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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

Jet Li = Old and Busted / Cung Le = New Hotness has a new interview with Cung Le in which the undefeated Strikeforce star reveals that his fight with middleweight champion Frank Shamrock is slated for March 29th, and that the UFC has approached him to fight in the Octagon — but hasn’t made an offer juicy enough to lure him away from his current home.

More notably, Le is positioning himself to be the next martial arts action movie star. As he discusses in the interview, he was recently cast in the film version of the video game series Tekken, and just finished shooting a starring role in a movie called Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter with David Carradine, Gary Busey and BOLO FUCKING LEUNG. Yes, that might be the best assembled cast in action movie history, but unfortunately, the film itself looks kinda cheesy. Check out the trailer:

Right, so it’s a low budget flick with a name that no American would be able to pronounce. But Le is realistic about the experience: “I don’t mind starting with smaller production movies. It will help me later on in my career having the guidance of the veteran actors on the shoots.” And how did Le land the role? Well, funny story:

“When I stopped competing as an amateur, I started training the US National Team. Back in 2005 we started doing very well and I had two fighters make it to the finals. My mom called the night before the finals and told me that a director was interested in talking to me from Russia. When I called him back he wanted me to come to Toronto the next day to be in the biggest fight scene in the movie he was filming. I told him I would be impossible because I had fighters fighting in the finals the next day and the day after that would be the medal ceremony and I could not leave my fighters. So eventually after a day and a half of travel, I finally arrived in Toronto. I signed a basic contract with the director and producer of the film for a fighting role in the production. Next thing I know they are giving me the dialogue pages and telling me that I am the star of the show. I was like what are you talking about? Then they told me that the next day I would be doing my first scene with David Carradine. Thank God I had taken some acting classes before but it was all good because I was on set with David, Gary Busey, Eric Roberts and other veteran actors that were helping me…

I expect the movie to be released later this year and the name is Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter. In the movie I play the son of a rich businessmen who has ties with the Russian mob. As not to spoil the film, the mob sets up my family and I am forced to flee to America as that is the only place that I am able to make money fighting in the underground. David Carradine becomes my protector/manager and the only way for the mob to get to me is to bet against me in the underground fights. The movie is nonstop action and I am sure that my fans will enjoy it.”

Hey, that sounds totally rentable! Special props to Gary Busey for never letting artistic integrity get in a way of a paycheck. If you recall, he played a vile Jewish stereotype in that propaganda film with Tito Ortiz, and he’ll be co-starring in an even lower-budget fight flick called Beyond the Ring, which makes Blizhniy Boy look like Enter the Dragon. Did we say paycheck? Gary Busey will show up to your movie set if there’s free sandwiches

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the guy who isn't stupid- January 23, 2008 at 9:07 am
Bolo is in it, that means it gets an instant oscar, I'm pumped
Old, Bald and Irish- January 10, 2008 at 4:40 pm
How does Eric Roberts go from "DOA" to "Heroes" to "The Dark Knight" and then back to "Blizhniy Boy"?

Note to Eric......FIRE YOUR AGENT!
TitoG- January 10, 2008 at 3:57 pm
Yeah Gary Busey is da shiznit! And kind of a weirdo these days, but he was in one of the greatest movies of all time.... Eye of the tiger!