journal of Wildlife Management, Vol. 72, pages 1463-1472> [[a play on word]]
Fried Taco- November 9, 2010 at 7:32 am
Mixed metaphors much?
J_Swilly- November 9, 2010 at 6:20 am
One more kick at the "cat"? Really? Ok now either somebody is trolling or this is a fantastic metaphor.

Case for trolling,..... CPs' writers aren't that dense, it is kick at the can right? Maybe I'm that dense? Point - Counterpoint, ok I lost myself here, what was I saying?

Case for fantastic metaphor,... CPs' writers are gently implying Little Evil's opponents are akin to small furry felines. (and/or) CPs' writers are implying kicking a cat may be the closest Little Evil will ever get to a solid TKO victory.

In summation, I should be working right now.

Peace out and long live the Hukowet brothers, Knactuf and Choektuf!
C.B.- November 9, 2010 at 5:46 am
Problem is Kuch, when Jens got into the game there wasn't real money to be made anyway. He helped built the sport and the UFC brand, so did Shamrock and Gracie and others. The timing of it would never allow them to retire on fight money. And the opportunities todays fighters have for other income didn't exist either, they can't all be actors like Rampage and Couture and GSP and Penn and Kimbo and Carano.......mmmmmm, Carano. What were we talkin bout?
Gladheateher- November 9, 2010 at 3:19 am
"Kick at the Cat"??

Its kick at the can. The documentary Driven is good, its just sad that Jens Pulver is a can.
Kuch- November 9, 2010 at 1:38 am
Nice guy, but at this point in his career Jens is a cautionary tale similar to Ken Shamrock. “Don’t plan for the future and you won’t have one.” Right now all he has is name value and each loss further reduces it. Don’t any of these guys ever plan for a career change? No one fights forever and only a handful of fighters ever make enough money to actually retire on (and most of those were in the last 5 years.) This seems like something someone should have mentioned to Jens.
SgT.SauceD- November 8, 2010 at 8:43 pm
Rooting for ya Jens. I love ya buddy.
Jonny2198- November 8, 2010 at 8:19 pm
Looks like I'll be able to see Little Evil and Ozzy Ozbourne cause there both going to be at the Target Center Dec. 12th
Viva Hate- November 8, 2010 at 7:44 pm
Screw calling him "Little Evil," I am changing his name to "Little Ken Shamrock."
JaredB- November 8, 2010 at 7:42 pm
I think Jens seems like a nice guy and had some entertaining fights, but even before his losing skid calling him a legend is playing very fast and loose with the word.
Ballkick- November 8, 2010 at 6:18 pm
I wish all the best for Jens, he is a inspirational fighter, likable guy and much deserving of a future outside of the ring.
It pains me to see that he is still slugging out a living at this sport when he should have been retired and running a successful career passing on his knowledge to a new generation of far more able-bodied fighters.
But, as I can attest to,... just because you are a good fighter, that does not guarantee that you are a good teacher and vise versa.
I realized long time ago,.. I am a far better teacher, than I ever was a fighter.
hooligun- November 8, 2010 at 5:38 pm
ffs - "little" evil, come on anonymous CP hack......................
danomite- November 8, 2010 at 5:28 pm
looks like he's gonna keep fighting regardless of whether we think he should retire or not, so I hope he wins.
El Guapo- November 8, 2010 at 4:27 pm
Can't help but bad for this guy. Of all the old school guys still fighting, Lil Evil's probably made the least and, to make matters worse, he seems like a decent guy. Not saying The Iceman, Ken Shamrock and Sakuraba are dicks or anything, but they have/had that superstar aura about them and made the BIG bucks to boot. So while it's depressing as shit to watch any of the old schoolers get beat up, it feels twice as bad watching Jens. The End
BryanF- November 8, 2010 at 3:40 pm
Jens Pulver's going to be kicking a cat? Or is the expression "kick at the can"? Either way, I like those odds...Fightpicker, here I come.
Smitty- November 8, 2010 at 3:40 pm
I hope he takes some of that loot and invests in a decent orthodonist.