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Joe Rogan Is Really Into This Hallucinating Thing

From MMAFightGirls

Joe Rogan has a new tattoo (well a few months old) which took over 5 sessions to complete, but it’s pretty amazing. Aaron Della Vedova from Guru Tattoo is the artist who did all of this amazing work. Apparently the sleeve tattoo depicts Joe’s DMT (Spirit Molecule) trip where he hallucinated and saw an Alien Thai Buddha made out of energy telling him not to give into astonishment. If you look at the molecule in the center of the tattoo it’s the DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, molecule.


I can’t imagine a bigger hippie move than tattooing your own psychedelic vision on your arm. He’s going to run out of body space if he keeps taking up real estate like this. What if he has another, even crazier trip the next time he goes DMT’ing, and one of those machine elves is like “I would love it if you tattooed our little adventure on your left arm, that would really make me happy.” Because he’s basically screwed at that point.

In other Roganews…

When you watch UFC 89 tomorrow night, you’re going to see a more hirsute version of Joe Rogan than you’re used to. That’s because he’s grown out an Evan Tanner tribute beard. When the idea was originally suggested on the UG forum a month ago, Joe replied “Fuck yeah, I’m down.” Feel free to show your support by not shaving tomorrow. And pour some out for the beloved inspiration…


  1. bada55 Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:35

    cool tattoo and did you notice the pot leaves ? there is a video on you tube of Joe smoking weed with a UFC guy
  2. Big John Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:36

    I once had sex with Joe.
  3. alan Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:37

    thats one awsome tribute
  4. Grimmy Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:38

    Im sporting my tribute beard as well. Rogan rocks grimmy
  5. Fenix Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:43

    Damn that looks insane. Nice work and props for the tribute beard Joe.
  6. KG Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:51

    That is some crazy work. But I think Paul Booth would have done it MUCH better (he did some of my work). Google some of his work, its awesome. Also, doesnt Joe's pec look like its lactating? Pretty odd looking.
  7. Clumsy Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 07:55

    Suck in that gut Joe...suck it in!
  8. Patrick Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 08:05

    That tat is tough, talk all the shit you want but at least it has SOME kind of meaning. Beats some stupid tribal bullshit any day.
  9. Noel Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 08:24

    the pics were not visible to me, but i found some here if ppl are having the same problem
  10. PunchDrunkShamrock Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 09:06

    Say what you want about how that tattoo came to be but it is fuckin badass.
  11. Facey Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 09:18

    You see joe researching that tattoo and starting it on the joe show on i saw it ages ago
  12. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 09:19

    I love Joe
  13. TopAthlete Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 09:55

    fucking old bald jew hes a fucking asshole
  14. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 10:23

    Joe's great. Saw his stand up act in Boston a few months ago. At the end of the act, he thanked the Boston born/trained fighters in the croud. Cote was sitting directly behind me for about 2 hrs. Didn't even look behind me until rogan said that. They stood and waived, and I had to laugh. I do hope Cote suprises people (who dosen't love an upset), but give him huge props for stepping in with Silva. You have to realize, everyone has someone elses number. No one thinks it is Cote, but you absolutely never know. Hoping for a good fight, as Silva is fresh out of challengers in his class for the moment.
  15. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 10:25

    wow athlete you musy be a fan on Melencia or wut? might be a jew asshole but all we were saying was nice tatt!
  16. wellhunghammer Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 10:47

    I'm growing a beard out too, but its gooch hair and pubic elves play in it.
  17. shitwhistle Says:

    Thu, 10/16/08 - 11:33

    Tattoos are trite, boring and plain. Look at me! Look at me! Except the one you have. Yeah, yours is super cool.
  18. Darrin Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 12:05

    I've also been growing out an Evan Tanner tribute. Not nearly as impressive as Joe's.
  19. walrus Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 12:26

    Supporting the beard is a +1 for Joe Rogan. Plus I never see famous people post on message boards -- so that's kinda cool.
  20. captain asshammer Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 06:13

    that is a badass pic of evan
  21. McGraw Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 06:36

    If your a moron and do not know...Joe's stand up is genius. Get out and support him locally.
  22. gracies suck ass Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 07:21

    "# shitwhistle Says: October 17th, 2008 at 5:33 pm Tattoos are trite, boring and plain. Look at me! Look at me! Except the one you have. Yeah, yours is super cool." If it means something important to you than why not. Stupid designs that aren't anything? I would agree there.
  23. Phil D Satlker™ Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 07:21

    Joe and me go way back , did I ever tell you guys about the time Joe and I went fishing with his uncle Manny , we used Joe's tiny oweener as bait , and we never caught a thing , apart from Hepatitis B.
  24. Jay Smith Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 02:42

    Joe rocks, and that tat is off the chain!!! Anyone know where I can find the video of Joe smokein weed with a UFC fighter as bada55 mentioned in the first posting. Smokein weed rocks too!
  25. mojojojo Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 03:27

    Bad move Bens: Your string of fairly logical arguments has been broken. Joe's tattoo is of an extremely profound and life changing experience, the nature of which many, especially you, do not understand. To simply say its a "hippie move" and bring up some bullshit point of not enough space for all your trips is just plain lazy. Put down your bottle of hateraide and how bout instead of sophomoric "vomit" bets on fights, why don't you grow a pair and the loser take a DMT trip....with Joe...and how bout live on the radio/youtube.
  26. Hot Dog Feet Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 04:30

    I didnt know there was a cave man division in the UFC. Thats cool,...UFC is breaking boundries!!.........Is Geico partnering with them to???
  27. Anonymous Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 07:18

    he smokes with eddie bravo
  28. Korean buzzsaw Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 07:20

    watch an eddie bravo 10th planet BBJ video and They both smoke some cali bud
  29. UFC fan Says:

    Fri, 10/17/08 - 11:08

    I like Joe, but getting a tattoo cause you tripped is fucking stupid. And even worse, growing a stupid Evan tanner beard is dumber than dogshit, its dumber than going out in the desert and dying.
  30. Milkman Says:

    Sat, 10/18/08 - 02:39

    I think its good looking work. All you people who say its stupid need to keep in mind that just because it may not suit you doesnt mean that your opinion is right. Maybee your fucking stupid and your opinons are "dumber than dogshit".
  31. TkS8DWVEiZ TkS8DWVEiZ Says:

    Mon, 07/29/13 - 04:46

    The Slave of the Husband... Seeking forward to studying further from you afterward!......
  32. mlpTue3Htx mlpTue3Htx Says:

    Thu, 08/01/13 - 08:51

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  33. urlman cow Says:

    Tue, 04/08/14 - 10:20

    Souls in the Waves... Great Morning, I just stopped in to visit your website and considered I would say I loved myself....

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