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Johny Hendricks Holding Out For Title Shot

(Ain’t no tantrum like a Big Rigg tantrum)

In the whole welterweight/middleweight title/super-fight mess of excitment and speculation going on right now, number one 170 pound contender Johny Hendricks is one of the few people giving real talk. “I’m not going to fight unless it’s for a belt,” Hendricks told MMAJunkie Radio Friday.

The former NCAA Division I wrestling national champion solidified himself as the number one contender to Georges St. Pierre’s welterweight crown with five straight wins, his last three against Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck and Martin Kampmann. Despite earning his shot, Hendricks is far from a lock to be the next one to fight St. Pierre.

Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is chasing a super fight with the Canadian and St. Pierre surrogates are lobbying for his next fight to be against his rival Nick Diaz. Diaz is currently serving a suspension for testing positive for marijuana metabolites before his last fight, a loss to Carlos Condit.

“I really want a belt. They don’t come around that often, and I feel like I’ve done enough to earn a shot, and that’s pretty much all I’m thinking of right now. I’m training for a five-round fight, and that’s it,” Hendricks continued.

For all the wrestler turned KO artist cares, St. Pierre, Silva and Diaz can do whatever they want with one another, but after they are done he will make sure that he is waiting in the wings for whomever is welterweight champion. “Nothing else matters but the belt,” he believes.,

“My last three fights were guys in the top five, and I finished two of those three fights. I stated my claim. My stock’s really high right now, and the only thing left is to get a shot at that belt.”

What do you think, nation? Is Hendricks right to sit out until he gets his shot at St. Pierre? And what do you think the chances are Diaz will skip ahead in line now that we have the Chael Sonnen modern precedent of getting title shots immediately after losses?

- Elias Cepeda


  1. Mariah Faber Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 10:27

    who do you think you are? you're an indian not the chief, do what you're told
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 10:47

    Poor lil bug, never stood a chance against the two-footed stomp.
  3. Alan K Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 10:54

    Chael didn't set that precedent. It's happened before.
  4. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 11:39

    Alan K is right. Just to cite an obvious example, BJ Penn got a shot at Matt Hughes in 2006, despite having lost his most recent fight against GSP. This whole "Chael Sonnen is destroying the integrity of our sport!" thing is balderdash. The UFC has always been in the business of making the most marketable fights, which makes sense, because they are a fucking business, not a charity. As a wise man once said before splattering Gene Hackman's brains all over a saloon floor, "deserve's got nothin' to do with it."
  5. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 11:49

    Other fighters getting titles shots coming off a loss: Tim Sylvia in the first Arlovski fight (following a loss to Frank Mir); Tito against Wand in 1999 (following a loss to Frank Shamrock, who vacated the belt); Dan Henderson against Anderson Silva (following the loss to Rampage). Plus who many immediate rematches (Rizzo-Couture, Penn-Edgar, Edgar-Henderson, etc.). Seriously, I'm available for editorial work if you want my resume.
  6. VengeVega Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 12:54

    Hendricks vs Diaz sounds intriguing. Hendricks could teach him how to throw a KO punch. Diaz would have to study the tape afterwards but he might learn something.
  7. VengeVega Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 01:06

    Also, the author said "modern precedent of getting title shots". Nothing modern about Hughes, Sylvia, Tito, etc. And title rematch doesn't really count(edgar).
  8. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 01:51

    Elias Cepeda: Ideal Escape?
  9. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 01:54

    Hendricks has just started to raise his stock up. He's on a streak and has beaten some top guys impressively in the recent past but another good win or two at this point even if he doesn't fight for the belt would certainly cement his status. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt his pay checks either. If he doesn't fight for a year his drawing power is going to evaporate.
  10. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 01:55

    I thought Confucius say if it don't make dollars it don't make sense.
  11. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 01:58

    Not only was your comment highly unbelievable and rather boring but it also lacked in wit or any real entertainment value.
  12. dipsetkilla316 Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 03:12

