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TMZ Releases Photos of Joe Riggs’ Gunshot Wound. They’re Extremely Graphic

(via TMZ)

Joe Riggs shot himself last week, in case you forgot. Riggs was cleaning his gun when it discharged. The gunshot wounded his hand and leg.

TMZ just released pictures of Riggs’ wounded leg, and they’re brutal. We’d make a “that’s even worse than Marvin Eastman’s cut!” joke but this is a pretty serious matter. CagePotato doesn’t like to joke and ball-bust about life threatening things.

A video is embedded above which shows the images and provides footage of Riggs discussing the injury. If you don’t feel like watching that, here are the photos (via TMZ). Be warned, they are EXTREMELY graphic. Don’t look at them if you’re squeamish.

Nasty. The accident couldn’t have come at a worse time for Riggs. The UFC signed the 31-year-old after he won Bellator’s “Fight Master” reality show. They booked him to face Paulo Thaigo at UFC Fight Night 51, but that obviously won’t happen now. We wish Joe Riggs the best in his recovery.



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