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Joe Stevenson Loses to Dakota Cochrane via Rear Naked Choke; Everyone Snickers [VIDEO]

(Fight video props: IronForgesIron. The hot man-on-man action starts at the 7:01 mark.)

By George Shunick

Joe “Daddy” Stevenson’s return to the cage was foiled by everyone’s favorite not-really-gay gay porn star Dakota Cochrane last night, who submitted “Daddy” with a rear naked choke. For Stevenson, this is obviously a disappointment. His losing streak has reached five in a row now, his skills have seemingly peaked, and thanks to Ian McCall he doesn’t even own the best patriarchal nickname in MMA anymore. Though to be fair, that was probably because no one else had one. At any rate, he’s not going to reach the big time again, as the sport has passed him by. It’s a shame, but at least he can always hold on to the fact that his face will always be remembered. Well, at least the parts of it that were not obscured by his own blood.

For Dakota, a win over Joe “Daddy” definitely bolsters his resume. He may never be able to shed his reputation, but being a successful cagefighter probably helps quell any critics he has to deal with. And frankly, while I’m not suggesting that singling out a fighter because of their sexual orientation is a good thing, I do think that Cochrane’s presence and success in the sport bodes well for any future (or currently closeted) gay or bisexual fighters. Even if Cochrane doesn’t consider himself one of them.

In many ways, the MMA, especially the UFC — as a promotion and a sport — is fundamentally rooted in modernity. It has very little history beyond the past two decades. As the sport has evolved in the past few years, so has the moral perception of homosexuality. While these two things aren’t necessarily related, they also mean that the sport hasn’t really had time to cultivate a culture that is oppressive to homosexuals. Sure, Dana White has dropped the other f-bomb occasionally (though, if a word’s offensive, you can bet it came out of his mouth at some point), Big Nog won’t train with gays and there are probably a decent number of fans who are homophobes. But given the complete lack of outrage over Cochrane’s past, the fact that he was allowed to try out for TUF and that he was in a headlining fight last night, it seems that the general MMA community is prepared to adopt a moral standard for sexuality that reflects the modern age during which the sport has developed.

It doesn’t matter who you fuck, just as long as you can fight.


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 03:05

    Still waiting for the first promotion to have two guys fight, then get married in the cage afterwards. The winner gets to be the groom.
  2. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 04:34

  3. ctastrophe Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 04:57

    I was certain that if Cochrane lost TUF he would immediately get offers to be in a porn titled "The Ultimate F*cker". I guess he chose to keep fighting instead of going back into film.
  4. ctastrophe Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 05:00

    @Fried Taco I'm pretty sure "Straight Dave's Man Slammin' Maxout" did that already.
  5. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 09:31

    I heard his top secret gay porn name was Dakota Cock Rain. I wonder how everybody found out?
  6. boober Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 10:10

    Joe Xtevenxon looked like shit, he's definetly done.
  7. UFCFightBlogger Says:

    Sun, 07/01/12 - 11:32

    Joe Daddy seems to be struggling ever since he was released from the UFC. He just hasn't been the same. But then again Jamie Varner also lost to Cochrane so maybe the guy is legit. Check out this article about what Rich Franklin said about Wanderlei Silva
  8. XENOPHON Says:

    Mon, 07/02/12 - 12:47

    Surely he's a bit mindfucked - especially losing 5 consecutive fights and coming in heavy scaled. I think his biggest flaw is that his game is too reliant on wrestling for the energy zapping take downs. Cock-ram is physically too energetic with his leprechaun leaps and flying fido kicks. Xtevenxon was simply too sluggish.
  9. glimmerman Says:

    Mon, 07/02/12 - 03:22

    His specialty: wait for it......... The Pole Vault. Wow, very subtle Stephan........
  10. Ricardo Guitardo Says:

    Mon, 07/02/12 - 08:03

    Rear naked poke
  11. 2Dogs Says:

    Mon, 07/02/12 - 08:22

    He couldve used the ol "flyin lip lock to the love muscle" -submission hold
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  13. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 07:32

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