    As much as i hate too, i have to agree with pen fifteen. Ufc isnt a charity, if the just put on fights that the hardcore fans want, they'll never become as maintrin as they want, and the'll loss alot of money. I would love to see alexander gustafsson fight jones, but he doesn't market himself well and thus not being recognized. I mean if he beats shogun its a big step, but still that fight isn't as markable as Chael Sonnen versus Jon Jones. Plus randy lost fights, and got title shots after all the time. He was a markable fighter and UFC needed to put on fights that people would respond to.
  13. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 04:00

    Venge, Henderson-Silva happened in 2008. Just because Dan didn't shit-talk his was to the spot doesn't make it significantly different than what Chael has done. You have to remember that Dan was a guy who, until his KO of Wand, which not coincidentally corresponded to his going on TRT (shit, this is sounding really familiar, eh?), was known as "Decision Dan" and had lost to the likes of Kazuo Misaki. Just because Chael had a mostly forgettable run as a 205er doesn't mean his new roided-up self wouldn't be a significantly different animal, and he certainly couldn't do any worse than most of the people who have faced Jon Jones up to this point. As to how this relates to Johnny Hendricks; in typical CP fashion, there are way to many screaming about what's fair and unfair, totally overlooking the fact that Hendricks has far from "cleaned out the division", which he has claimed to have , much in the same way that Chris Weidman's claims to have cleaned out 185 are laughable. I have yet to hear anyone explain to me how the guy who squeaked by Josh Koscheck, a fighter that GSP absolutely ate alive, would stand a legitimate chance of winning this fight beyond a hail-mary shot.
  14. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 06:32

    Hey- I left this stinging barb on the make a gajillion dollars working at home in your underwear infomercial guy. Now this feller's gonna think I was taking random potshots at him and hate me forever because you guys erased the other comment and dropped mine down here...
  15. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 06:32

    Now they're all mixed up and it's totally confusing.
  16. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 06:33

    I wonder if I can reply to my reply again?
  17. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 06:33

  18. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 07:29

    So now non-champions are giving us stipulations? Whow, I thought this was a " who is the toughest mother-fucker". It's bad enough that we have interim champs, but now we have guys inflated by fan hipe, prima donna's declaring their own staus. Sure, Hendricks is in my opinion the rightful challenger. But sitting out on the sidelines reeks of Condit. What really enforces someones believe that you are the greatest in whatever devision is that you would beat anyone in said devision. Sorry, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see guys holding out for shots at the title. I understand it. bigger pay day, More light on your brand. but I'm old school. Come one, come all. Chuck or Wanderlei wouldn't wait around for a title shot.
  19. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Sat, 12/01/12 - 08:16

    @pen Not that I beleive it will happen, but his obvious right hand power, along with his wrestling ability, is why people think he might win. Again, this is not a sales call.
  20. palehorse Says:

    Sun, 12/02/12 - 12:15

    The Chael Sonnen precedent is in no way similar to this. Chael got a title shot because the other 205 guys turned down a title shot against Jones.This will be Jones 2nd straight title shot against a 185 lb bcuz the rest of the fighters have already been champion & have no drive to be champion again. Diaz is coming off a loss & a 1 year suspension while Hendricks has beaten 3 top 5 fighters & tko'd 2 of em in less than a minutes combined. Diaz getting a title shot before Hendricks would be an atrocity to the sport.
  21. The12ozCurls Says:

    Sun, 12/02/12 - 09:34

    Give Nick a fight with Demian Maia (who since dropping to welterweight has look pretty damn good) on the same fight card as the GSP vs Hendricks match-up. The winners of those fights face off next. Diaz lost to Condit and does not deserve an immediate title shot upon returning from suspension IMO. Hendricks has beaten Koscheck, Fitch & Kampmann and if that does NOT warrant a title shot - I don't know what does.
  22. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 12/03/12 - 05:35

    Johnny "Bigg Birdd" Hendricks
  23. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 12/06/12 - 09:05

    smellyhooker....its the power in his LEFT hand bra....just saying
  24. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 04:28

    Johny Hendricks Holding Out For Title Shot | Cagepotato... Third Flower...
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    Tue, 04/08/14 - 03:34

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